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10 Exceptional Things To Do In Pulukan Bali

by Anastasia Dewi

pulukan Bali1Bali has earned a worldwide popularity, thereupon, you will find the most popular area, for instance Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are too dense with tourist crowd.  In furtherance to get better experience with the island, travel the extra mile and take the off beaten path.

Literally, you need to go further from the center of Bali. Look for more peaceful place; seek out for the hidden gem of Bali. Experience the better connection with the nature. Pulukan  in Jembrana district could be one of your choice. This area owns an overlook beauty you should not miss. Not to worry about what will you obtain in this secluded village. There are plenty things to do in Pulukan sleepy village for your exceptional vacation.

How to Get to Pulukan Bali? 

Pulukan village located in West part of Bali, if you arrive in Airport Ngurah Rai Bali, you can take the taxi from the official airport taxi counter. It will take 2,5 hours to drive from airport to Pulukan. From Gilimanuk port it you will need 1,5 hours to arrive at Pulukan. At any rate, rent a car or taxi will be the best option to reach the area.

Nature and outdoor lover will be delighted to stay in this  village .You will have no shortage of marvelous beaches, stunning sunshine. Several beaches reachable by walking distance, mountain , wildlife and other attraction in nearby villages  surely will fill your journey with memorable moments.

Here are The Things To Do in Pulukan Bali;

  1. Medewi Beach

medewi surfMedewi Beach has brought Pulukan village to the attention of surfer from all over the world. This pebble stone beach has become a prominent surfing destination in west Bali.

Medewi beach has a great swell for surfing adventure with fascinating view of Indian Ocean. Surfers traverse to  Medewi to rides the great waves, nevertheless for non-surfer traveler they would take pleasure on the fascinating scenery, taking a walk on the black sand beach.

Further to the west part of the beach , you can watch the fisherman activities, rows of colorful boats docking by the beach. If you are into fishing, you can sail to the ocean and do the sea fishing. If you decide to explore more of Medewi,  unravel Things To Do at Medewi

  1. Delod Berawah Beach

delod-berawah1A wide spread shore with a smooth black sand makes Delod Berawah beach suitable for any beach sport activity. All the way to the beach location you will catch the sight  of rice field and a long row of tropical trees, meanwhile the sight of the farmer  for a far is another interesting sight on your journey.

As its neighbor beach , Medewi, Delod Berawah also has a very affable tides for surfing. As a matter of fact, unlike Medewi, Delod Berawah is not well-known among the surfer as a surfing beach yet. Nevertheless, the beauty of the black sand with the clear blue sea on the background  will not disappoint any visitor.

Assuredly, this unspoiled beach will give more tranquility ambience , the quietness with a very few visitor on vicinity.  It is the perfect place for those to prefer the solitude relaxation. Put on your sun scream and bask yourself under the warm of the sun or have a delightful dip on the cold water.

No entrance fee applied.

  1. Pulukan Eco Tourism

Strategically located between beaches and mountainous area, Pulukan offer a different experience of your visit. Take a jungle trek at this area is one of Things To Do in Pulukan. The starting point is a traditional rubber factory, you can observe how the farmer extract the rubber from the trees and the rubber making process.

Continue your trekking going up to the mountain through the rubber, coconut and banana plantation. There is a perfect spot where you can stop and view the rice field and ocean from the top.

Unload your picnic basket , enjoy your lunch with a picturesque scenery before your eyes. Continue your traverse to Buleleng, you will not short on thing to do in Buleleng

  1. Yeh Leh Beach

Yeh Leh BeachA unique beach of Yeh Leh, instead of white sandy beaches, thousands of gravel envelopes the beach. Meanwhile, this beach remains underdeveloped, therefore not many traveler visit this area. Yeh leh is  an ideal place to have quite afternoon by the beach.

The low tide reveals thousands of boulder , these esoteric rocks smoothed over for hundreds years, gleaming beautifully under the bright sun. Each rock has their own secret story about their journey to Yeh Leh. Some large stones spread along the shore become a nature work of art.

Yet it is a perfect place to unwind, nonetheless swimming in this beach is rather dangerous due to the huge waves continuously all day long.  This is not the preferred beach for fishermen either. Notwithstanding, you will not be able to swim here,  however, do not miss the sunset, the blazing red sky against the dark blue sea on the horizon and glistening boulders on the shore,  embrace the whimsical dusk that will captivate your soul.

