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12 Attractive Things to Do in Pecatu Bali

by Anastasia Dewi

bali-2681979_1920Bali always offers so many wonders to any visitor. As one of the best destination in Asia, many point of interest will not leave you disappointed.  The charm of the island  lies in the fascinating nature, mythical temples around the island, extraordinary architecture from the past.

Universe grants the area with beautiful landscape, furthermore in Pecatu, it blessed with extraordinary seascape. Bestow the travelers plenty Things To Do in Pecatu

There are abundant Things to Do in Pecatu Bali, those will make you make you fall in love with Bali. Pecatu, the paradise for sea loving, with beach hopping activity as the essential element. Luxuriate in the sun, have fun in the water, don’t be afraid to get tanned.

Here are The Things Do in Pecatu Bali :

  1. Dreamland Beach

One of the amazing beach in Bali , once a hidden beach with a dangerous shore, clean white sand beach. With approximately  100m in length, attach to a steep limestone cliff.

A haven for surfer who looks for a prodigious wave, this beach suitable for advance and professional surfer.  For the beginner this beach is quite dangerous.  The magical sunset that never fail to amaze every eyes ( except on the rainy days)

Located in Pecatu Graha a tremendous area with upscale residential and villas, hotel, world class golf course , water sport facilities. In order to make your vacation more complete check on the Extraordinary Thing To Do In Unggasan Bali

  • Entrance Fee : Free entry
  • Parking : 15,000 idr/car
  1. Uluwatu Temple

Kuta_Bali_Indonesia_Pura-Luhur-UluwatuSome of the local people regards that Uluwatu Temple was built in 9th AD by Empu Kuturan. The rest  of the people convinced this temple built in 1546AD by Dang Hyang Nirartha.

He was a Hindu monk from Daha Kingdom, East Java.  One of the famous Hindu ceremonial at Uluwatu Temple is The Piodalan, held on Anggara Kasih day, it is a commemorate the anniversary of the temple.

Uluwatu Temple stands greatly on 70-meter high cliff above Indonesian Ocean. One of  most prominent temple in Bali, people believe that Uluwatu Temple was built to protect Bali from the evil doing. It is mandatory for the visitor to dress accordingly with sarong and hash.

The visitors should escalate a long rock stairs to reach the temple. However the beauty of nature awaits at the end of the steep journey. You will see the gate to the temple with elephant statue across the gate. Within the area of the temple there is a small forest , a dwelling place for hundreds monkeys. Beware of the monkey, they could bring you a sweet and funny memory or become an annoyance

There is a court stretch above the sea available for visitor to catch the sight of magnificent sea. The best time to visit is right before the sunset, 2 hours before sunset will be the decent time. The sun goes down and the blazing sky on the horizon up, savor your eyes with the mesmerizing sight, contemplate yourself on how magnificent the universe’s work of art.

Afterward, you can watch the famous Kecak dance, you will be bewildered on how hundreds of people perform the traditional dance. It is a whimsical performance you should not miss. There are many other Things To Do in Uluwatu area you should not miss.

  • Entrance Fee : 20,000 idr/person
  • Kecak Dance performance : 100,000 idr/person
  • Parking Fee : 5,000 idr

3. Pandawa Beach

pandawa-beach-BaliAs a part of southern coast line of the island, precisely situated in Kutuh Village, Pandawa beach just recently founded. Name after the five knight of the ancient legend, Pandawa beach is a beach destination you should visit in Pecatu district.

In comparison to other beach, Pandawa Beach still possesses the quietude and serenity, a pertinent venue to unwind. Hidden behind the cliff, discover the perfect spot to indulge yourself. Immerse in the warm sea water and let the sea breeze caress your face gently and the sound of the wave give the meditative effect.

You could try some water activities as well aside from swimming and sightseeing. Surfing or canoeing you might choose to your preference. Canoeing for 2 person. Satisfy your wanderlust and visit the city nearby, Tuban could be your one of be choice and see what Things To Do in Tuban Bali

  • Entrance Fee : 5,000 idr.
  • Surfing Board Rent : 50,000 idr
  • Canoeing : 70,000 idr/person
  1. Padang Padang Beach

padang-padang-beachPearly white sand and a clear blue sea will welcome you when you arrive at Padang padang Beach, regardless the path to reach the beach is not an easy path because you have to descent the cliff through the rocky stairs, to reach the beach you will pass through the small and narrow cave.

However , it will be worth it when you finally see the blue water crowned with the white cloud in the bright blue sky and the coastline framed by the rock bed formation. Located at Jalan Labuan Sait, not too far from Uluwatu Temple.

Notwithstanding the coastline of Padang Padang beach is not as wide as Dreamland beach or Pandawa beach, but its own unique charm will captivate the heart of the visitor. This beach become well-known widely since it became to shooting location of Eat, pray , love movie starring Julia Roberts.

Along the beach  you will find the food stalls so,  you don’t have to worry about  what to drink and eat. Unlike Kuta beach, you will not find to many visitor around the beach.  Lay down on the beach let you mind fly to faraway places, furthermore wait until the sun goes down and devour the  radiant color of sunset overwhelm you with its magic.

