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What to Do in Bingin Beach : Fun and Memorable Activities

by Yoga Adi

Hello folks, back again to All Indonesia Tourism.com to talk some more about the Balinese top attractions. This time, we’re gonna focus on one beach located in the area of Pecatu Bali called Bingin Bali. This beach is actually mentioned in our previous article, the what to do in Dreamland beach Bali.

Bingin Beach that possibly become one of the best ones inside things to do in Pecatu Bali was described as the perfect beach for relaxation. The calm environment, which is not even busy, is really suitable for everyone who wants to seek the inner peace. But, is that the only activity you can do on this beach? Is that the only one in what to do in Bingin Beach? Of course not. There’s a lot of things you can do, like :

1 – Swimming

Of course, it wouldn’t be a waste of time if you’re swimming on the Bingin Beach. This first activity you can do in what to do in Bingin Beach is very enjoyable thing. The water is great, it’s really clear and amazing. The beach has two main areas, the beach lips, which has only small waves, and the area beyond that.

The safest area is, of course, the nearest one. Usually, you can easily notice it by looking at the color. The safest area should be in light color, light bluish color. That very area is safe enough for everyone, including the toddlers and alson the people who want to learn swimming on the Bingin Beach. Totally one of the best things to do in Bali with a 4 years old.

2 – Surfing

Aside from the snorkeling spots in Indonesia, the next thing you can do is surfing. The most adrenaline pumping activity on this beach. The area around the Bukit Peninsula with Padang-Padang, Nyang-Nyang, and also this Bingin Beach is the actual heaven for surfing in this world. The Indian ocean gives powerful waves for anyone who dares to challenge it.

The waves area really great to surf on. That’s why, many people do love it. If you want to learn it, you can join the class in TNT Surf School right on the Bingin Beach. It’s owned by respected Balinese surfer called Nyoman Artaka. He and his crew will gladly help the tourists to learn all about surfing.

3 – Visiting Temple

Not far from the Bingin Beach, there’s a temple, the great one called Luhur Uluwatu. The temple is respectbale and known for having this combination between religion and the Balinese culture. Luhur Uluwatu is usually visited by so many tourists, especially during the “special times”.

These special times are the evening times and also special days in Hindu. During those exact times, there will be a show happening in there. The most notable one is the Kecak Dance, one of the best dances in Indonesia. Many people feel so interested to watch it. No wonder all the seats are always filled up even in a short time.

4 – Yoga

In a calm place like this, is really suitable to do Yoga. Sometimes in the morning, there will be some groups of people doing this activity, fully relaxed and inspired by the sound of the ocean and the calm morning vibe. The situation around is actually supporting the Yoga activity, because the beach itself is not too crowded.

But, if you want to learn about Yoga in some Yoga Studios, you can find them in the area of Bingin Area. There are some studios worth mentioning here like Yoga Searcher, Temple Lodge, and also Cashew Tree. All of them are filled with experienced and friendly instructors who teach Yoga every morning and evening.

5 – Sunbathing

The peaceful experience is also great for having a relaxing time by sunbathing, or just lying on the ground during the shiny day. Usually, people are doing this, mostly the foreign tourists who want to tan their skin naturally. They bring a mat or something that is comfortable to lay one, and just doing it.

The perfect time to do this is from 9 am to 11 am in the morning. Passing 12 am, the weather will be really hot. You can even get sunburns because of it, which is not very nice at all. Be sure to bring the sun cream to protect your skin in the process. You can easily buy one in the nearest mini markets in Bingin Beach area.

6 – Witness The Sunset

One of the romantic things to do in Bali is watching the sunset with your loved one. Doing this can be a bit expensive or free from all charges. If you want to pick the first one, there are so many romantic places to do this, like the outdoor Rock Bar for example. They serve private tables that directly facing the sea.

For the second one, which is the free way to enjoy romantic sunset for two. You need to bring some stuff, but the most important one is the mat to sit on. Take your lover to a high place like hills or cliffs, which can be easily spotted around Bingin Beach. Then sit down, and watch the sun goes down, hiding to the horizon.

Aside from the six activities above, we also want to mention the other ones inside the smaller list that we made below. The list is containing about some different activities if you confuse of what to do in Bingin Beach.

1. Snorkeling

2. Enjoying The Beach Clubs

3. Golf

4. Staying in Resort

5. Pamper

6. Scuba Diving

7. Watching Kecak Dance

8. Walking around exploring the area

9. Buying Souvenirs

So that’s the topic about what to do in Bingin Beach, fun and interesting activites to do on this very beach. Aside from doing some of them, you can also do a little bit exploring to the other beaches located nearby. There’s actually a lot of them, but you can visit the best ones from them like Padang-Padang or maybe Nyang-Nyang Beach.

Also, don’t forget to make your holiday much better by visiting all the surrounding attractions located nearby. You can ask some locals for more information about them if you want to.

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