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5 Best Things to Do Near Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

by Ivonne Puspakencana
things to do near malioboro

Visiting Yogyakarta is not complete without visiting Malioboro Street. Malioboro is a famous street located in the center of Yogyakarta. It even becomes the icon of the city and the most favorite spot for tourists.

You can do a lot of things here, starting from shopping, tasting the local culinary and just even strolling around. Read these things to do in Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and put them on your list too!

Malioboro was originated from Sansekerta language (ancient language in Java) which means garland. It was named so as Malioboro used to be the place to buy and sell garland for Yogyakarta Palace. Both in the past and today, Malioboro has been one of the shopping centers in Yogyakarta. 

Make sure to consider these Yogyakarta shopping streets too! There’re many things you can buy in Malioboro, such as batik, souvenir and local food. If you plan to visit Yogyakarta, you can spend your holiday by doing these 5 best things to do in Malioboro, Yogyakarta.

  • Shopping
things to Do Near Malioboro Street
Shopping along Malioboro Street

As stated before, there are many things you can do in Malioboro, one of which is shopping. There are many stalls and vendors in Malioboro. You can surely visit any of them as they sell cheap items. You can simply find a lot of items in Malioboro, starting from accessories, T-shirt, and some local crafts.

If you’re looking for souvenirs from Yogyakarta, you can choose the wide choices of batik, from the cheap one to the most expensive one. If you love batik, then you can read places to buy Batik and find your favorite there.

  • Riding traditional transportation
things to Do Near Malioboro Street
Cheap yet fun trip with pedicab and rickshaw

Not only shopping, you can also stroll around Malioboro Street by riding traditional transportation. There are two types of traditional transportation that still exist in Maliboro: pedicab (becak) and rickshaw (andong or delman). These two types of transportation can be easily found here.

The driver will offer you to visit certain places, such as Bakpia stall or factories, batik boutique, chocolate factory, factory outlet, Taman Sari, Keraton and many other interesting places. While spending your holiday in Yogyakarta, consider things to buy in Yogyakarta Night Market.

Rickshaw and pedicab are different as a rickshaw is withdrawn by a horse. Regarding to the price, it depends on the distance travelled. A rickshaw can carry 4 people, while a pedicab is only able to carry 2 people. So, if you bring more family members, it is suggested to take a rickshaw instead.

  • Having a culinary trip
things to Do Near Malioboro Street
Local food stalls in Malioboro Street

Local food is always interesting to try and taste, so does the local food of Yogyakarta. When you visit Malioboro, you will be served with a wide variety of local food, from snacks, food and drink.

There are some types of food you must try, such as gudeg, soto, fried rice, Javanese salad (gado-gado), bakpia and pecel. Find them along the street and taste the food while enjoying the lively surrounding of the street.

Don’t forget to taste these must Try Local Foods in Yogyakarta too! They are cheap but delicious!

  • Spend nightlife in Malioboro
things to Do Near Malioboro Street
Nightlife in Malioboro

The nightlife of Malioboro is not identical with clubs or pubs, but it is mainly spent on the street. You can just simply stroll around the street and you will find there are buskers playing music. The cold weather makes this place perfect to hang out with friends. You can also enjoy the food and drink while enjoying the nightlife.

  • Visit Angkringan
things to Do Near Malioboro Street
Angkringan Wijilan, one of the famous Angkringan in Malioboro

What is angkringan? Angkringan is simply defined as a traditional food stall or vendor selling certain types of food, such as nasi kucing (a wrapped small portion of rice), satay, snacks, and drinks. Angkringan nowadays has become modern as there are some modern snacks and side dishes served too.

Why is angkringan so popular? It is because it serves you great food without paying a lot of money. The price is cheap, meanwhile you can have a full tummy after eating there. In angkringan, there won’t be any chairs and tables.

There are only carpets where the customers can enjoy the food and drink on the floor while having a fun conversation with one another.

There are some popular angkringan spots in Malioboro, such as Angkringan Lek Man, Angkringan Wijilan and Angkringan KR. When you visit Malioboro, don’t forget to try any of these angkringan spots. You will not regret it for sure!

Visiting Yogyakarta always makes you feel longing to this place. So, have you chosen the best activities you can do in Malioboro?

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