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Wonderful Things to Do in Ora Beach Maluku

by Yoga Adi

Pack up your things. Prepare a schedule for going on an adventure to Indonesia this time. This time, let’s go a bit wilder by exploring the eastern part of this country rather than the usual locations in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung that’s known for its free things to do in Bandung that became common destinations.

But now, we’re not visiting the Bali island again for the things to do near Bingin beach Bali for the thousand times. Instead, we’re gonna pin a place named Maluku. Do you know Maluku? Is the name familiar? Maluku is an icon of eastern Indonesia, famous for having a lot of water attractions like the Ora Beach Maluku. On this article, we want to talk about the things to do in Ora Beach Maluku starting from the first one, so check them out.

1 – Seram Island

Before actually highlighting to the Ora Beach, that certainly looks as good as the what to do in Balekambang beach, we want to go to the island called Seram Island. Ora beach is just one of the many attractions you can find within. Even though the word Seram in Indonesia means “Scary”  in English, but it can give you the beauties instead.

Seram island is the tropical Island located on the eastern side of the country. The island is also becoming an actual tourist destination that mostly known for fishing spots. Many television programs are always visiting the exclusive Seram Island if they’re related to this hobby. You may catch the Gts or maybe the other unknown fishes here.

Location: Maluku Province, Indonesia

Entrance Fee: No official price for entering the island (maybe cost for ferry applies)

2 – Ora Beach Maluku

So the main destination of the Seram Island is this Ora Beach. Many people do feel curious about the Ora Beach and finally decided to come here themselves. However, the location of Ora Beach is in the North Seram area of the island, in the central Maluku Province. The level of exotism of this beach is high enough, even can surpass amazing places like Bora-bora or even Maladewa.

The beach is beautifully hidden beneath the green tress. All around you is the blue ocean that sometimes combined with a green tone from the green corals that exist under the beach water. The Divers may droll now, looking at how fine the water in the area of Ora Beach is. So, Ora Beach is the one that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Seram Island

Location: Kabupaten street, North Seram

Entrance Fee: To be able to step your feet on Ora Beach, it’s totally free.

3 – Banda Naira / Banda island

So aside from the Padang-padang beach accommodation, we want to introduce another island located nearby called Banda Naira. The island is mostly known by its shot name, Banda. Maybe many Indonesian are already familiar with the island from the education they got in school. History and Geography teachers are always telling their students about this. Of course there must be something about it.

Looking at its history, the Banda Island was once used as a central area for business and trading. Many people around the world were coming to the island for trading with either the locals or others. But now, the island is more known as a beautiful destination with crystal clear water, wonderful view, and amazing experience.

Location: Maluku province, Indonesia

Entrance Fee: Like Seram Island, it’s totally free to enter this island too

4 – Mount Binaia

Now, let’s move a bit far from the calm and peaceful locations in Seram Island to a place that is more challenging, more frightening, and mysterious than before called Binaia Island. Serving the beauty of natural ecosystem, Mount Binaia is always can be included inside everyone’s bucket list.

Especially for the adventurers who want to conquer the island, reaching for the top. However, as mysterious as it can be, Mount Binaia has some secrets that may scare everyone if they know it. Aside from the dangerous weather condition, Mount Binaia also can be related to mystical things that seem to be very unfamiliar to us.

Location: Seram Island, Maluku. It’s clearly visible even from the port

Entrance Fee: Rp25.000,- per trip, per person.

5 – The Amsterdam Fort

Aside from visiting Ora Beach, which said to be a beautiful beach just like the hidden beach paradise in Malang, we want to take you to a historical place. Do your yawn later and come to one most impactful building in Seram Island called Amsterdam Fort. The beach is a heritage of Portuguese influence to Indonesia back in the dark days.

They used the fort mainly for save keeping purposes. So they stacked important stuff in, the most valuable items, mostly spices, which then had a fairly high price in the world market. However, other than learning about Portuguese, you can also learn about a legend named Rumphius. Make sure to not miss it.

Location: Kaitetu, Leihitu, Maluku

Entrance Fee: Learning is free of charge here

6 – Liang Beach

And then the sixth beach on the list in things to do in Ora Beach Maluku is Liang Beach. Well, the beach has an interesting “title”, that you may consider. Back in the nineties, the beach was granted a very honorable reward as the most beautiful beach by UNDP and United Nations.

Until now, the beach still stands for its title as the most beautiful one. So, when you finally visit Seram Island, maybe in this year, make sure to put this Liang Beach as the top attraction you should visit. Because, it’s not a good time to miss a gem like this, especially when you’re not visiting the island that frequently.

Location: Seram Island, Maluku

Entrance Fee: Rp15.000,- per person

So if the six locations above are way far from fulfilling your bucket list, then we want to give some more recommendations that you can find inside the smaller list that containing about the other things to do in Ora Beach Maluku below :

1. Natsepa Beach

2. Bair Island

3. Nusa Ombo Island

4. Batu Layar

5. Santai Beach

6. Watubela Islands Complex

7. Morea

8. Hatuasa Hot Spring

9. Lawena Beach

That’s the topic about things to do in Ora Beach Maluku. Hope you can have a great experience of a holiday in the whole new area you haven’t visited before. This is the reason why we shouldn’t lower our expectation toward a new thing. They could give us a beauty that can surpass any of our ideas and blow our minds.

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