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9 Must Try Local Cuisines of Makassar

by Yoga Adi

Indonesia is a kind of country that you can expect to see a lot of diversity. Not only diverse in the culture or arts, but also the culinary.

Who doesn’t love the taste of the traditional Indonesian foods. Almost each region in Indonesia has their own special magical dish. They are uniquely flavor, and really resemble the general picture of an area.

No wonder why, there’s the tourists out there who came to Indonesia just for this aspect alone. One of the reasons why you should visit Sulawesi island is because of a city called Makassar, which is also known for its legendary and iconic dishes.

Be ready, because this journey would make your tummy rumble.

Local Cuisines of Makassar

1. Coto Makassar

Coto Makassar

This food is so popular that you can find it in a number of cities in Indonesia and not only in Makassar. Makassar Soto uses beef as its main ingredient which is also completed with beef innards.

The sauce consists of special spices with fried peanut grind. A portion of Coto Makassar with burasa or Ketupat, is added with tauco sauce, makes it even more delicious.

2. Konro


The nightlife in Makassar won’t be pleasing without tasting a dish that is so special, and also being an icon of Makassar.

Konro is a traditional food from Makassar made from beef meat or beef ribs. These ingredients are boiled using special spices such as tamarind water, cinnamon and other ingredients.

This konro can also be cooked inside soup with lots of spices. The color that is brownish is obtained from Kluwek, which has a pretty strong scent as well. This food has a delicious spicy taste, especially when accompanied by other side dishes.

3. Pallu Basa

Pallu Basa

This traditional cuisine also comes from buffalos’ or cattles’ innards. Pallu Basa with beef used to be eaten only by the royal family back in the old history, while the innards are for the peasants.

It is different now, since you can literally buy it in various places. If Coto Makassar is paired with Ketupat, Pallu Basa is more enjoyable to eat with warm white rice.

4. Cucuru Bayao

Cucuru Bayao

Other than buying all the attractive things to buy in Makassar, why don’t you spend some for trying a unique snack from Makassar.

This cake is one popular food in Makassar because it is always present at every event. The basic ingredients are actually really simple, just consist of eggs, milk, walnuts and sugar.

If you take a look closer, this cake is actually similar to a sponge cake that tastes sweet and savory. However, you can easily find it in various traditional markets if you are going to Makassar.

5. Buras


This one food is a traditional food that still exists today. This lontong-like culinary style is typical of the Bugis tribe. It is like being a mandatory food when Eid or eaten with Coto Makassar.

Rice is cooked using coconut milk to produce a savory taste. You can hunt for these hit foods at traditional markets or nearest food stalls.

6. Mie Titi

Mie Titi

Having instant noodles that taste the same over the years could be boring. That’s why, not only enjoying the things to do in Makassar, you can as well enjoy the traditional noodle from Makassar called Mie Titi.

Mie Titi or Titi Noodles are a bit different from others. It’s not similar to Spaghetti or any other noodles with the same texture. This processed noodle can not be missed just like that. It was and still very popular and becomes a food you must taste when you’re in Makassar.

Titi noodles are similar to stick noodles which are usually used as snacks but are thicker in size. It has crispy texture, and also combined with additional ingredients such as fish balls, chicken, shrimp and greens that make it even more solid.

7. Pisang Epe

Pisang Epe

Have you ever heard the name Pisang Goreng before? Pisang Epe is another form of Pisang Goreng, and a traditional side food from Makassar. Pisang Epe is one of those foods that are easy to cook. So easy that you can possibly create right in your home.

The making process of Pisang Epe is really simple. First. process the bananas until half-cooked and then processed by pressing them until flattened. Pisang / Banana Epe then added with brown sugar sauce with various tempting toppings.

You can even decorate yours with much creativity, as long as the taste is still there.

8. Es Pisang Ijo

Es Pisang Ijo

One thing that you need to do as one of those things to do in Sulawesi Indonesia is to try the original Es Pisang Ijo at its birth place. As a dessert, it’s really delicious and highly refreshing. From its name, the food uses a mix between the green color (Ijo) and the bananas.

The green colors are usually used from natural Pandan leaves, which taste and smell very nice. It then combined with additional flour to make it thickened. After the green dough is complete, it’s time to combine it with bananas. Just cover the bananas with green flour neatly.

Finally, it is served with thick coconut milk sauce and also delicious filling. Totally a good refresher during a hot sunny day.

9. Pallu Kaci

Pallu Kaci

Makassar cuisine is indeed contained with soup and a lot of spices. Pallu Kacci is a soup with stuffed fish or tuna fillings.

The sauce which is rich in spices will be more delicious to eat with rice crackers. You can find this food in various restaurants in Makassar with prices starting at Rp15.000,-.

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