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10 Fun Things to Do in Bali in New Year’s Eve

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Bali is the heart of tourism in Indonesia so no wonder it becomes the choice for tourists to enjoy the seconds of the turn of the year. New Year is an important moment that is always celebrated in Bali. Welcoming the New Year, Bali will be lively with the sounds of fireworks. People with diverse backgrounds mingle to celebrate with enthusiasm, disregarding tribe, race, caste, religion or culture. Bali has always something special for everyone. Let’s see the glamorous things to do in Bali in New Year’s Eve ..!

1. Seeing Fireworks at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach has long been known as a favorite place to celebrate the New Year. To enliven New Year’s Eve, at Kuta Beach is always held a festive fireworks show. But please note, be prepared for traffic jams. Once approaching Kuta Beach, the congestion will start to appear. Kuta Beach area will be closed for all types of vehicles. The vehicle usually will park in a place about one kilometer from Kuta Beach.

The ocean of humans will show up in Kuta Beach; men, women, children, old people, young people, domestic tourists, foreign tourists, locals, everybody. The seconds to start the New Year will begin with the countdown together. As soon as the clock displays 00:00, fireworks will be launched to the sky and burst into the night. The colors of fireworks and flashes of laser accompanied by trumpeting horns will create a buzzing atmosphere in Kuta Beach. It will be more exciting when people plunge into Kuta Beach in mass.

How to Get There

Kuta Beach is located in Badung Regency. It’s about 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport. The next morning, when you are awake, take some time to explore Kuta. There are lots of things to do in Kuta.

2. Dinner in Jimbaran Beach

It is an obligation to enjoy New Year’s Eve with colorful fireworks that adorn the night sky. Jimbaran Beach has always been the most desirable place on New Year’s Eve. Many tourists have planned since long before to enjoy the New Year atmosphere at Jimbaran Beach. Here they can enjoy a romantic dinner with a beach view and the festive fireworks show.

The restaurants will open till late night to accompany the guests partying. The New Year special menu will be served so the guests will not get bored waiting for the New Year countdown. As the clock shows 00:00, everybody will blow the trumpet together while watching the fireworks show. The breeze and the sound of the waves will make New Year’s Eve even more memorable. That’s why Jimbaran Beach has become one of the best places in Bali to enjoy the New Year’s Eve.

How to Get There

Jimbaran Beach is located in Badung Regency. It’s about 10 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport or 30 minutes drive from Kuta Beach. After the frenetic New Year’s party is over, go for a stroll in Jimbaran. You will find many things to do in Jimbaran.

3. Watching Cultural Performances in Sanur

Welcoming the New Year, the atmosphere in Sanur becomes more lively. The festivity is not less to Kuta. Many events are held to entertain both residents and tourists. The main show to enliven the New Year’s Eve is cultural performances; from traditional dance, masks, to gamelan music all night long. Usually in the beach area is held a party typical Balinese nuances that is very interesting to watch. Also do not miss the fireworks show to welcome the seconds of the turn of the year.

New Year celebration in Sanur will last till morning. Many restaurants and bars along the coastline will host special events to entertain the guests until the first sunshine of the New Year. The sound of the trumpet will also make some noise all night. Everyone will say ‘”Happy New Year” to each other. It is great to spend New Year’s Eve in a friendly environment

How to Get There

Sanur is located in Denpasar city, more precisely in the east of Denpasar city. Enjoying New Year’s party is just one of many things to do in Sanur.

4. Party in Kuta

There is no better way to welcome the New Year than to party all night and get drunk. You can hit Kuta’s clubs or bars which will open until morning. There are many popular clubs and bars in Kuta, including Paddy’s, Hypnotized, Hard Rock Café Bali, Pyramid, Stark Beer Garden, and Deejay. No need to worry about dress code. Shorts, t-shirts and flipflops will be just fine.

Be prepared for traffic jams. Many roads will be closed to welcome the New Year. Therefore you can walk to enjoy the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve while doing club hopping. Keep an eye on your things; do not carry money too much. Pickpocket is a real threat in a crowd like this. If you get drunk, do not drive. Take a taxi to go home.

How to Get There

Kuta is located in Badung Regency. It’s about 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport.

5. Party in Legian

Legian is a popular tourist destination in Bali, especially for young people. In Legian there are various shops, hotels, clubs and bars. The atmosphere becomes lively as night progresses. Foreign tourists as well as local tourists gather in this area to spend the night while socializing and partying. The nuance of holiday and fun is really felt in Legian.

On New Year’s Eve Legian is always crowded by visitors, be it local people, foreign tourists and local tourists. Clubs and bars in Legian are competing to hold special events to welcome the New Year. In fact, they often invite famous DJs from abroad to attract visitors. Some of the coolest clubs in Legian include S.K.A.I., Sky Garden, Bounty, Engine Room, Vi Ai Pi and Eikon. Expensive tickets do not dampen the intention of visitors to party and craze in the seconds of the turn of the year. But always remember, drink responsibly. Take a cab to go home if you get drunk.

