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6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Sawahlunto You Can Explore!

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attractions in sawahlunto

Sawahlunto is a city located in West Sumatera. This city is known as “Quarry City” and it is surrounded by 3 districts: Tanah Datar, Solok and Sijungjung.

It is quite far from Padang as it is around 95 km from there. If you plan to visit Padang, make sure you put these waterfalls located near Padang in your list!

This city has developed into a multi-ethnic old town, thus it becomes one of the best old cities in Indonesia. Tourists can find many old buildings from the Dutch heritage.

A part of them was designated as a cultural heritage by the government to promote tourism and proclaim Sawahlunto as the “Cultured Mining Town”.

Let’s see the 6 recommended tourist attractions you can explore in Sawahlunto.

  • Blue Lake
Tourist Attractions in Sawahlunto
The mesmerizing blue water in Blue Lake

The first tourist attraction you can explore in Sawahlunto is Blue Lake. Blue Lake is one of the ex-coal mining excavation locations in this area. It is located in Talawi, Sawahlunto. This lake has been an attraction for tourists to visit the mining city.

You can also take a look at the other lakes in Sumatera and get ready to be amazed by their beauty!

While tourists are in Blue Lake, they will be amazed by the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. The highlight of this lake is its blue water. Tourists can take some memorable pictures here in some of the spots.

There are some other activities tourists can do here, such as taking pictures, trekking and relaxing. Visitors are required to pay an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 and they can simply enjoy the beauty and panoramas in this lake.

If you wish to visit this place, make sure you use a vehicle which is ready and decent as the road here is quite rocky and sharp.

  • Mak Itam Railway Museum
Tourist Attractions in Sawahlunto
Mak Itam Railway Museum in Sawahlunto

The next destination you can visit in Sawahlunto is a museum called Mak Itam Railway Museum. This building used to be a railway station which was built in 1912. However, since December 2003, the coal transportation to Padang city was no longer using the train.

Due to this fact, this railway station was no longer functioning. Then, on December 2005, this building was inaugurated as a Railway Museum.

The name Mak Itam is in the local language, which means black uncle. Mak Itam refers to the legendary old steam locomotive coming from Ranah Minang. It was named that way due to its jet body and the thick black smoke coming out of the chimney.

Malang, East Java also has a museum called Angkut Museum. If you are interested, you can read the guide to Angkut Museum and get ready to explore!

  • Goedang Ransoem Museum

Another museum to hop on in Sawahlunto is Goedang Ransoem Museum. If you love historical attractions, then you should visit this museum. This warehouse used to be functioned as a soup kitchen and a silent witness to the exploitation of indigenous labour by the Dutch colonialists.

In this museum, tourists will be able to view a number of historical relics collection and the cooking utensils coming from the Dutch era, such as the giant pot which was used to cook for 10 thousand coal mine workers.

  • Lubang Mbah Soero
Tourist Attractions in Sawahlunto
Lubang Tambang Mbah Soero

Who would be interested to explore a tunnel during a vacation? Some tourists may get interested! There’s a tourist attraction called Lubang Mbah Soero (Mbah Soero Tunnel) which you can explore.

This tunnel is 1.5 km long and this spot has attracted some tourists, specifically those who love mystery. This tunnel used to be the coal mining spot in the past.

Despite the fact that this tunnel is part of the mining activity, it has been managed by the government, so it can be visited by tourists. Besides, the government also built some stairs to make sure the safety of this place.

There is also a museum which as the same name. This museum also functions as the house of the workers who work in this tourist spot.

  • Bikan Waterfall
Tourist Attractions in Sawahlunto
Bikan Waterfall

After finish visiting those historical sites, then it is time to seek for refresh air in the nature. You can visit Bikan Waterfall which is located in Talawi, Sawahlunto.

There are some camping areas in this place, so you don’t have to be worried while visiting this place. Due to its location which is in the middle of the forest, you can enjoy the peaceful time here.

In the waterfall, you can also swim and relax on the formation of the rocks that resemble a cave. The water is very clear and refreshing. You can also come here with your family as there are some gazebos your family members can use to relax.

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