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20 Good and Bad Things About Bali Island Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Every thing in this world has its own good and bad things. Including the tourism aspect, which is also has those things. For example, today we want to talk about the good and bad things inside the Bali island.

Bali is indeed a very beautiful place with its things to do in Bali with 6 year old kid, always recommended by its tourists every day. Of course, the fact is undeniable, because it’s true. There are several good places in here, like things to do in Abang Bali that look very beautiful. But in the other hand, Bali has something that considered as bad things, that maybe the tourists already experience. And we collect them into this article of good and bad things about Bali. Check them below :

1. The Balinese people are very humble

The good thing about Indonesian people is, they very humble. Not for the local people only or neighbors, but also foreign tourists. In Japan, they had this kind of social experiment for the people of Bali. They did a prank to annoy them. And  the result is quite shocking, all of the Balinese people ended up smiling to the prankster, not even mad.

That in reality, is of course happening. They will treat you as the tourists, by looking a how you treat them. If you respect them, thew will course give you back some respect. And if you treat them so bad by doing whatever you want with ignoring all the restrictions and showing bad attitude, they can judge you for what you have done.

2. Bali is very full of culture

Aside from the title of Island with thousand beautiful attractions, the Bali is also having a title of the island with so many culture. Every day life, the people even doing their culture based activity like serving offerings or visiting temple like things to do in Balinese temples.

Beside that, the Balinese people are always respect their own culture, by showing so many kind of arts that reflected through the dances,masks, and other cultural activities. The tourists can also enter their show sometimes, which is a good thing.

3. There are a lot of attractions in here

As the information above said, Bali island is an island that has a lot of choices of attraction. The tourists are coming here for those natural attractions. There are several places that can be used as options like Sanur or Pandawa Beach in things to do in abiansemal.

Beside the beaches, Bali also has something else to show to you, the other man made attractions. Even though the places are of course not natural made, they will show you something that is really different from other places. One example like the Garuda Wishnu Kencana that will blow you away with its high stature and wonderful looks.

4. Bali has the most beautiful natural view

Almost all the tourists are also coming to Bali to feel those nice quiet and calm experience provided by the nature itself. The things like the clean small rivers, the view of green rice fields in things to do in Jatiluwih, and the view of great mountains can only be enjoyed by actually visit the,

To provide a new thing to the tourists, some Balinese people built this tour with bycicle, atv, or maybe a horse to just exploring the area around. Tourists really love this kind of thing, proven by how antusiast they are when being taken to the new green area that they never seen  before. And they are always lining up to fil the seats, really want to try that experience.

5. Considered as an affordable vacation place

Many people come to Bali with different purpose. Enjoying surfing in the famous spots, hunting the wonderful dive spots, or maybe looking for an affordable places to visit. Indeed, Bali is one of them, providing the tourists with so much beautiful attractions with cheap price possible.

That’s why, tourists start to go for Bali island, and sometimes will  come back in later days because of the experience they miss. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that make Bali so famous in the world, and mentioned or used in certain Box Office movies.

6. Shopping heaven !

Bali is also heaven for shopping. Why? Because beside having much options of place to go for hunting, the tourists in here can alway get a very affordable price. Crazy even. Added with expert bargain skill, one can get a discount up to 75% on market.

They are several places that the tourist can go for shopping. Of them all, there are some recommended ones, the Sukowati Market, and also the Tanah Lot, which serving you with shops too and one exclusive temple to look. 

7. Bali has so many wonderful waterfalls

Like mentioned on the information above, the natural things in Bali are worth seeing. Even though there are many recommended places to see like the rice field in Jatiluwih,  which is so awesome, there are also some things that you can’t miss, the waterfalls.

For the waterfalls, Bali has many beautiful spots of them like Gigit Waterfall in Gitgit waterfall Bali Indonesia and Munduk Waterfall. All of them have their own unique specialties, but all of the waterfalls in Bali are recommended, because the are always in their natural condition.

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Because we divide good and bad things about Bali into eight things each, to complete the list we provide the other information about the good thing left and the bad things that consist of eighth things that can annoy the tourist in Bali.

  1. Most beaches in Bali are practically good for surfing
  2. And for the bad things, they are : Some of the beaches are dirty
  3. There are so many unlicensed guide
  4. And the trash, they’re everywhere
  5. The traffic is annoying sometimes
  6. Also so many fraud money changer
  7. Many hoax about terorist
  8. The crushing between the foreign tourists culture and Balinese culture sometimes can make troubles
  9. There are big improvement in certain famous attractions on Bali

So that’s our article about good and bad things about Bali. Yes, every place has its own good and bad aspects. One place cannot be perfect all over, there must be one or more “mistakes” that can be found within.

The important thing is, that we can enjoy our time when visiting that particular places. Because it’s really matter,and an ultimate goal for tourist. Enjoying and creating those beautiful moments when visiting some where is the great thing ever, thanks to that we could throw away the bad things around and forget them.

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