Entrance fee : free

  1. Palasari Dam

palasari damPalasari Dam was built to irrigates agricultural land in Jembrana ; provides the scenic view of manmade lake with green landscape on the background.

The large amount of water usually release during the dry season to water the agricultural area continuously , hence, during the rainy season this dam accumulate the heavy rainfall and functioned as flood control for Jembrana area.  The large collection of water here influence the surrounding climates , it increase humidity and reduce the temperature. This dam creates a block for fish and flocked the in certain area.

Aside from it functional purpose for the environment, Palasari dam serves as one of a tourism destination in Jembrana, whenever you visit Pulukan, don’t forget to put Palasari Dam on your Thing to Do in Pulukan. Thereafter a calm morning at Palasari Dam, rides to Tabanan and you will find out wonderful things to do in Tabanan

Entrance Fee: 2,000 idr 

  1. Baluk Rening Beach

Baluk BeachLike any other beach around Pulukan village, Baluk Rening Beach has an exotic black sand. The accessibility to this beach, indeed convenient; hence the paved road will lead you directly to the front of the beach and the sign post along the way enable you to find the right direction clearly.

The tale tells the water and the sand at Baluk Rening contain the energy to soothe some illness like rheumatism. Bountiful of people comes to relax and do the sand therapy. They will sit along the shore and bury the foot under the sand to absorb the healing energy from the sand. Soaking in Beluk Rening beach will refresh the body as well as a therapy for certain illness.

The friendly wave and wind enable the visitor to play in the water all day long. One of the water activities available here is Canoe. Paddle it leisure to the calm ocean.

  • Entrance Fee : Free
  1. Gumbrih Water park

Gumbrih waterparkRecently become a new interest in Jembrana Regency Bali.  Take pleasure of the beauty of Pangyangan river. The calm water framed with green coconut trees, rice paddy fields and bamboo trees along the river bank. If you look for something to get away from the heat of the beach sun, stopover at Gumbrih Water Park to sense a different atmosphere.

Cruise this river by traditional boat to attain a memorable experience. A habitat for various fish, so fishing will be an ideal activity to try. Whilst you cruise along the river you will be able to see the fishes roving under the surface. Dare yourself to catch crab and shrimp with your bare hand, it could be something you will not experience in your home town. Indeed, this is one of the best Things To Do in Pulukan Bali.

Entrance Fee : 5,000 idr.

  1. West Bali National Park

West-bali-national-parkTake a day trip to West Bali National park, discover the immaculate beauty of lustrous mountain, natural green forest, clear blue sea with marine habitat underneath. The area of the park covers 15,587.89 of land and 3,415 hectares of water. It will not only refresh your body, but you gain a broader knowledge about the rare animal and plants within the land or under the sea.

The West Bali National Park is a protected nature reserve in West Bali. It is also home to the endemic Bali Starling. The Bali Starling is the reason why this park was officially created in 1941, notwithstanding, the fact that this area attained recognition as Nature Park back on 1917.  Aside from the Bali Starling, this is a home for the Ebony Langur, Clouded Leopard ,wild bull, Crested serpent – eagle, Javan macaque, menjangan wild deer are a few to mention.

The Best of Pulukan Bali

Depend on your preference , time and what kind of species you want to encounter you may choose your trekking trail, the shortest trail is Prapat Agung trail, located in the north of the park, you will only need 1 to 2 hours , another trek with 2 hours journey is Teluk Terima at the west of Labuan Lalang jetty. Start your trip early in order to get more opportunity to watch the birds. You can choose Tegal Blunder trail to combine your bird watching activity with mangrove forest boat trip.

Extend your trip to Menjangan island for snorkeling or diving. The marine sanctuary show the high bio-diversity in a relatively small area. A popular spot to dive and admire the superb coral reef and a wide variety of fish. There are 110 species of corals belong to 18 coral families, and there are only 29 coral families worldwide. . The reef is 2 meters under thewater and it goes on for 150 meters with coral walls up to 35-60 meters deep and several cave to visit.

  • Entrance Fee : 20,000idr
  • Park ranger/ Guide : 200,000 idr ( mandatory)

Aside of West Bali National park, check on other things you can do in West Bali , whilst you are in the area of Menjangan Island, do not miss to do things you can do at Menjangan Island

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