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8 Beaches in Jambi Worth to Visit For Summer

by Annisa Putri Adriza
Pantai Cemara Jambi

Indonesia is famous as the world’s largest island country, it is between the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country consists of more than seventeen thousand islands including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. There are also best islands in Thousand Islands Jakarta. Moreover there is more that 57000 kilometres of coastline in Indonesia, this means the beaches in this country is countless.

In addition to the islands and coastline, the tropical climate that Indonesia make the beaches become the main attraction for tourists even the locals. Since there are many islands, let us see the beaches in one of the island which is Sumatra. There is a region in Sumatra called Jambi, you can see things to do in Jambi but in this article we are going to see 8 beaches in Jambi.

1. Pantai Cemara Sadu

Pantai Cemara Sadu

Pantai Cemara is located in Kecamatan Sadu, Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung Timur. This beach includes Air Hitam Laut and Cemara River. We can know straight away from the name “Cemara” which is Pine Tree, this beach obviously has pine trees.

This beach has blackish brown sand and it also has an area of 450 hectares. Pantai Cemara becomes a habitat for waterbirds also a migratory shorelines for birds all around the world.

By exploring Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park and you can find the birds paradise but there are 26000 birds that can be seen in the beach, there are around 72 species that stays on Pantai Cemara.

2. Pantai Aurduri

Pantai Aurduri

The next beach on 8 Beaches in Jambi is Pantai Aurduri. This beach exist by accident because there is low tide of Batanghari River. The decrease of water creates the sand stretch that is located right under the Aurduri Bridge, thats why it is called Pantai Aurduri.

In addition the panorama before the sunset completes the package of this phenomenon, which attracts the visitor to witness it. The visitors vehicle is arranged by the youth in the area that provides parking space. People warns visitor to be careful since the receding of Batanghari River is very swift.

3. Pantai Pasir Putih

Pantai Pasir Putih

Pantai Pasir Putih is located in Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung Barat. This beach has become the thew tourist attraction of Tanjung Jabung Barat. Pantai Pasir Putih offers the charms that are not less interesting than the other beaches which has been mentioned before.

It is directly facing the South China Sea, making it the perfect place to relax while enjoying the afternoon until sunset. From its name “Pasir Putih” has a meaning white sand, so the beauty of white sand stretching is the main attraction for the locals and tourists.

This beach can heal the locals that misses the atmosphere of a beach since it is just like other white sand beaches in Indonesia.

4.Pantai Pasir Timbul

Pantai Pasir Timbul

This is one of the 8 Beaches in Jambi that has been viral lately for the locals, many people come just to take pictures at the beach. Benefits comes for the locals around the beach since visitors comes makes people opens little business such as opening a parking lot with a fee of Rp 2000 for each vehicles.

Even tough public facilities or main attraction is not available yet for this beach but people are enthusiast just to come and enjoy the sunset. Moreover the results of photograph that is taken will not disappoint you because of the orange scene that is emitted by the sun at dusk.

5.Pantai Penyengat

Pantai Penyengat

This is another accidental beach on our list of 8 Beaches in Jambi. Pantai Penyengat is located in Kelurahan Penyengat Rendah, Kecamatan Telanaipura again this beach is created because the low tide of Batanghari River.

The main reason locals comes to this beach is to see the sunset just like best places to enjoy sunset in Bandung . Moreover locals expect the government to complete the area with the suitable facilities. Pantai Penyengat has become a recreational place for the locals since it is a seasonal beach.

6.Pantai Pasir Panjang Kerinci

Pantai Pasir Panjang

Kerinci is one of the famous region in Jambi Province and there are many tourist attraction there, of course one of them is beaches. Pantai Pasir Panjang is located in Desa Tanjung Tanah, Kecamatan Danau Kerinci, the youth turns the lakeside into this beautiful beach just like other white sand beaches.

Since 2018 this beach has been visited everyday, not just locals but also tourists also crowded to visit. In time, the government will set up gazebo, place to relax and place to pray.

7.Pantai Indah Koto Petai

Pantai Indah Koto Petai

Pantai Indah Koto Petai is located on the lakeside of Danau Kerinci, it is usually called Pantai Indah Kopet. This beach is one of the favourite destination for the Kerinci locals, to be precise it is located on Desa Koto Petai, Kecamatan Danau Kerinci.

Even tough it is on the lakeside, it has white sand which is similar to the beach directly adjacent to the sea. Only with the white sand it can attract visitors despite the small area. There is an entrance fee, for adults is Rp. 5000 while for kids is Rp.3000.

8.Pulau Berhala

Pulau Berhala

The last on the list for 8 Beaches in Jambi is Pulau Berhala which can be known as one of the tourist attraction of Jambi Province. This island has white sand and large rocks along the beach. In addition, the clear blue water is decorated with beautiful corals under the surface of the water.

The beaches that are clean with its gorgeous surrounding makes this island famous. To enter the area of this island and beach are free of charge but you may need to spend some money to rent a boat to get to the island.

Overall, it seems like beaches has just become popular in Jambi. There are accidental beach to even the beach is found thanks to the local youths. The beaches in Jambi are not less intresting than beaches in west java.

The white sand beaches is the significant point for beaches in Jambi, just by the sand it can attract many locals and even tourists. In time there maybe more beautiful beaches that will be found in Jambi.

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