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The Best Bowling Alleys in North Jakarta that You Must Visit

by Vaniahyn

Jakarta is really never deserted from the crowd. In addition, Jakarta is a city that offers so many attractions that appeal to all people who come. We can find any attractions  in this city, like many things to do in Glodok Jakarta Indonesia.

However, Jakarta also never stop to relaxing our eyes with tourist sites about shopping and sport. Like horse riding area in Jakarta that so much found. But, in this time we will explore about the location also become attraction and sport area.

North Jakarta area is so popular with any attractions like things to do in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. However, now we will start to talk about the best bowling alleys in North Jakarta. For anyone who like this sport, this information will be interesting. Some bowling alleys below.

  1. Jaya Ancol Bowling Center.

Jaya Ancol Bowling CenterThis bowling alley in North Jakarta is Jaya Ancol Bowling Center. This place is a legendary bowling alley in Jakarta district.

Maybe , not much people know about Jaya Ancol Bowling Center is  the first bowling alley and biggest in Indonesia. Moreover, this spot become practice area for National bowling athletes. So, no wonder if this Bowling Center become quite popular and be the best bowling alleys in North Jakarta. If you come to this place, you will presented by a good facilities and fully.


Understandably, the better the facilities of the spot then, the better the result of the practice are obtained. Moreover, with the good facilities, then  the visitors who come and play will comfort.

Besides become a practice center for national athletes, Jaya Ancol Bowling also made for bowling competition. Bowling competition that held in Jaya Ancol Bowling Center is not National only but an International competition. Many competition held by ABF ( Asian Bowling Federation ) and WTBA which are world bowling federation. Jaya Ancol for the first time organize the ABF championship in 2004.

The facilities on the location can be said very complete. If we come to this place, we will greeted by 40 lanes bowling that are ready to explored for our happiness. Of course, with that much lane can make the visitors feel free for pick and don’t have to feel afraid that can’t get the lane.

If we want to play the bowling, we have to use a bowling shoes, this place also serves a bowling shoes that we can rent. In addition, every facilities in this place are complete and well maintained. Jaya Ancol Bowling Center is in PT Jaya Ancol Bowling Indonesia Ltd, Lodan Timur street, Ancol. The location of Jaya Ancol Bowling Center is not far from the main door of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. If you want to play around there, you have to pay Rp. 45,000 for one game . Jaya Ancol Bowling Center is an interesting place, of course.

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  1. Artha Gading Bowling Center

One more,  the bowling alley in North Jakarta that you must visit. The location is in Artha Gading mall that so much popular. If you come to the mall, you should took yourself to go to bowling alley at 6th floor.


Artha Gading Bowling CenterArtha Gading Bowling Center is the name of that place. Here, we will served with 30 lanes bowling that of course unfortunate if it is passed. Furthermore, the location is very interesting to become attractions for kids in Jakarta. It is because the place didn’t restrict the age for come and play.

If we come there then we can see many people come and playing around. Artha Gading Mall commonly become a place for spend the time. Moreover, if we spend the time with play and do a sport competition bowling with the family, relatives, and friends will so much fun.

For they who come to this location usually are they who come for shopping or play a bowling game. Sometimes this location also held any bowling competition event that everyone can join even they are a beginner or a professional in this game.

The thing that make Artha Gading Bowling Center is quite popular place. If you come here, then you will see that so much facilities served. In addition, every facilities are well maintained in this location. The facilities that maintained will help the visitor to play quitetly and keep safe. The comfort of the visitors are observed by Artha Gading Bowling Center. 

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This we can see some quality and the existence of bowling ball. This place provide a variety of a bowling ball. We can pick them from the lighter to more weight. For beginner the existence of  lighter ball will helpful for practicing. Moreover, this location also provides the bowling shoes rental that we can use to. This bowling spot also provides a playing attractions. That is a billiard game. For those who feel hungry and tired after play a bowling game, can visit the café which is in Artha Gading Bowling Center.

To be able to play in Artha Gading Bowling Center, we will charged. Fee charged at this location are vary. It is because the time of arrived. But, generally the fee charged of bowling game is Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 35,000, approximately. If we will rent a shoe, then we will charged about Rp. 10,000. The address of Artha Gading Bowling Center is in South Artha Gading street no. 1 Artha Gading Mall 6th floor, RT.18/RW.8, Klp Gading Bar., Klp. Gading, North Jakarta city, DKI Jakarta, 14240.

So, there are the information about The Best Bowling Alleys in North Jakarta that we can visit. Come to that places, of course that can give the experience for us. Hopefully this information is useful.

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