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7 Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan, Indonesia to Consider

by Widiya

Kalimantan, the extensive Indonesian part of Borneo, is truly the best place to start an adventure. Distant wilderness, winding rivers, and interior mountains present vast opportunities for epic rainforest adventure, while its urban areas are peaceful and perfect for a casual stroll.

Kalimantan is the best place to see the respectable orangutan sharing the jungle canopy with agile gibbons and proboscis monkeys.

In this article, there are 7 wildlife destinations in Kalimantan, Indonesia we would like to recommend to you. So, check the list down below.

List of Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan, Indonesia

  1. Derawan Island
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

Derawan Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kalimantan, Indonesia, lies off the shore of the main island. It is known for its own little archipelago and is perhaps the best spot to take a dive and enjoy Kalimantan.

The waters here overflow with marine life like blue ring octopus and scorpionfish, and you can find bouncing seahorses as well as ghost pipefish.

There is a renowned stone here named the Blue Trigger Wall which is exactly 18 meters in length and sits 10 meters beneath the outer layer of the water. This is one of the top dive spots on Derawan Island. You might want to know about diving spots in Aceh.

  1. Tanjung Puting National Park
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

While the orangutan is the star fascination, the peat swamp backwoods of Tanjung Puting host a huge assortment of greenery including panthers, proboscis monkeys, macaques, pigs, civets, Malaysian sun bears, gibbons, deers, and wild dairy cattle known as banteng.

Crocodiles, turtles, and some endangered types of frogs and fish flourish in the muggy rivers. Hornbill, Stork-billed kingfisher, and a few assortments of sunbird are among 230 types of birds occupying the national park; some like the white egret and other imperiled waterbirds taking advantage of seasonal rookeries known as bird lakes.

  1. Kutai National Park
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

Kutai National Park is situated in East Kalimantan on Indonesian Borneo and is home to around 2,000 orangutans. There are two primary passages for vacationers to the national park.

Also, see national parks in eastern Indonesia.

Along the street among Sangatta and Bontang, you will track down Sangkima, with various old public park structures still standing. It gives awesome photo opportunities of the orangutans, otters, and reptiles from the open circle stage.

  1. Danau Sentarum National Park
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

Danau Sentarum National Park is an enormous area of wetland that stretches for 132,000 hectares. A significant part of the national park consists of the low-level rainforest as well as huge peat marshes and this is the spot to come if you have any desire to observe a lot of native verdure in one beautiful spot.

A portion of the wildlife that you can expect here incorporates orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and crocodiles, or you can likewise look at fowls and storks.

As though that was not sufficient, a portion of the native people of Kalimantan additionally lives in the national park so you can visit their camps and perceive how they have lived on this island for years.

  1. Gunung Palung National Park
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

A one-of-a-kind aspect concerning visits through Gunung Palung National Park is the shortfall of the travel industry. There are no specific pathways or streets, and the only spot of accommodation is camp Lubuk Baji, a wooden structure that sits on braces and has been compared to a treehouse.

The orangutans that call Gunung Palung home are not accustomed to seeing people, which makes the shaggy primates of this park more out of control and harder to find. However, this means it is twice as compensating when you really do see them swinging through the trees.

  1. Kakaban Island
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

Kakaban Island is one of the most popular islands in Kalimantan and is known for its magnificent lake that sits in the middle. The lake is loaded with jellyfish. They are not dangerous so you can swim with them and take in this astonishing scene of nature up close.

The jellyfish are comprised of two species called Golden Jellyfish and Moon jellyfish and the main other spots on the planet with a comparative peculiarity is Micronesia, so in the event that you have the opportunity to visit Kakaban Island, try to go on an outing to this astounding lake.

Speaking of a lake, here are lakes in Singaraja.

  1. Betung Kerihun National Park
Wildlife Destinations in Kalimantan

Betung Kerihun National Park runs along the Malaysian Borneo line, Sarawak. It has four main rivers that go through from the opposite side of the border.

All through the national park are little towns of local people, some just available by longboat. Local people live in houses suspended on the waterway banks above flood levels, called ‘Long Houses’.

The visits through Betung Kerihun National Park are essentially run by the Nanga Potan people who supply longboats. Here you can learn the lifestyle of native people and have the chance to see wild orangutans. It is a vital region for preservation in Indonesia.

So, those are 7 wildlife destinations in Kalimantan, Indonesia. While you are at it, make sure to also check out things to do in Central Kalimantan and waterfalls in Kalimantan.

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