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16 Things to Be Careful of in Bali That You Should Know

by Yoga Adi

When travelling to this one point of Indonesia, Bali island, many people are of course be happy with the decision they made. Vacationing in Bali is always be the best thing ever like the facts you can find in good and bad things about Bali. For some people, almost all experience in Bali are enjoyable. But, for the unfortunate tourists, they had some troubles when visiting Bali.

So, we here to help you out to prevent those unfortunate events, in order for you to enjoy your holiday without worry or experiencing bad things with the additional we want to add to tips for travelling in Indonesia. We provide some information about the tips for you when travelling in Bali inside this article of things to be careful of in Bali:

1. To prevent Skimming, you can do these actions : Be careful when putting your PIN on ATM

One thing that really scares the people, the local and foregin tourists especially, is Skimming. For you who don’t know what Skimming is, it’s basically a process to steal your data through several ways to be able to take your money from your balance.

And it considered as criminal activity. The tourists should know about this, because there are some tragedies of skimming in Bali island. First thing first, you should be careful when input in your PIN number. Make sure that no one is around you, or can take a look at your number.

2. Avoid using the ATMs in the quiet or non bright area

There are some important things to be careful of in Bali. This one is really important. As a tourist, you should prepare some money in the first place, with that you can have your vacation without worry. Once you need money, you can go to the ATM where there are people around.

You should not go for the ATM that located lonely in a specific location with quietness and non bright area. The worst scenarios are you getting robbed, and you stuck in a skimming process because your card will be “eaten” by the ATM, that modified with a Skimmer at the card slot.

3. Checking your balance more often

Also, make sure that you checking your balance in your account more often, to detect wheter there’s a decrease in your balance or not. The checking it also important to prevent more and more decreasing if you haven’t detect it before.

When you found that your balance is curently decreasing without your permission, then you can consult to your bank about it. If you have like International Bank, you should contact them immediately before it’s too late.

4. And for the tourists, here’s some information you should know : Be careful of the monkeys

As for the tips, for the general tourist, beside the skimming prevention tips, we also want to tell you about what are the other things that you should look. First, if you want to travel to some forest with monkeys in it, then you should see this tip.

Always be careful of the monkeys. You can do some prevention, like not having the plastic bag, because the monkeys will think that the plastic bag containing their foods. And also, be careful if you bring kids in here, the monkeys claw can be harmful.

5. Use your Google Maps correctly when driving around Bali

In these days, Goolgle Maps is becoming a friend for so many people, including the tourists in Bali. Of course some of them are not familiar with the areas, that’s why they use it. But sometimes, Google Maps just can be a troll for unfortunate people.

Then in this case, for the prevention of going nowhere close to your destination, you should not 100 percent-ly follow the directions provided by Google Maps. If the directions are relevant with the area around you, then it’s okay.

6. Careful when visiting Devil’s Tears

There’s one destination in Bali called Devil’s Tears, a place that sis famous for its rocky land and the big and gigantic waves. People in here are usually want to just seeing the view, and the other risky activity, feeling the blow of the waves.

The waves here can reach the land. And by that condition, the people can challenge themself by standing still while the waves hit their body. This can be dangerous because you’re basically standing on rocks. So when you fall, there’s high risk you’re getting hurt by those rocks.

7. Always bring your belongings with you

And also most important things, just like tips for travelling to Bandung and basically everywhere, is always to look for your belongings. The things like wallet, phone, or maybe laptop is the one you should bring if you visit other areas beside your hotel.

Do the check first like in Indonesia packing checklist for woman traveler, before actually going out, and always check your most valuables with you. Because the villas and hotels are not one hundred percent safe from everybody. So, the small things like wallet, or phone is the best to be carried out.

Thus, please note those important things to be careful of in Bali Indonesia, so you will have a perfect holiday!

Travelling Tips to Bali

And for the tourists in General, we won’t forget to tell you about some other tips when travelling in Bali. We hope that you can remember all those things to be careful in Bali and always watch out for them. So, here they are some other tips to remember:

  1. Make sure that the place is clean and reputable when you’re going in for a tatoo
  2. Choose the strategic location for your villa, at least make sure that it’s accesable
  3. Don’t walk alone at night, especially for ladies, for the additional info you can look at is Bali safe for single females
  4. You can buy some petrol for you vehicle at some pertol store on the road side
  5. Always check your passport
  6. Wear thin clothes, because it’s really hot in there
  7. Respect the culture and the people
  8. Don’t be shy to bargain
  9. Rent a motorcycle to decrease travelling cost

So that’s our things to be careful in Bali. Although we already told you some helpful information, you still need to be careful out there, because unfortunate things can always be happen to everybody. This is only ways to prevent them, not avoid them completely.

And because of that, we suggested that as a tourist, you should look about some references first about the place you want to go. From there, you can learn one or two things you should avoid when arriving in there.

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