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17 Unthinkable Things to Do in Bali Horse Riding

by Yoga Adi

After visiting some areas in Indonesia, we finally back again in the island of Bali. You see, Bali is alwaya great spot to spend holiday. Beside the exciting things to do in Kuta Bali, you can also do another fun thing, like Horse Riding in the attraction called Bali Horse Riding.

The Bali Horse Riding itself is really great, because you just can’t do it on everyday schedule you know, taking a horse to the street and off road must be a great thing to try. Around it, there are also some attractions that worth looking for just like the things to do in Gretek Bali. So what are those things to do in Bali Horse Riding? Check them below !

1. Pererenan Beach

First thing first, the thing that located just near the place of Bali Horse Riding which looks as beautiful as things to do in Padang-padang Beach is the Pererenan Beach, This beach is located only some kilometers from the point of Bali Horse Riding. You can even see this beach during your trip using the horse.

The beach here is looks and feel so quiet, even though there are some vehicles pass by. This cna be agreat opportunity to enjoy the beach all by yourself. If you happen to have more friends when vacationing in there, then there will be no trouble at all.

  • Location: Pererenan beach street, Buduk
  • Tips : Bring some swimming equipments or playing tools

2. Turtle and Turtoise Consevation

After visiting that beach, you can go closer to the next attraction on our list here called Turtle and Turtoise Conservation. Yes, this conservation have a goal to help those poor turtles and turtoieses to survive. In the wild, they are being hunted down by humans.

And in order to prevent their extinction, the conservation is the only way to do that. You can also parcitipate by visiting it. Only paying the parking ticket only, there’s no need to pay the entrance fee, because it’s free. You can see their cute faces smiling at you. And it’s one of adorable moments in this world.

  • Location: Tukad Punggawa street
  • Tips : Don’t bully those poor turtles. Handle them with care

3. Bajra Sandhi Renon

And the next location, which placed in the third place on our list of things to do in Bali Horse Riding is the Bajra Sandhi Renon. This not the temple of Bali, or the building that has the religious purpose. This one is actually a monument.

This monument was built to respect the struggle of Balinese people during the colonial era. But sadly thoguh, many Balinese still don’t know about this place. So, if you happen to be a Balinese, you can pay this place a visit. The entrance ticket of Rp5.000,- is not troubling at all.

  • Location: Puputan street 142
  • Tips : Bring a camera to capture the building images

4. Bali Museum

Beside all the beautiful things to do in Tembuku, Bali also has its own museum located just few kilometers from Bali Horse Riding, with the name of Bali Museum. Unlike the ordinary museum that has the colonial architecture, this musem in Bali is covered with full Balinese concept of architecture.

With the administration fee of Rp5.000,-, all the people around and the tourists can enter the place without worrying about anything. While inside, you can find many other beautiful things like masks, arts, and many more.

  • Location: Major Wisnu street
  • Tips : Study them carefully, and don’t break anything while enterng the place

5. Charlie Brown Bali Surf School

As for the fifth place, we have the surfing school for you called Charlie Brown Bali Surf School. Of course you wouldn’t be too straneg with the name of Charlie Brown, right? It’s the name of one character on th cartoon, he’sthe owner of the dog Snoopy.

Aside from that fact, learning new things about surfing in this session is really fun. All the instructrs in there are really helpful forbegiiners, and even can be a great companion for skilled surfers. You can choose the package starting from Rp100.000,-. Sure, it’ll be fun.

  • Location: Semat street, Canggu
  • Tips : Tell your friends to join in the activities

6. Canggu Beach

Moving from that, we go to the next beach we want to tell you, called Canggu Beach. Located some kilometers from the Bali Horse riding, the spot will provide youwith the gorgeous looking view of all the beaches in Denpasar.

Having a good look like things to do in Echo Beach Bali, Cangu beach is a good place to spend vacation aside from enjoying attractions around Denpasar city. With only paying for parking ticket, everyone in there can have a great time to do something they always wanted in a beach.

  • Location: Batu bolong street, Canggu
  • Tips : Better bring some foods first

7. Bali Art Center

The next one, which is consided as one gem of all Bali tourism is the Bali Art Center. With the name of Art, this place brings a new atmosphere in the world of art and theater. It’s the place to see th Balinese traditional theatrical show.

Visitors will be charged with the entry ticket, which will cost for about Rp20.000,-. That is considered really cheap for the good looking stage that will tel you many Balinese traditional stories. As a choice to spend the end of holiday, this Bali Art Center is really recommended.

  • Location: Nusa IndahBali
  • Tips : Capture those beautiful moments with camera 

8. Bali Horse Riding

Last but not least is the place of Bali Horse Riding itself. It’s located not far from the beach of Canggu, providing the welcomed tourists with the ride of horse to some areas in the Canggu location. It’s a good thing to enjoy in the evening, or morning.

With the Rp400.000,- ticket, you can ride a horse to many areas around. You can also have some good horse ride when evening comes, provided with the sunses that looks majestic in the distance. So, as an option for family tour, this one is relaly recommended.

  • Location : Subak Dalem 20
  • Tips : Gain more fun with family!

The seven places above are not covering al the things to do in Bali Horse Riding. To make it more complete, we need to add some places first that you can find in the paragraph below :

  1. EcoSpa, pleasurable place for all
  2. Hair Bali, best place to treat your hair
  3. Changgu Therapy, for the massaging and relaxing, go here
  4. Echo Beach, another choice if you love beach
  5. Silver Bali Surf, recommended surfing school near Bali horse riding
  6. The Shark Attraction , dare to meet the shark?
  7. Sakenan Temple
  8. Kertalangu Culture Village
  9. Bali Mangrove Forest, finally a place to breath in the most fresh oxygen

Yep, the list of things to do in Bali Horse Riding finally ends here. Those attractions prove to us that there are great attractions still, even in the big city like Denpasar. And so many choices of place resembling the richness that Bali Island have. And as the tourist, it’s not a bad thing to check all of them out. Are you ready?

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