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12 Wonderful Things to Do In Sidemen Bali Indonesia

by Anastasia Dewi

Bali-SidemenSideman, the hidden-away heaven of bali, enchanting gorge, situated at Karang Asem regency, set 1,5 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. A perfect place to escape from the crowded towns in Bali, surrounded by the hills, rice field and agriculture land with Agung Mountain in the background. There is no luxurious resort available, but the scenic views, fresh air and inspiration await you at Sideman. Walking along the rice field path early in the morning will be one of Things to do in Sideman.

The village still holds a strong spiritual atmosphere, plenty of temples scattered within the village. Early in the morning you will be able to take a look of the villager preparing their morning worship. During Hindu’s festival, there will be an attractive religious ceremony all over the village.

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Check for the things to Do in Sidemen Bali :

  1. Bukit Tegeh Temple

Pura Bukit TegehAs it was said there are more temples than homes in Bali, from end to end corner of the island, and from mountain top to the low coastal area, there are more than 10,000 temples which truly speaking most of them are shrines. The temple, normally uninhabited and peaceful, except during the festival days, the scene transform into animated and vivid sight.

On the summit of Banjar Sangkan Gunung, Bukit Tegeh Temple stand strong, provides the place for worship and magnificent view below. You will need to take a steep traverse uphill, all the way you will go through gorge and rice terrace and going up to the hill. Once you reach the summit your eyes will see the wondrous spectacle of Sidemen village. The striking view of river flow through valley, flanked between the belt of green.

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Entrance Fee : Free

  1. The Sukahet Sari Plantation

Sukahet PlantationIn the heart of Sideman, The Sukahet Bali plantation is nestle at the foot of mount Agung, which is also known as the mother mountain. The plantation provides a deep insight of Balinese culture and tradition, you can observe the longstanding Balinese tradition.

The importance of Sukahet in Sideman started when, it became the first stop of notable European artist, at 1930, and the most famous was Walter Spies. Moreover, The nature also serves you with magnificent scene. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to interact with the villagers.

A trip to the Sukahet Sari Plantation will be an experience that no visitor will forget. In this spectacular spot, visitors can escape the tourist trappings of Kuta and Nusa Dua and relax for a day in our lovely country home, while being immersed in the traditions and culture of Bali as they do so. At the plantation the visitor could have a walk through tropical fruit plantation, accompanied by local villagers. Furthermore, the visitor could watch the daily activities of the villager, such as traditional rice processing while listen to the Balinese orchestra on the background and savor a simple traditional fare.

Hereafter, at lunch time a Balinese meal serve in traditional way, available for the visitor. A unique way of eating using traditional ‘megibung’ a communal plate usually for four person as a symbol of equality and togetherness.

Activities Fee : Starting from 450,000 idr.

  1. Ancient Village Tenganan

Bali AgaWhat’s more things to do in Sidemen Bali? Tenganan is one of several ancient villages in Bali, which is usually called “Bali Aga”. Therefore, Bali Aga was the original inhabitant of Bali, before the arrival of Hindu Javanese. Moreover, Bali Aga village, enclaved within the walled area, it means to protect their old traditional culture.

Located one hour away from Sideman, Karang asem. Tenganan  still.confines its ancient pre-historic custom.  One of them is the hold a strong code of non-fraternization with the outsiders. The houses are designed the traditional way.  The village people still hold the traditional religious ritual lifestyle in order to keep their lifestyle pure and clean.

Tenganan owns some fascinating authentic traditional festival. The people are also very skilled in their traditional weaving technique. There is a belief that there is a magical power in the fabric they used for the double ikat cloth.

Entrance Fee : 10,000/person

Parking : 5,000 idr/car 

  1. Telaga Waja River

telaga waja riverTelaga Waja, East of Bali is one of the longest river in Bali. It starts at the slope of Mount Abang runs through villages and jungle slope along Rendang village, gushing forth to Klungkung area. Telaga waja river cuts the ground of Mount agung. As one of the best river for rafting, Telaga Waja river offers mix rapid class difficulties, suitable for beginner to professional rafters. The highest rapid is 5 meter high, however the experience rafting guide will be able to manage your safety.

The environment is well preserved, fresh air, fresh water and natural scenery, hence the location is far away from the polluted city. Thus, if you are looking for thrilling, challenging yet enjoyable adventure, Telaga Waja river has a lot to offer. Henceforth, there is no doubt, you will have an amazing experience whilst you explore Telaga Waja river.

Rafting Package :

  • Adult : Staring from  450,000 idr
  • Children : Starting from 300,000 idr
  1. Taman Ujung Water Palace

Taman-Ujung-Water-PalaceThe Taman Ujung Water palace, a relaxation and recreation palace was buil by King of Karangasem, I Gusti bagus Jelantik at 1919. The architectural is a combination between Balinese and European architecture design.

A long bridge connected the parking area and ended at an immense garden of the palace.  The mirroring water surrounds the tranquil water palace, it gives a relaxing sound and calming scene. Let you wander around the palace and enjoy the line of palm trees and climb the stairs to take pleasure of the beautiful scene from above. From this place you can also see the blue ocean, rice terrace, lush green hill as well as the grand Mount Agung.

Taman Ujung water Palace is a heritage site of Karangasem kingdom, nowadays, there is none of King’s family use this Palace.

Entrance fee ; Rp. 35,000 

  1. Bias Tugal Beach

Bias TugalIt may rarely be heard, Bias Tugal beach is one of the secluded beach in Bali due to its remote location.  Moreover, in order to reach the beach you will walk the steep and rocky path about 500 meters, however when you see the white sandy beach with sparkling turquoise water, it is worth the effort.

This small serene beach is a heaven; on your lucky day you will be able to enjoy the beach by yourself. A high steep rock on the left and the right segregate this beach from the adjacent beach. Aside from sun bathing and swimming, Bias Tugal is an ideal place for surfing and snorkeling. The vibrant underwater life will amaze you as you dip deeper, dazzling coral reef and colorful fishes will swim closely without any fear.

Bring your own picnic basket is advisable, there are few shabby hut around the beach, but there  is no proper dining place around the area yet. After you spend time at Bias Tugal, there will be more Things To Do in Candidasa.

  1. Mount Agung

Mount AgungHome to Mother temple Besakih, mount Agung is the fifth highest volcano in Indonesia, it has a high spiritual value for Balinese people. According to a Balinese mythology, Hindu god Pasupati splited Mount Meru and created Mount Agung from its particle.

Towering in more than 3,000m above the sea level, Mount Agung is the trail for adventure addicts and challenge conquerors. It is not for those who seek for leisure climbing. In another word, climbing Mount Agung is suitable for those who has a high level of physical fitness. In fact, the experience climber or trekker should overtake the summit within 6-7 hour hike. Climb up through the dense jungle of Besakih. The hike will continue through the boulder pathway and close to the summit you will hike a very steep way.

Arrange your time of climbing in order to reach the peak at sunrise, to witness the most magical spectacle. When the blue moment of dawning turning into glimmering orange sky when the sun starts to peeks behind the cloud. In the clear morning day you will be able to see mount Rinjani and Mount Bromo from the peak. Summiting Mount Agung was truly one of the most demanding but ultimately rewarding endeavors at the end.

After you conquered Mount Agung, check Things To Do in Mount Batur.

Trekking Package : Starting from 1,150,000 idr.

You will find a peaceful vacation here. Walk aimlessly along the rice field path, watch the duck herd or the farmer tending their land. Let the soft morning sun light warm your day.

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