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Go to These 4 Waterfalls in Sentul, Bogor During Your Holiday

by Widiya
Waterfalls in Sentul

Waterfalls are miracles of nature that people have revered since ancient occasions. The sight, sound, and feel of waterfalls are what makes them so engaging us.  Also, check out waterfalls in Yogyakarta.

Some say that as a result of the negative particles delivered by a waterfall, you cannot resist the urge to feeling upbeat when you are close to one. The ‘science’ says that when the negative particles go into our circulation system, it expands the creation of serotonin, which is the happy substance. 

Regardless of whether you disagree with the ‘science’, you will unquestionably concur about the upbeat part. At the point when the sight and sound of waterfalls joined, you cannot resist the urge to put on a grin. 

Incidentally, in the event that you do not have the opportunity to search out waterfalls for your next vacation spot, we have done it for you. So, here are 4 waterfalls in Sentul, Bogor.

  1. Bidadari Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Sentul

Bidadari Waterfall has a stature of around 50 meters with a progression of water that is not excessively hefty. To get to the waterfall in short proximity, you just need to go down the steps and bridges that as of now exist. 

Under the waterfall, there is likewise a manmade pool that can be utilized as the area for the children swimming. The pool has a profundity of only 30 centimeters, making it extremely safe for children. 

Besides a little pool that is alright for children, there is also a bigger pool which is structured as an option for guests who want to play water. However, the pool is not safe for children since it has a profundity of about 1.5 meters. 

The two pools of water in the waterfall are so clear and fresh, with no synthetic defilement. Not just that, by the pool, there is white sand straightforwardly imported from the island of Belitung to make it resemble a fake seashore. Speaking of Belitung, here are the best beaches in Bangka Belitung.

  1. Long Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Sentul

The real length of the waterfall is only eight kilometers from the Megamendung’s entrance (from Bogor Peak interstate), yet feels a lot more than that since it goes through a little street in certain spots only a single vehicle can go through.

Long Waterfall whose name is utilized as the name of the area of the closest entryway is the most swarmed and least demanding tourist attraction to visit. 

As the name suggests, the shape is not by and large vertically like a common waterfall, but to frame along the slant that shifts around 20 meters with a fairly substantial flow of water. One of its primary attractions is a natural pool framed by the quick flow of Long Waterfall that is estimated to be in excess of five meters down. 

In the pool, there are cliffs as high as three to four meters regularly utilized by guests to jump dive, in spite of the fact that it is presently disallowed for safety purposes. You might want to know about diving spots in Sulawesi Islands.

  1. Leuwi Hejo Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Sentul

Leuwi in Sundanese implies lake while Hejo implies green. While the name of the actual stream is Cileungsi.

The water is clear and invigorating, creating numerous vacationers to not be able to promptly dive into the pool. Getting to the waterfall is not easy.

After the parking area, the tourists need to stroll for about 60 minutes. During the excursion, there is a view of the stone and green landscapes. 

The spot is frequently utilized by tourists to take pictures. You likewise need to pass the bamboo bridge to cross the waterway. 

The waterfall is not as large as other more amazing cascades in Indonesia, however, what makes it uncommon is a pool with dazzling, unblemished water at its base which is ideal for a reviving splash in the afternoon. This is an incredible spot to get your body wet while serving as a photo spot for your online media feed. 

The presence of obscure and tall trees likewise make the spot so alleviating and refreshing. Imagine staying in a lavish camp in the desert on a tropical island. 

Sounds dreamlike and energizing right? For you who like adventurous endeavors, then this spot is definitely the right option for you.

  1. Cibaliung Waterfall
Waterfalls in Sentul

Cibaliung Waterfall has relatively few guests, totally different from Leuwi Hejo Waterfall that is always loaded up with guests. However, the area of this waterfall is refreshing and clear. 

There is a stream that discharges its turquoise water and is more observable in the mid-year. Down the waterway, it is considered an uncommon advantage. 

Besides the lucidity of the water, the huge rocks around it could create an uproar in itself, causing the tourists to forget that they are not a long way from the city. It is fitting not to visit this spot during the blustery season, in light of the fact that the traveling zone becomes more and more dangerous during that season.

So, that is a list of waterfalls in Sentul, Bogor. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about things to do in Sentul and hangout places in Bogor.

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