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6 Worth-Visiting Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar

by Ivonne Puspakencana
batusangkar tourist attractions

Batusangkar is one of the regencies in West Sumatera. It is precisely located in the capital city of Tanah Datar. Batusangkar is popular as the City of Culture and is located in three sub-districts: Lima Kaum, Tanjung Emas and Sungai Tarab. If you go to West Sumatra, don’t forget to visit waterfalls in West Sumatra to refresh your body and soul!

As mentioned before, Batusangkar is a regency full of cultural and historical attractions. That’s why most of the tourist attractions you can find here are related to culture and history.

If you love learning about a place’s culture or history, then you should visit Batusangkar in West Sumatera. Let’s jump into these 6 tourist attractions in Batusangkar.

  • Pandai Sikat Village
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
Pandai Sikat Village

Pandai Sikat Village is known as “Clever Craftsmen” Village. This village is famous for its songket weaving. Songket is a silver or gold threaded cloth.

Beside songket weaving, this village is also known for its carving building decorations made of wood. The local people are really skillful to manually make silver or gold threaded cloth since the ancient time of Padang ancestors.

This village is around 13 km south of Bukittinggi, situated between Singgalang and Marapi Mountain in the far south of Agam Valley.

Weaving is an important activity in West Sumatera since 1780. In the western lowlands, cotton was grown, however, due to the high demand, they also imported cotton from Surat in India. That’s why weaving is still important until today, along with wood-logging and iron-and-copper working.

  • Pagaruyung Palace
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
The majestic Paraguyung Palace

In Minangkabau language, Pagaruyung Palace is also called Istano Basa Pagaruyuang. This is a royal palace of the former Pagaruyung Kingdom which is located in Tanjung Emas Sub District, near the town of Batusangkar.

This palace was built in the traditional Minangkabau Rumah Gadang architectural style. However, it also had some atypical elements, such as a three-story structure and the larger dimension compared to the common rumah gadang.

Get all the complete things to do in Pagaruyung Palace so you won’t get bored here.

Batusangkar is not that far from Padang city, so you can consider putting these things to do in Padang and have an enjoyable vacation there!

  • Nagari Tuo Pariangan
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
Nagari Tuo Pariangan, one of the oldest villages in Indonesia

Nagari Tuo Pariangan has ever been nominated as the most beautiful village by the international magazine from New York, Budget Travel, in 2012.

In Minangkabau language, Nagari means village, and this village is located on the foot of Marapi Mountain, which is still active until now.

Besides being nominated as the most beautiful village, Nagari Tuo Pariangan is also popular as the oldest village in West Sumatera as the culture of Minangkabau was born here. It is proven by the findings of some historical remains such as prasasti (carved stones), batu tigo luak and menhir.

The architecture of the building is unique and distinctive from the others. Interestingly, all of them are still well-maintained until now.

There are some things you can do in Nagari Tuo Pariangan, such as visiting Masjid Ishlah, soaking yourself in the hot spring, visiting museums, and visiting the traditional house from Minangkabau, rumah gadang.

  • Emersia Wonderland
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
Emersia Wonderland, the new and fun spot in Batusangkar

Aside from the cultural and historical attractions, Batusangkar also has a spot which is fun for everyone in the family. It is a waterpark called Emersia Wonderland.

This tourist attraction is established and managed by the owner of Emersia Hotel and Resort Batusangkar. This is considered as the only waterpark in Batusangkar which will surely satisfy the tourists.

Emersia Wonderland has three main concepts: education, attraction games and fun. So this tourist attraction is surely suitable for everyone in your family!

  • Rao Rao Mosque
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
Rao Rao Mosque, the historical and religious tourist site in Batusangkar

This is one of the historical heritage you can find in Minangkabau. It does not only become a historical site, but also the religious tourist attraction in Batusangkar. The establishment process began in 1892 and finished in 1916. This mosque is still well-maintained until now.

The special thing about this mosque is its architectural design. This mosque combines the Minangkabau, Dutch, Persian and Italian architectural designs.

  • Panorama Tabek Patah
Tourist Attractions in Batusangkar
One of the best photo spots in Tabek Patah

Batusangkar has another amazing tourist attraction called Panorama Tabek Patah. Tabek Patah has a breathtaking view and scenery where you can see the large area of pine forest.

There are some interesting spots for you to take pictures as well here,  so don’t worry you will still be able to upload some cool photos for your social media accounts.

Not only those interesting spots, Tabek Patah is also a good spot for meditation. It has calm and peaceful atmosphere with fresh air. Besides, due to its location which is near Marapi Mountain, the surrounding air is very cool.

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