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5 Must-Visit Beaches in Belitung Island

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in belitung island

Beaches are always interesting as there are many things you can do there. Indonesia has more than hundred beaches, you can find them almost in every province. Just mention white beaches in Yogyakarta and beaches in Sumba Island.

Belitung Island is one of the islands which has numerous amazing beaches. Not only beaches, but this island also offers unlimited choice of tourist attractions, including the historical sites, beaches, waterfalls and islands. There are so many places to explore in Belitung Island, just like listed in things to do in Belitung.

The beaches, for sure, are the recommended places tourists can explore. Here they are, the 5 must-visit beaches in Belitung Island for your wonderful vacation!

  • Batu Pulas Beach
Beaches in Belitung Island

Batu Pulas Beach is one of the good choices of beach in Belitung Island. The locals also call this beach as Tanjung Liu Beach. This beach is popular for its unique features.

It is the home for granites and coastal rocks. Do not expect sand parts in this beach as the terrain mostly is covered by rocks. Besides, there are also several trees here which make a shady and calm ambiance.

Most people come here for photography. Almost every spot is worth a shot. This rocky beach has different shapes and size of rocks.

Besides photography, enjoying the sunset and sunrise will be favorite activities to do here too. You can enjoy the natural occurrence of the sunset and sunrise while sitting on the granites.

  • Burung Mandi Beach
Beaches in Belitung Island
The parked fishermen boats in Burung Mandi Beach

Burung Mandi Beach got its name from Abdul Gafar who discovered this beach. He witnessed many lots of birds gathering on the beach for taking a bath. That’s why it is named that way. Today, this beach has been an attractive tourist attraction in Belitung Island due to its solemn and beautiful nature.

Unlike other beaches in Belitung which feature granites, Burung Mandi Beach doesn’t feature any. The sand is brown and there are a lot of shady trees here. Those features create a comfortable ambiance. The best thing to do here is relaxing, especially during the afternoon.

Tourists who want to relax may sit on the beach or on the gazebo nearby. While you’re relaxing, you may see some fishermen parking their boats freely. With the clear and pure sky, everything will be perfect!

You can also go island hopping. There are some nearby islands, like Tang Isle, you can explore. Find a friendly fisherman and ask for a ride to the nearby island.

Swimming is not suggested here as the waves are extremely strong. It will be safer to sit comfortably on the gazebo while enjoying the pleasant view of the sea and the beach!

While you’re in Burung Mandi Beach, try exploring these things to do in Tanjung Pandan as you will find some more interesting things to do nearby.

  • Keramat Beach
Beaches in Belitung Island
Keramat Beach, Tanjung Pandan

Keramat Beach has some interesting features, including the rocks, wind, and strong waves. It has some unique-shaped rocks. They are scattered on the shorelines. You can take some pictures with them. The next feature is the wind.

The wind here is strong and unsafe, that’s why it is not recommended to swim here. Despite the strong waves and wind, beach walking here is totally safe. You can explore the beach while stepping on the brownish sand.

This beach is managed by the locals instead of the government. That’s why you will find some locals sending several food and drinks here.

  • Leebong Beach
Beaches in Belitung Island
Leebong Beach, the Maldives of Belitung

Leebong Beach is located in Leebong Island. Most people come to Leebong Beach to enjoy some water sports, including water cycling, kayaking and others. Beside water sports, tourists can also enjoy relaxing here. You can simply sit on the gazebo and enjoy the scenery.

The atmosphere of this beach is also perfect. This beach is situated around a local settlement. That’s why you will find some traditional houses and mangrove trees. The beach itself has a natural beauty.

It features white sand. This beach also has tree house, a building on a tree, which is actually a villa. The room can be rented for resting. The room features several glasses so you can see the scenery outside through the windows.

  • Nyiur Melambai Beach
Beaches in Belitung Island
Nyiur Melambai Beach

The last but not the least beach you can visit in Belitung Island is Nyiur Melambai Beach. Many people also call this beach as Lalang Beach due to its location in Lalang Village.

Many people visiting this beach to enjoy the sunrise view in the early morning. The beach is located on the eastern side of the island, so it makes the sunrise a perfect and beautiful days, especially on clear days. This beach also features white sand and pine trees at the back.

There are some activities you can enjoy here, such as swimming. There are some facilities too such as beach volley court, soccer court and climbing wall.

While you’re in this island, make sure you try its local cuisines of Bangka Belitung. They are tasty!

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