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5 Magnificent Historical Places in Ambon

by Ivonne Puspakencana
historical places in ambon

Maluku is one of the oldest provinces in Indonesia’s history. This province is well-known for its abundant natural wealth, specifically spices, which was targeted by many colonizers, including the Dutch and Portuguese.

Ambon is an island and the capital city of Maluku. This is an exotic city which has some attractions to be explored. Best beaches in Ambon and things to do in Ambon will give you an idea how to spend your day there.

Not only famous for having some incredible natural attractions, but Ambon also has some historical attractions worth to be explored. Here they are the 5 historical places in Ambon for you, history lovers!

  • Monument of Martha Christina Tiahahu
historical places in ambon
The iconic Monument of Martha Christina Tiahahu

The first historical place you can explore in Ambon is the Monument of Martha Christina Tiahahu. As the name suggests, this monument was built to commemorate the service of the heroine Martha Christina Tiahahu.

She grew up in a warrior family and at a very young age, she was able to raise a spear and fight with her father and Pattimura troops.

The layout of this monument stands on Karang Panjang Hill and can be seen from the center of Ambon city. The monument is located at elevation so that the tourists can watch the sparkling expanse of Ambon city glittering at night.

Many young people come here to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the view of Ambon city. If you love history, then you will also love these historical places North Maluku.

  • Amsterdam Fortress
historical places in ambon
Amsterdam Fortress

Amsterdam Fortress is situated between Negeri Hila and Negeri Kaitetu, Central Maluku Regency. It is about 42 kilometers from Ambon city. According to the locals and information related, Amsterdam fortress is the second building found by the Dutch.

Once you come to this fortress, you will be surprised by the style of the building and its architecture. The building is shaped like a regular house consisting of three floors. The first floor was the bed of the soldiers, the second floor was the meeting room and the third floor was a monitoring post.

Be mindful of your steps as the ladder is obsolete. You can stand along the tower to see the stunning view of Hila Beach and Seram Island from the window!

  • Ferangi Fortress
historical places in ambon
Ferangi Fortress or known as Victoria Fort

Ferangi Fortress is a fort built during colonization by the Portuguese in 1575. The locals call this fortress as Benteng Kota Laha or Kota Laha Fort and Victoria Fort. It used to be the seat of government by the Portuguese.

At the entrance of the fort, you will see numbers of cannon with very large size. Ferangi Fortress is one of the most favorite historical places of tourists visiting Ambon. Besides learning the arrival history during Portuguese era to Ambon, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of sightseeing and its uniqueness.

Inside the fortress, there are a lot of objects over Portuguese and Dutch. Visitors will get the opportunity to see the map of Ambon city development from the ancient time to the present.

  • Siwalima Museum
historical places in ambon

The next historical place in Ambon is Siwalima Museum. It is located on Makmur Park Area, Amahusu Village, Nusaniwe District, Ambon city.

This museum was establised in 1973 and home of relics and historical objects. This museum is located on a hill facing the bay of Ambon which offers a superb view.

“Siwalima” is formed from 2 words taken from the history of the kingdoms existed in Maluku. “Siwa” means nine, which mean the collection of nine kingdoms in the southern Maluku, while “Lima” means five, which is taken from Patalima (the collection of 5 kingdoms in the northern Maluku).

In front of the museum entrance, you will see a sign written “Usu Mae Upu” which means “Please come in”. In the past, this museum only collected objects of Maluku cultures and customs, but now, it has more and more huge collection.

When you come here, there will be attendants who will explain in detail the contents of the museum. You can also request for listening to local music, watch dance performance or demonstration of the manufacturing of woven fabrics.

  • Gong Perdamaian
historical places in ambon
The outstanding Gong Perdamaian

Gong Perdamaian, or known as World Peace Gong in Ambon is located in Taman Pelita. It is basically a magnificent and large gong built in the city of Ambon in order to improve the image of Ambon that was once synonymous with unrest and violent city.

This gong has a diameter of 2 meters wide with golden color. Besides, it is filled with about 200 flags of different countries and symbols of each religion in circles.

In the center, there is a miniature of the earth, and the letter of ‘Gong Perdamaian Dunia’ at the bottom, and ‘World Peace Gong’ at the top of the circles.

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