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8 Famous Temples in Bali You Have Probably Heard Of

by Widiya

As a leading explorer destination, eminent for its brilliant seashores, rich jungle rainforests, and invigorating tranquil waterfalls, the temples in Bali have similarly bested the list of must-see attractions on this well-known Indonesian island.

You will soon begin to realize that a visit to the temples, otherwise called ‘Pura’ in Bali, adds to a more extravagant cultural and profound experience on your island escape.

In this article, we will list several famous temples in Bali you might want to visit. So, without further ado, let’s check this out.

List of Famous Temples in Bali

  1. Saraswati Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

Each Ubud temple visit ought to include the fantastic Pura Saraswati, otherwise called the Ubud Water Palace. Committed to the goddess Saraswati, this temple complex is situated in Ubud, north of Denpasar, and is for the most part perceived for its captivating lakes with lotus blossoms.

Despite the fact that it was constructed generally from late 1951 to 1952, it has become very famous for its interesting design and structural elements, and also its profound significance. You might also be interested in historical places in Ambon.

  1. Ulun Danu Bratan
Famous Temples in Bali

One of Bali’s most popular temples and our undisputed top choice is the Water Temple or Ulun Danu Bratan. Situated along the shores of Beratan Lake in the town of Candi Kuning, this temple is an absolute necessity to visit in Bali. Also, see the lakes in Singaraja.

Popular for its 11-layered rooftop, this temple seems, by all accounts, to be drifting simply off the coastline of the lake. Inland, there are huge temple grounds and a couple of additional things to find other than the main temple.

  1. Besakih Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

The oldest, holiest, and biggest temple in Bali, otherwise known as the Mother Temple of Besakih, is actually a rambling complex of 23 related temples pouring out north of six terraced levels on the slopes of Mount Agung. Speaking of Mount Agung, here are mountains to hike in Kediri.

The biggest of the temples is Pura Penataran Agung, and the early-morning views over the rich mountainside are fabulous. The ascension on the way to the temple can be difficult, but the tranquility once inside more than makes up for it.

  1. Tirta Empul Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

This is one of the most famous water temples in Bali, known for its blessed springs. Hindus from Bali frequently come here to play out the tradition of purging and washing in the waters of the spring. 

Tirta Empul temple is incredibly old, dating from the 10th century, and is situated close to the town of Tampaksiring in the center of Bali. Aside from its religious significance, the temple is very fantastic.

The consecrated lakes are encircled by old stone temples, sculptures, walls, and nurseries. Another significant fascination that can be visited close by is the Summer Presidential Palace.

  1. Uluwatu Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

Uluwatu is one of the nine Balinese temples that safeguard the island from terrible spirits. Worked around 1,000 years ago in a traditional Balinese style, the Uluwatu temple is a tribute of love to Siva Rudra, the Balinese God of all components of life and the universe.

At regular intervals as indicated by the Pawukon calendar, there is a major festivity at Uluwatu temple. The encompassing woods is a real monkey land. There are many of them here. It is believed that monkeys safeguard the temple from the detestable soul.

  1. Tanah Lot Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

It is one of Bali’s most famous vacation destinations, but Pura Tanah Lot is shocking when it is full of people.

Roosted on a rough outcrop sticking out into the Bali Sea, this lovely temple is particularly occupied at dusk when it makes a breathtaking outline against the faintly lit skyline. Early morning visits are likewise famous, though know that entrance is restricted during rising tides.

  1. Taman Ayun Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

This is one of the top temples in Bali. It is visited by local people and voyagers all the same,, being one of the six imperial temples on the island.

Its name converts into Garden Temple in the Water and the temple has intriguing verifiable and compositional highlights. Worked during the 17th century, the temple is generally unmistakable for its many-sided enrichments and hallowed places with their multi-level rooftops aiming high.

The encompassing pools are decorated with lotus blossoms and there are broad patios and nurseries to meander around.

  1. Luhur Batukaru Temple
Famous Temples in Bali

Indonesia has only eight World Heritage Sites yet one of them is in Bali. The site is comprised of an assortment of rice patios and the water system that takes care of them.

What’s more, at the core of this system are the temples that favor the water before it streams to the porches. One of the primary ones is Pura Luhur Batukaru.

Pura Luhur Batukaru is one of the most sacrosanct Hindu temples in Bali and is one of the island’s nine directional temples. It was initially underlying the 11th century.

However, the majority of what you will see was really reconstructed during the 1900s. The main part is the seven-layered altar somewhere down in the compound.

So, those are the famous temples in Bali. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the oldest temples in Indonesia and temples in East Java.

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