How to Get There

Legian is located in Badung Regency. It’s only 10 minutes drive from Kuta. Since Legian is a party place, you have lots of things to do in Legian.

6. Party in Seminyak

Seminyak is a well known area for high class. The area is full of trendy and elegant cafés, restaurants and bars. Every corner of Seminyak is wrapped in such an enchanting luxury. Not only beautiful in the eyes, Seminyak is the perfect place to spend your money from morning to night. Sparkling nightlife in Seminyak is one of the best in Indonesia.

On New Year’s Eve Seminyak becomes a classy party venue. You can look elegant and stylish to attend the New Year’s party. High heels and leather shoes are not taboo to party in Seminyak. There are many clubs and bars to be chosen. Some of them are Potato Head Beach Club, Jenja, Ku De Ta, La Favela, Cocoon, Koh Bali and Mexicola Motel. Clubs also often hold costume parties and feature international DJs. Please remember that New Year’s party is always packed with people. Stay alert and never leave your stuff unattended.

How to Get There

Seminyak is located in Badung Regency. It’s only 5 minutes drive from Legian or 15 minutes drive from Kuta. With much money you have lots of things to do in Seminyak.

7. Dinner in Seminyak

Festive partying is not the only way to fill New Year’s Eve. Having a fancy dinner is a popular choice for those who do not like the crazy activities. Most hotels will offer dinner packages combined with entertainment. Sometimes there are even door prizes to attract guests. But if you want to feel the sensation of a different dinner, come to Seminyak.

To celebrate the festive of the New Year’s Eve, many restaurants in Seminyak hold a dinner event accompanied by acoustic, percussion or DJ performances. Dishes are also varied, ranging from Indonesian food, Asian food to Western food. As the clock shows 00:00, guests will be entertained with fireworks show. Dinner package rates start from Rp 800,000 per person. But you need to make sure whether the price includes drinks or not. Some of the coolest restaurants in Seminyak are Starfish Bloo, Mosaic Beach Club, Breeze, Woo Bar, Ku De Ta and Potato Head Beach Club.

How to Get There

Seminyak is located in Badung Regency. It’s only 15 minutes drive from Kuta.

More glamorous things to do in Bali in New Year’s Eve

8. Barbecue Party in Ubud

If you do not like the crowds on New Year’s Eve, head to Ubud. Ubud’s typical rural atmosphere provides serenity and peace. You can still hear the cricket noises, feel the cold of the night breeze and see clearly the stars. Ubud offers a more intimate scene compared to other areas of Bali.

The typical rural atmosphere makes Ubud perfect for outdoor activities. Tourists who come to Ubud prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve by chatting casually and making small barbecue parties. Not necessarily by roasting beef, making roasted chicken or grilled fish can also be done. Togetherness and intimacy are the goals of the New Year’s party. The moments of the turn of the year are surely more memorable by celebrating with family or close friends.

How to Get There

Ubud is located in Gianyar Regency. It’s about 1 hour drive from Denpasar. With the beautiful nature of Ubud, you will find many interesting things to do in Ubud.

9. Staycation in Nusa Dua

If you just want to enjoy New Year’s Eve at the hotel, come to Nusa Dua. In this area there are many five star hotels that you can choose. Each hotel will hold an interesting event to entertain guests on New Year’s Eve, starting from a dinner party, holding a music show, to a fireworks party in the seconds of the turn of the year. Security in Nusa Dua is also ensured. The police and the hotel will keep a tight watch at every entrance. CCTV has also been installed in various angles to oversee the atmosphere around.

The location of Nusa Dua which is close to the beach becomes its own advantages. In the morning you can enjoy the first sunshine in the new year while accompanied by the sound of waves. The beautiful beach scene and the dazzling blue sea will be a great start to starting a new day in the new year.

How to Get There

Nusa Dua is located in Badung Regency. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Denpasar. Do not just stay at the hotel. Take a walk and you will see lots of things to do in Nusa Dua.

10. Party at Garuda Wisnu Kencana

New Year’s Eve without a party is like cooking without salt. What’s the point to Bali on New Year’s Eve if not for partying. Garuda Wisnu Kencana, which is a cultural park, has a unique event to welcome the moment of the turn of the year. The place will hold bazaar, fireworks party and music performances which is a blend of electronic music and Balinese art and culture. Famous DJs from Indonesia and abroad will be the main performers in the event.

To enjoy the fun of the New Year’s party at Garuda Wisnu Kencana, you must pay attention to the closing hours for vehicles. Typically at 2 pm the roads leading to the locations of New Year celebration, like Garuda Wisnu Kencana, are closed for vehicles. You must walk to the location. Although the police have tightened security, you must always be vigilant. Crime is always possible in the crowd. Always pay attention to your stuff.

How to Get There

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is located in Uluwatu Street, Ungasan, Badung Regency. It’s about 15 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport.

Ok guys, now you know the glamorous things to do in Bali in New Year’s Eve. Take the time to come, have fun and enjoy the party. Let’s visit Bali Indonesia.

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