Entrance Fee : 10,000 idr.

  1. Impossible beach

Surfing at impossible beachA catchy name and sounds challenging , this beautiful beach acquire its name from the difficult obstacle all the way to reach the beach. It Situated at the bottom of the cliff with outstanding view of Indian Ocean, surrounded by high hills.

Impossible Beach is famous among the professional surfers due to its strong and powerful waves, it never fails to give a great surfing adventure for the surfers.

This area is only 25 minutes from Uluwatu temple, 45 minutes from Denpasar and very close to Bingin Beach.

Entrance Fee : Free

  1. Nyang-nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach BaliAnother unrevealed beauty , Nyang nyang beach featuring an impressive stretch of golden sand, placed between limestone cliff and remarkable reef. A long coast line makes it perfect for a good walk with almost no one in vicinity.

Therefore, its far and quite hard to reach, creates the deserted ambience in Nyang Nyang Beach. Despite of the obstacle, Nyang nyang Beach is one of the best thing to do in Pecatu. The wave chaser from every part of the world long to come and rides the waves at one of the longest left-hander breaks on the island.

Non surfer traveler can soak under the sun and feel the salty water on the skin, stay there to welcome the dusk , watch the dark sky swallow the magic moment of sunset and experience a different atmosphere , enjoy the bonfire, for those who spend the night, just prepare the tent and ready to camp under the stars.

  1. Bingin Beach

Bingin beach baliIn the first place, Bingin Beach , a paradise with a heavy bohemian vibes. If you are step your feet on the golden sand beach of Bingin beach, you are most likely you deserve to be there. The trail with rocky and slippery narrow path.

Furthermore, strolling through a long maze in the wood , seemingly a turn off for some people. However, bountiful of people say it is worth it.

In the foreground, after walking for a while to the beach, finally emerge the unrivaled view over the Indian ocean. Lustrous of the clear blue water, the warm golden grit of sand, fresh sea breeze will wash away all the difficulty all the way. Bingin beach is not only a destination, it is about the community of the people who loves living and going to the sea, you will meet a bunch of like-minded people if you are one of the sea loving people.

  1. Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung payung Beach BaliNamed after the Balinese temple with the same name high above the cliff. Gunung Payung is the best kept secret beach until recently, among other beaches in Pecatu area.

This beach suitable for those physically fit traveler , you will need a lot of effort to come and go this beach, walking down hundreds of stairs and climb it up on the way back, it will not be an easy thing.

Then again, the seascape of Gunung Payung beach will captivate your sight, the warm powdery white sand on your feet, warm salty water and without  further doubt you will witness the amazing sunset. Do not miss this dreamy  and idyllic beach on your thing to do in Pecatu.

Entrance Fee : Free

  1. Green Bowl Beach

Green BowlLocated between Bingin and Padang padang beach, Bali’s south peninsula and going 75 meters down the cliff, discover the dazzling emerald shade of water which come from the green surrounding of the beach and gleam of algae in the water.

During the low tides it will form a bowl of rock with glistening water in it.  A perfect beach getaway. Do not forget to stop in a few corners to capture the picturesque scene from above.  By the beach, two large limestones caves stand as the shades on the high noon.

The constant waves enable the surfers to paddle easily over the reef barrier, and having a good time of riding the waves. Snorkeling in the calm crystal water is another alternative if you are not into surfing.

Entrance Fee : Free

  1. Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach

Blue-Point-Suluban-Beach-BaliAlmost all the beaches in Pecatu requires descending a steep stairs down the cliff, that’s including Blue Point beach of Suluban Beach.  Provide a challenging ocean swell for the professional surfer as well as the beginners.

The top of the cliff is the best spot to watch all the action down on the ocean,  immerse yourself in this breathtaking view, before taking a journey down through the rocky steep stairs and step into the narrow gap between the cliff before you finally reach the beach. The big waves crashing on the shore become the main orchestra in this quite beach.

When you are looking for some adventure in the cooler area in Bali these Things To Do in Jati luwih will give you a different experience. Or a trip to solemn area in Penestanan will provide you with plenty Things To Do in Penestanan

Entrance Fee : Unmentioned

  1. Balangan Beach

balangan-beach-baliDescend down the white stone cliff of Pecatu to reach the beach, hence the journey is fairly easy. The golden shoreline and stunning blue seascape will welcome you to Balangan Beach.

Featuring classy waves where the surfer will have a fast waves during a good day and a slow swell on low tide. You can experience the speed run section as well as a brutal pounding.

If you are not surfing, spread your throw towel, basking yourself with the sun and have a traditional massage on the beach. Bring your book  and rent the parasol so you can relax under the shade and sip your cold drink as a refreshment.

Entrance Fee : Free

Once a secluded  area in South of Kuta, Pecatu surrounded with dazzling beaches and plenty other destination to visit nearby.  Nowadays, Pecatu has reveal its beauty to the world, myriad of people come and explore the hidden beauty of Pecatu.

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