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Visit These 4 Temples in Yogyakarta to Gain Cultural Knowledge

by Widiya

Visiting temples is quite possibly the most popular culture in our religion. In contrast to our past generations, who are very much aware of the advantages of visiting temples routinely, the current generation does not appear to think a lot about it. 

There are a large number of temples around the world in various sizes, shapes, and areas. Temple is where individuals typically go to pray to God.

Since it has a quiet environment, you can really figure out how to expand your power of focus. You can likewise sit and invest some energy alone and consider all the beneficial things that happened to you. 

This way you will not simply build focus power, but would likewise be thankful for yourself. In this article, we will talk about temples in Yogyakarta that you may want to visit during the holiday.

Each one of these is an interesting spot to spend time in. So, without further ado, let us get right into it.

A List of Temples in Yogyakarta

  1. Borobudur Temple 
Temples in Yogyakarta

Borobudur Temple is unarguably the eldest and well-known temple among the few dozen temples that spot the city of Yogyakarta. This temple is known and praised for its uncommon engineering and the numerous mysteries that encompass it. 

Explorers from across the globe head out significant distances to wonder about the enchantment that the temple is inseparable from. Borobudur Temple was found in the nineteenth century underneath a few layers of wilderness and volcanic debris. You might also want to know about the Kintamani Volcano Bali tour.

Peculiarly, no historical records about this temple were at any point recuperated. There are various exciting stories that local people tell about this temple. 

The most well-known among them is that the temple was worked by Gunadharma in the ninth century. Indeed, they claim that you can see the outline of the planner taking an everlasting break after years of work. 

One more intriguing myth encompassing the Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta is that the Singa Urung sculpture can separate unmarried couples that stroll by it. Fortunately, as per local people, the revile can be turned around on the off chance that you head down to Kunto Bimo. 

Do not forget to follow these etiquettes in Borobudur Temple while visiting.

  1. Mendut Temple 
Temples in Yogyakarta

Around three kilometers east of Borobudur Temple, is Candi Mendut, a ninth-century Buddhist temple (candi means temple in Indonesian). While not as forcing and far-reaching as Borobudur Temple, Mendut Temple has a casual atmosphere and houses a perfect and amazing three-meter-high sculpture of Vairocana Buddha (a significant buddha from the Mahayana ‘Great Vehicle’ mix of Buddhism). 

The sculpture is bizarre on the grounds that, in this occurrence, Buddha is plunking down western-style as opposed to in his typical lotus position. Following a straight line, Mendut Temple sits straightforwardly east of Borobudur with Pawan Temple in the middle. 

It is said that at one time, there was a paved road flanked by dividers leading to the consecrated sites. 

  1. Prambanan Temple 
Temples in Yogyakarta

A grand temple in the real sense, Prambanan Temple is a dazzling sight. It is viewed as the biggest Hindu Temple in Indonesia. 

Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta is devoted to the Trimurti. Directly in the center of the temple complex is a huge temple committed to Lord Shiva. 

The design stands 47 meters high and is encircled by not one, not two but rather 999 individual temples. The border of the Shiva Temple is complicatedly embellished with reliefs that show the epic Ramayana. 

Toward the North lies the Vishnu Temple and toward the South of the Shiva Temple is the Brahma Temple. While present-day engineers guarantee that a particularly wonderful and complex site would require long stretches of preparation and development, legends say else.

One of the most intriguing PrambananTemple’s facts is that the temple was worked around 850 CE. Also, check out things to do in Prambanan.

  1. Plaosan Temple
Temples in Yogyakarta

Worked around a similar time as the renowned Prambanan Temple, the Plaosan complex is situated in Bugisan town simply a kilometer northwest of Prambanan. The complex contains two spectacular Buddhist temples, the North and South Plaosan Temples. 

The complex involves an astounding 2,000 square meters and sits around 150 meters above sea level. You will be welcomed by fantastic views on the rice fields that encompass the sanctuary. 

In contrast to different temples, the Plaosan complex gloats of two sorts of design. The temple is a wonderful mix of Buddhist and Hindu culture that is obvious from the design and state of the temple. 

The highest point of the temple is common for Hindu worship places while the base of the temple is common in Buddhist construction.

So, that is a list of temples in Yogyakarta. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about attire for Borobudur Temple and things to do in Balinese temples.

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