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16 Delightful Things to do in Hanging Gardens of Bali

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Hanging Gardens of Bali is probably Bali’s most famous resort. Situated in Ubud area, the resort is surrounded by tropical beauty. The impeccable service and the friendliness of the staff make Hanging Gardens of Bali receive good reviews on leading travel sites. Let’s see the delightful things to do in Hanging Gardens of Bali ..!

1. Sight Seeing

Hanging Gardens of Bali is built on a hill surrounded by rainforest. Being on high ground, this resort has breathtaking views. As far as the eye could see is the green of the trees. Below the resort is the Ayung River whose water is considered sacred.

Guests can experience the serene atmosphere that surrounds the Hanging Gardens of Bali. In the morning, the sound of birds chirping marks the beginning of a new day. While at night, the sounds of frogs and crickets become a lullaby. It’s the perfect place to hide from the hustle and bustle of life.

2. Swimming

Hanging Gardens of Bali is famous for its infinity pool. The pool is terraced and has awesome views of the rainforest. Guests must be in love with the magical aura and the warm sunshine in the infinity pool.

In addition to the infinity pool in the main area, each room also has its own infinity pool. Thus guests can swim or bathe more privately.

3. Spa

Hanging Gardens of Bali’s spa offers facials and massages with natural ambiance. The spa is located beside the sacred Ayung River. The sound of the flowing river and bird chirps will bring peace to the mind.

Enjoy a typical Balinese massage from a trained therapist. In addition, Hanging Gardens of Bali provides a variety of spa packages that can be tailored to the wishes of guests. Anyway, if you want to spend the night outside the resort, spa can be one of things to do in Ubud at night.

4. Walking through Rice Fields

Bali is blessed with fertile soil. Therefore rice can thrive in Bali since long time ago. Balinese people deliberately built the terraced rice fields due to hilly contours.

The beauty of Bali’s rice fields has been recognized by the world. People who come to Bali should feel the sensation of walking through rice fields. Fortunately, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is adjacent to the rice fields. Besides Ubud, Bedugul is also a great place to see the beauty of rice fields. You should take the time to explore Bedugul. There are various things to do in Bedugul.

5. Cycling

The popularity of Bali has skyrocketed thanks to Julia Roberts’ Eat Pray Love. Millions of people in the world are inspired by the movie to do soul discovery in Bali. Not to mention the temptation to feel the beauty of Bali.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Julia Roberts cycles through the villages. Well, guests of the Hanging Gardens of Bali can imitate that scene for themselves. The resort’s staff will be happy to lend a bicycle. Bali is fun to explore by bicycle. Besides Ubud, Singaraja also has an amazing landscape. There are lakes, waterfalls, beaches, rice fields and temples. Stop by Singaraja. You will have lots of things to do in Singaraja.

6. Afternoon Tea

If you want to experience a classic afternoon tea, Hanging Gardens of Bali will bring it to you. The resort holds afternoon tea by its infinity pool. Following tradition in England, tea is served with small snacks such as cakes and sandwiches.

There are four types of sandwiches, namely cucumber, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and ham. While the cakes consist of chocolate eclairs, brownies, tiramisu, fruit tarts and English scones.

7. Having Dinner

Hanging Gardens of Bali’s restaurant has a breathtaking view. It overlooks the sacred Dalem Segara Temple. And most of all, the restaurant serves 5 star culinary with global flavors.

Guests can enjoy a variety of international menus combined with local dishes. In addition to dining indoors, the restaurant offers a unique culinary experience such as dinner by the pool, candle light under the stars and gourmet picnic on the banks of Ayung River.

8. Hang Out at the Garden Bar

Just like the restaurant, the Garden Bar has spectacular views. Here guests can admire the beauty of Ayung River’s valley. The warmth of sunshine can also be enjoyed in the open-aired lounge.

The Garden Bar serves classic cocktails, innovative cocktails and premium table wines. In addition guests occasionally will be entertained with the attractions of the bartender.

9. Doing Ritual at a Nearby Temple

Bali is the only Indonesia’s island whose majority of the people are Hindus. No wonder local traditions merge with the Hindu tradition. Temples are scattered throughout Bali, offerings for gods are given three times a day and Silence Day keeps the airport closed for 24 hours.

Undergoing Balinese Hindu religious rituals will be an unforgettable experience. And guests of Hanging Gardens of Bali can have that luck. They can visit Dalem Segara Temple, a nearby temple, to follow the purification ritual with a local mangku and Balinese blessing ritual made by the local priest.

10. Taking Cooking Class

Balinese cuisine has its own style and flavors. If you have tried Javanese cuisine, surely you can tell the difference. Many people consider Balinese cuisine as more tasty and spicy.

As part of immersing in the local culture, you should take a cooking class at Hanging Gardens of Bali. You will learn to make chili sambal, peanut sauce and some simple Balinese dishes. In addition you will also be taken to the traditional market to hunt cooking ingredients. And that happens to be one of fun things to do in downtown ubud.

More delightful things to do in Hanging Gardens of Bali

11. Yoga
12. Reading at The Library
13. Watching DVD
14. Seeing monkeys leaping around the resort
15. Watching sunrise
16. Buying souvenir

Allright, now you know the delightful things to do in Hanging Gardens of Bali. You should try some of them. You will find that the money you pay is worth the experience and the satisfaction you get. Have fun ..!

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