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Exploring Manusela National Park Indonesia – The Beauty You Can Find Inside

by Yoga Adi

So if you are one of many Indonesian people, still wondering where’s the most suitable place to go for your special day or weekend, just think one name of the National Parks in Indonesia like things to do in Tanjung Puting National Park. The National Park seems to be a governmental thing, a protected place for animals and plants, and so on.

But, the thing is, people can always visit it, as long as it stays open. So you don’t have to worry about passing a restricted area or anything because it basically opens publicly. However, the thing that we’re gonna talk about after the things to do in Ambon is the Manusela National Park Indonesia, which can be said as one greatest National Park in East Indonesia. Here’s the list of facts you should now.

The Location

Before actually dive into the topic of the main interest of Manusela National Park Indonesia, which is one of the beautiful things to do in North Maluku. So, for anyone wondering, the exact location of this National Park is in the Maluku of Indonesia, directly owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Based on their official website at tnmanusela.menlhk.go.id, you can see some of the informational topics, like the agenda, statistics, socio cultural, and all information you might need about the park. However, for the agenda, they show the campaign of hiking to Binaya Mountain in order to “Test Your Skill”, and also the other activity which is to protect the black-headed parrot.

All around the location, you can also witness some interesting spots like Tepi Merkele and Tepi Kebipoto, the forest areas that most suitable for adventurers who want to know about the life of animals in their original habitat. Aside from those, you can also visit the Wai Isal, a place for camping and observing the forest habitat, and the others.

Routes to Manusela National Park Indonesia

So now you know about the location of this National Park. Next thing is, how you can get there? Okay, from the capital cities around Indonesia, like maybe Jakarta, Surabaya, or even the big cities around Borneo or Sulawesi, you shoult take a plane to Ambon. To the Pattimura Airport in that very city.

From the Ambon city, you should take the ride with ferry to Masohi. It’s about two hours from the Port Liang in Ambon to Masohi, so get some rest while waiting to arrive. After stepping on Masohi, the next trip should be taken by using a car to Huaulu. The ride will be three hours long.

You can also use the ships from Ambon Island in Tulehu Port straight to Amahai Port in Seram Island. But, you’ll need to take the fast ships that can take you in much faster speed. It’ll shorten the traveling time to ninety minutes plus the three hours to Huaulu.

What You Can Find Inside Manusela National Park Indonesia

Now, as one of the best place that looks as beautiful as animal parks in Bali, of course, you can find dozens or even more beauties in this location.

First one is the plants. There’s a lot of plantation that you can find here, such as Alstonia scholaris, Pometia pinnata, Chintea binaya, Shorea selanica, and many others. Also, you can meet the kinds of orchid in a specific location of the park. Basically, all the plants are put nicely in some places of the National Park. Sometimes they covered with butterflies flying around them.

The place is also filled with endemic animals. There’s about 117 different species of bird, where the fourteen of them are endemics. For example, they are Cacatua moluccensis, Halcyon lazuli, Lorius garrulus, and also Philemon subcorniculatus. Sometimes you can also feed them if you want with some fruits that they provide.

Aside from the birds, you can also find many species of butterfly in a place named Pilana. Also, you can greet the exotic animals like deers, luwak, boars, panaman lizards, and the green turtles from the ocean. Most of them are still in very dangerous status, and some even just a little close to extinction.

What to Do at Manusela National Park Indonesia

Yes, this place is being a place like things to do in Komodo National Park with all the possibilities and opportunities that it has for us. The place is also packed with interesting and mesmerizing activities surely can give us wonderful memorable moments, like :

Hiking to Mount Binaya

So, the first thing you can do around the area of Manusela National Park is hiking to Mount Binaya. This mountain is clearly visible, even from the port. The location of this mountain is in the Seram Island, and also included as part of the great National Park where people can actually do hiking in there.

However, the mountain itself is actually quite big. It’s even 20% of total areas of Seram Island. So, you can imagine that hiking to the peak of Mount Binaya would be a hard work. Especially, because the weather can be quite unfriendly here. That’s why, you need to always be careful when exploring the mountain.

Obeserving Butterflies

As mentioned on the paragraph above, there are some unique spots you can visit around the national park. All of them have their own special purpose. Like this spot called Pilana for example, a spot specially built for observing the life of butterflies inside the National Park.

The place is made very natural in order to match the real habitat of the butterflies. Here you can witness butterflies from many species and forms. Some are big and some are small. You can also see the live life cycle of them sometimes, like a cocoon transforming to perfect butterfly.

Witnessing the Wildlife

Aside from seeing the butteflies, you can also see the life of animals in an area called Pasahari. The area is made in order to be animals observing places that mainly focus on birds and the deers.

Yes, sometimes you can see a group of deer drinking some water from the riverside, alongside with the chirping sounds of bird. The area is still under development for the future project by government and locals.

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