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10 Exciting Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

by Widiya
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Most holidays are based on seasonal and traditional occasions like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. However, when you are entering a mid-year holiday, you are not attached to a particular occasion type and can rather plan a few fun outings with your loved ones. The best place for you to spend your mid-year holiday is no doubt Bali.

In Bali, there are a lot of spots that provide a wide range of choices to have fun. Read on to know more about the things to do in Bali for the mid-year holiday.

List of Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

  1. Visiting the Sea Temple
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

The temple is picturesque by day against the blue sky and sea. However, the scene is most sensational during nightfall with its outline making one of Bali’s image postcard pictures.

The inland site is also spotted with smaller temples and guests’ recreation facilities, for example, shops, a local park where traditional dance exhibitions are shown every day, and cafés where you can partake in a sunset dinner with a beautiful view. You might also want to know about romantic cafes in Bandung.

  1. Shopping at Sukawari Art Market
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

Sukawati Art Market is a less expensive and quieter option than the local Ubud Market and other well-known districts in southern Bali. There is a great exhibit of handmade fine arts available to be purchased, from outlined paintings of local ranch life to huge wooden models of Hindu gods.

Without the crowds, it is an ideal place to flex your haggling abilities on vibrant designed dresses and frills, home products, and handbags for all preferences. Also, see the biggest shopping malls in Indonesia.

  1. Walking Down Canggu Street
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

Among the rice paddies of Canggu, you will discover some excellent street art thrown across the high fences of manors and small farmhouses.

Here, you can see prominent pieces from France’s Seth, Sydney’s Beastman and Lister, and local artists that play with traditional insignias of Balinese culture combined with beautiful patterns.

  1. Hanging Out at Uluwatu Temple
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

By day, you can take in the pleasant seascape from over the temple’s walls and precipice borders and occasionally see grey long-tailed macaques that occupy the encompassing woods.

In the late evening, you can hang tight for the sensational nightfalls, or book right on time for a spot at the outdoors amphitheater close by, where Kecak fire dances are performed with the dusk and sea as fascinating background.

  1. Getting A Splash Under Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

You will have to drive something like an hour and a half from Ubud and take a winding, 20-minute climb through a banana ranch. Yet, when you have finished the excursion, you will be compensated abundantly with rich timberland concealing a group of four beautiful waterfalls that are somehow not overwhelmed by swarms.

The main waterfall is the most staggering — a verdant rock amphitheater with misty streams flowing down to a shallow pool.

  1. Eating at Kelly’s Warung
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

Kelly’s Warung is a stripped-back nearby spot on Bingin Beach. You can try one of Indonesia’s most cherished dishes, nasi goreng. Nasi goreng comes loaded with veggies and an egg on top, making it an ideal post-swim or surf feast, and they will likewise serve you a mean new squeeze or smoothie.

Add in the views of the Indian Ocean and daylight and you have an awesome, relaxed Balinese lunch. Speaking of Balinese lunch, here are halal foods in Bali.

  1. Walking Around Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

The rice terraces offer perhaps the best view that you can take in while up in Ubud. Tegallalang village is just up north of the main Ubud center. Along the primary street of Jalan Raya Tegallalang, there are stalls and craftsmanship shops offering things and knick-knacks, along with little cafés offering lunch or supper with an incredible view over the deep and lavish valley.

  1. Climbing Mount Batur
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

The 5,600-foot volcanic wonder contains Bali’s biggest crater lake, an awesome cycling site, and slopes ready for climbing with beautiful towns en route. The dawn, as seen from the pinnacle, is tremendous.

The climbing takes around two hours. Yet, when you have arrived at the top, you could observe one of the loftiest fog sheathed vistas you have ever seen.

  1. Learning How to Cook at Bumbu Bali
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

Bumbu Bali is a cooking class that incorporates an excursion to the nearby business sectors. It is worth setting up for a cooking class so you can gain proficiency with the skills behind making delicious Indonesian dinners at home.

Bumbu Bali combines an excursion to the local markets with a cooking class where you will become familiar with the vital parts of Indonesian cooking, including mastering curry pastes, banana leaf barbecued meats, and red hot sauces, and specialty pastries.

  1. Playing with Monkeys in Ubud
Things to Do in Bali For the Mid-Year Holiday

Other than watching energetic monkeys right at their natural habitat, swinging through overhangs, lazing along pathways, or benefiting from bananas, you can go for cool strolls along cleared pathways through the verdant nutmeg woods.

There are also wonderful antiquated temples with frightful sculptures canvassing in greenery you can marvel at.

So, those are the things to do in Bali for the mid-day holiday. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the wildlife destinations in Bali and street foods in Bali.

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