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17 Most Beautiful Beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia

by Keziamarcellova

Tourist attractions in Jogja are not only spin on the temples and historic buildings only. This city also has another tourism potential in the form of a very charming beach. There are many beaches that we can visit if being in Yogyakarta. If we are confused to decide which coastal options will be visited.

Then there are some nearby beach options from Malioboro which could be our choice. Why Malioboro because this location is a tourist centre in Jogja. So it is easier to choose a tourist spot in Jogja near Malioboro.

If you really want to visit some beaches close to Malioboro. Then there are some beach options that you can visit. Here are all beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  1. Samas Beach
    This one beach is located in the southern part of Jogja, more precisely located in Srigading area, Bantul. As one of the tourist attractions in Bantul, the name of Samas Sendiri beach is not an alien name for the people of Jogja. You may also enjoy the Things to Do in Bantul Yogyakarta.

This place itself is very famous in the area of Bantul as the place of the Upaca Sea Alms and Ceremony Ceremony Tumuruning Maheso Suro. Besides this place is also famous to be a place of fish cultivation and also sea turtles. This beach has big enough waves and with the wind that can be spelt out also tight. If you like sports surfing then this beach becomes one of the alternatives a good place for you.

One more thing you should know is this beach became the official place of breeding various types of Turtle in Jogja. Sea turtles are harvested here such as turtles, hawksbill, leatherback turtles and several other species. We can sometimes see some sands that are used as turtles to store their eggs. However, we are forbidden to take the eggs.

  1. Glagah Beach
    There are many beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia. One more beach tour near Malioboro that we should not miss visiting. The beach is located in the area of Glagah Kulon Progo has a beauty that can not be considered lightly. Although Kulon Progo area itself is not too often used as tourist destinations by tourists.

However, the beauty of glagah beach is very attractive if we have the opportunity to visit for a moment. Glagah Beach itself has a fairly long beach lip, with some parts there are concrete-breakwater waves. The existence of these concrete breakwaters actually become the additional value for the beauty of Glagah Beach. You may also enjoy the Hidden Beaches in Indonesia

For the existence of its own facilities, this beach has fairly complete facilities. Here we can enjoy various kinds of water games that we can enjoy. In addition, there are also various culinary places that certainly can stomach. If you want to stay then not far from this beach there are also lodging. One more thing that must be known this beach is one place to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Indonesia, especially located in Jogja. 

  1. Wedi Ombo Beach
    One more tourist attraction in Gunung Kidul that will certainly make us interested to visit. Wedi Ombo beach is one of the beaches located in the area of Gunung Kidul. This one beach itself is located in the area of Jepitu, Gunung Kidul. If you come to this place then you will meet is a cluster of coral cliffs that are found in this location itself.

However, the presence of coral cliffs is increasingly making this beach more visible cool and beautiful. Also in this location, there is also a pool which is limited by coral cliffs. We can soak and play water in the pool.

Wedi Ombo beach itself the last few years become a place quite famous among surfers around Jogja. This is because this one beach has big enough waves and challenging. If it is a long holiday or a weekend, we can meet several groups of surfers who gathered on this beach to challenge the waves. Thus, what a beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia!

  1. Kuwaru Beach
    One more beach resort near Malioboro that we can visit. This time the location of this beach is in Bantul area. As one of the new tourist destination in Bantul that we can visit. This place belongs to have a complete facility. You may also enjoy the Non-Touristy Things to Do in Yogyakarta

At this beach itself, we can find various facilities that we can use such as ATV, Swimming Pool, Bathing Ball, Mini Train and some other facilities that we can meet. In addition to the play facilities, this place also has a lot of seafood stalls that we can taste. If you want to buy souvenirs on the beach this one there are also some seller souvenirs that we can visit.

The beach itself is also famous for its rows of pine trees. Although not sparred Goa Cemara, but the existence of pine on the beach itself is enough to attract a lot of visitors to enjoy the beauty. 

  1. Sundak Beach
    Gunung Kidul does have a lot of tourism potential. One of the potential tourism in the mountain kidul is the number of beach tourism that we can visit. One of the most famous beaches in this place is Sundak beach. A beach that has a not too long beach lip but still has a beauty that is not less when compared with the beaches at Gunung Kidul the other. You may also enjoy the Things to Do in Kalibiru

If we travel from downtown Jogja then we need travel time approximately 2 hours long journey. However, the journey that we will take is guaranteed to be paid with the beauty of this beach.

This beach itself has a beauty in the sand beach is still white and clean. This is more interesting plus the sea water on this beach is quite clear. With this clear water, we can see the rocks and the seabed adjacent to the beach. One thing that is strictly prohibited on this beach is swimming. This is because the waves on the beach itself are quite large and somewhat dangerous.

  1. Krakal Beach
    Krakal Beach is one of the many beaches located in the mountain kidul. This beach itself has the same characteristics with all the beaches in the mountain kidul. Characteristic is the existence of the cliffs that towering at the beach location. So also with this one beach, on the left and right of the beach, we can see the cliffs that stood firm. You may also enjoy the Things to Do in Kaliurang Yogyakarta

This beach itself is located in Tanjungsari area. If we travel from downtown Jogja then we take about 2.5 hours journey. But do not worry about the duration of the trip will not mean anything when we arrive at a beautiful beach with charming white sand.

This one beach also became one of the famous surfing locations in Gunung Kidul. The surfers who come to this location not only dominated by those who come from within the country alone. Sometimes at certain times, we can also see that foreign surfers are also on this beach to challenge the waves are quite dangerous. In addition to the white sand beaches also have sea water which can be practically quite clear and clean. 

More Attractions Near Yogyakarta

That was some of the beach resort recommendations near Malioboro that you can visit. In addition to these beaches, there are several more beaches you can visit.

More beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia:

  1. Siung Beach
  2. Parangkusumo Beach
  3. Parangtritis Beach
  4. Cave Beach cypress
  5. Depok Beach
  6. Pandansimo Beach
  7. Patehan Beach
  8. Indrayanti Beach
  9. Beach baron
  10. Jogan Beach
  11. Single Pok Beach

Well, it was a beach resort near Malioboro that is very dear to miss. The beach has a beauty that certainly will not make us disappointed when visiting. But good tourists will always maintain the cleanliness and beauty of tourist sites that we visit. Hopefully, the information was useful.

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