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8 Top-Rated Mountains to Hike in Jambi With Stunning Views

by Annisa Qurani
Mount Sumbing

Geographically strategic, Indonesia is located at the crossover between world’s mountain ranges and oceans. That makes the archipelago has super wide range of natural attraction, from mountains to beaches and everything in between.

Many of the natural attractions are still yet to be discovered, leaving wonders to whom have enough interest and bravery to explore. Most of the natural wonders in Indonesia are now part of National Parks to protect its inhabitants.

There are overwhelming national parks in Sumatra. One of them is Kerinci Seblat National Park which covers 4 provinces in Sumatra, including Jambi. Among the regions in Indonesia, Jambi Province is one of the famous destinations for hikers since it has many mountains to hike in the western side of the province. Here is the list of 8 highest mountains to hike in Jambi which have beautiful and exotic view.

1. Mount Kerinci (3805masl)

Mount Kerinci is part of Barisan mountain ridge, together with other mountains and hills accross Sumatera. Its main attraction is no other than Mount Kerinci.

Mount Kerinci has been the highest mountain in Sumatera and the highest mountain in Indonesia outside Papua. You can also check other mountains in Indonesia for hiking.

The hiking path of Mount Kerinci is generally categorized as extreme. Only experienced hikers are allowed to go through certain paths. However, since it is a popular hiking destination, there are alternative paths which easier to follow for the less experienced ones. Beautiful scenery you will see along the hike is definitely worth the challenge. While you are at it, might as well see the wonderful things you can find in Kerinci Seblat National Park.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Mount Kerinci is the highest mountain in Sumatera (adventuretravel.co.id)

2. Mount Masurai (2933masl)

Mount Masurai is inactive volcano located in Merangin Regency in Jambi Province, six hours from the province’s capital. Many people consider Mount Masurai as the heaven for inactive volcano hikers.  

The claim comes from the nonexistence of leeches that are often found in tropical inactive volcanoes. Without the leech, the hikers can fully enjoy the calm and greeny vibe along the mountain path.

There are wonderful lakes in Jambi worth visiting. Mount Masurai itself has two lakes. The most popular lake is Kumbang Lake (2430 masl) which only 30 minutes from the main hiking path.

The lake is quite big with wide valley to set up tents. While the other, Mabuk Lake (2533masl) is visited less frequently since the distance is quite far from the main path.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Enjoying Mount Masurai from Pauh Lake (wisato.id)

3. Mount Tujuh (2732masl)

Most people only know Gunung Tujuh Lake as one of the highest lake in Southeast Asia. But, do you know that to go there you need to climb the steep slope of Mount Tujuh? It’s located right next to Mount Kerinci.

To reach the peak you only need about 3 hours, but with more difficult path. Tree roots close the path here and there so the hikers will have to frequently bend their knees to pass through. To climb Mount Tujuh, agility and stamina are indispensable.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Mount Tujuh and Gunung Tujuh Lake, the highest lake in Southeast Asia surrounded by 7 mountains (nativeindonesia.co.id)

4. Mount Raya (2543masl)

35 kilometers from Mount Kerinci there is Mount Raya. Mount Raya is not as famous as its neighboring mouintains, Mount Kerinci and Mount Tujuh. It has a bit of steep slope and several small valleys for the hikers to rest just like mountains in general. But the view will change once you get close to the peak.

On its feet, lies the world famous Kerinci Lake. Six hours climbing Mount Raya, you can see almost the whole of Kerinci Regency with its lakes and mountains. Looking straight down from the peak, Lake Kerinci will spoil your eyes with its extravagant view.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Mount Raya (liputan6.com)

5. Mount Sumbing (2507masl)

Located in Merangin Regency, Mount Sumbing is not far from Mount Masurai. In the valleys between the mountains, there are vast plantations of coffee and cassava as well as other highland commodities. Climbing Mount Sumbing, you will cross path with local farmers who bring their harvest back to their homes.

Mount Sumbing is an active volcano. .If you want to visit, it’s better  to check the situation through local government or hiking community beforehand.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Magnificent view of Mount Sumbing (travlrindonesia.com)

6. Mount Gedang Seblat (2400masl)

The location of Mount Gedang Seblat is on the borderline between Jambi and . It is a part of Kerinci Seblat National Park. The hikers who will climb Mount Gedang Seblat need to bring their own accommodations since the local government has not provided the destination with hiking facilities yet. However, you can borrow them from some local residents.

Mount Gedang
Mount Gedang is a part of Kerinci Seblat National Park, located right next to Bengkulu Province

7. Mount Patahtiga (2260masl)

Mount Patahtiga is also part of Kerinci Seblat National Park, but the location is a bit further from Mount Kerinci than Mount Tujuh. Since the national park is already in highland area, the peak of Mount Patahtiga actually doesn’t really high. From the peak you can enjoy the view of Kerinci Lake. If the weather is good, the peak of Mount Sumbing across the lake can also be seen.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Mount Patah Tiga

8. Gunung Kapur (2200masl)

As part of Mount Tujuh and other mountains which surround Gunung Tujuh Lake, Mount Kapur provides a hiking trail to the lake. 3 to 4 hours climbing and you can see the foggy yet magical view of Gunung Tujuh Lake. Rather than Mount Hulu Jujuhan and other surrounding mountains, Mount Kapur is easier to hike.

Mountains to Hike in Jambi
Mount Kapur, one of seven mountains surrounding Gunung Tujuh Lake

The western side of Sumatra hides many natural attraction inside its mountains and the long lanes of hills. Mount Kerinci and Masurai are the most visited mountains in Jambi.

In case you are not yet experienced with hiking, you should try to visit mountains in Indonesia to hike for beginners. Nevertheless, if you happen to visit one of the 8 highest mountains to hike in Jambi, you might as well consider to climb the surrounding mountains. New experiences and discoveries will be awaiting.

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