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6 Worth-Visiting Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin

by Ivonne Puspakencana
west kotawaringin tourist attractions

West Kotawaringin is one of the regencies located in Central Kalimantan. This regency has some interesting tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss. There are some worth visiting tourist attractions, such as national park, beach, and some other tourist spots in the city.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these worth-visiting tourist spots located in West Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan.

  • Pangkalan Bun
Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin
Pangkalan Bun at night

Pangkalan Bun is the capital city of West Kotawaringin. It is located in the western part of Central Kalimantan. This is a busy little town, and you will find some attractive tourist spots in this city.

One of the famous tourist attractions located in Pangkalan Bun is the old Palace of Pangkalan Bun. It is around 200 years old now and it is still in a good condition.

This palace is made of Ulin (ironwood) and it is known as the only Banjar royal legacy found in Central Kalimantan.

While you are in Pangkalan Bun, make sure you know all of these things to do in Pangkalan Bun. Put them on your list!

  • Tanjung Puting National Park
Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin

Tanjung Putting National Park is known as the conservation site for orangutans. This national park has a width of more than 400,000 hectares.

You will not only meet orangutans in this national park, but there are some other types of primates, such as proboscis, longtail monkeys, some birds and crocodiles living in their natural habitat.

Get to know some national parks in some other regions, such as in national parks in Sumatra and national parks in Kalimantan island.

  • Kubu Beach
Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin

Kubu Beach is another spot you can visit in West Kotawaringin. It is located in the cluster of Bogam bay tourism area. It is mostly visited by local community of Pangkalan Bun due to its location which is close to downtown.

This beach is also well known for its white-brownish sand. It is good for you who wish to go into seclusion from the crowd of the city.

There are two entrance gates to this beach: the one shaped as a crab and another one with crocodile statue in front. Both entrance gates serve different things inside.

While you’re at the beach, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea from the pier. You will also see some facilities, one of which is banana boat.

Try renting a boat so that you can go around the beach. Don’t worry about the facilities as they are complete. You can find restaurants, souvenir stands, and hotels nearby the beach.

  • Tanjung Keluang Nature Park

Besides Tanjung Puting, West Kotawaringin also has another park called Tanjung Keluang Nature Park. This is a peninsula located next to Kubu Vilage in Kumai District.

Tanjung Keluang Nature Park also has beach which offers uniqueness. This beach serves as the conservation place for turtles, especially hawksbill turtles.

  • Yellow Palace
Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin
Yellow Palace, one of the landmarks in East Kotawaringin

If you wish to have a historical vacation in West Kotawaringin, then you can visit Yellow Palace. Yellow Palace is built by using ironwood in which it has no yellow color at all. Instead, it was named that way because of one room door called Dalam Kuning. The wood itself becomes a material in making the door yellow.

This palace is used to save historical stuffs from Kutaringin Kesultanan. That’s why you will see spear, kris, jars, cannon, and some paintings. If you wish to visit this palace, you will be welcomed by a guide who will tell you the history of Pangkalan Bun Borneo.

Yellow Palace is one of the iconic landmarks in Central Kalimantan. You can also read the other landmarks of cities in Indonesia and its historical meaning.

  • Bundaran Pancasila
Tourist Spots in West Kotawaringin

Bundaran Pancasila is named that way due to its location which is on top of the Eagle monument, the Indonesian state symbol.

Bundaran Pancasila is also known as a food center in Pangkalan Bun where tourists can find some food types here. Some cafes are also available in this round.

East Kotawaringin is also another interesting city to explore. You can consider visiting these tourist attractions in Sampit too!

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