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Things to Do in Bidadari Island – All The Beauty You Need to Know

by Tanti Karina
Things to Do in Bidadari Island - All The Beauty You Need to Know

Feeling trapped in bored work activity? Why not having a nice getaway near the city? Pulau Bidadari may worth a try. Here we will show you the reasons.

Pulau Bidadari at A Glance

Pulau Bidadari is part of Jakarta territory in Seribu Island District Jakarta. In the past people called it Pulau Pumered or Pulau Sakit or Sick Island, cause Dutch colonial built a hospital to took care of the lepers. Since Dutch colonial left Indonesia, this island has been abandoned.

To give more luck and positive vibe, the government change its name into current name, Pulau Bidadari or Angel Island. Also, according to Pulau Bidadari, it was only limited people such as the royal blood that could visit it. In  early 1970 government rebuilt this island into a beautiful resort, and open for public.

How to get there

Only need about 30 minutes to reach Pulau Bidadari from Marina Beach Pier 17 by speedboat or ferry. KM Kerapu, is a famous ferry used by most visitors to and from the island. There is another smaller speedboats that can carry up to 25 tourists, and traditional boat with 100 visitors capacity.

Because the distance is nearby Jakarta, at least there are two up to three boat departure from Pantai Marina Ancol and other islands. The most hectic day is Saturday. Here’s more to go to see all beautiful Things to Do in Ayer Island Jakarta Indonesia

Along the way to unique Pulau Bidadari, visitors can enjoy sightseeing of other islands around, such as Pulau Kahyangan, Pulau Onrust, and Pulau Kelor. There are many Dutch old buildings like for fort or old port.

Departure schedule (From Marina port to Pulau Bidadari)

  • 00 am – 03.00 pm (Monday – Friday)
  • 00 am, 10.00 am, 12.00 am, 03.00 (Saturday-Sunday)

Returning schedule (From Pulau Bidadari to Marina port)

  • 30 pm (Monday – Friday)
  • 00 pm and 04.00 pm (Saturday – Sunday)

Price : 32.000 IDR/person. You can go from Marina Beach Pier 17.

Stay in Pulau Bidadari

Things to Do in Bidadari Island – There are about 49 cottages over the ocean and on the land. It consist of 3 room types, deluxe cottages, family cottages, and single cottages. The floating cottages offer you comfy lodging with stunning view of the ocean. It is an ideal spot for honeymoon, because you will find nothing but romantic atmosphere.

Every cottage is completely equipped with bathroom, television, telephone, minibar, and internet access. Other facilities like karaoke hall, billiard, basketball and volleyball, souvenir shop  are also available. For those who like outdoor activities can enjoy jetski, banana boat, sightseeing boats, canoe, and fishing by the sea. Here’s more about Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone?

Exciting things in Bidadari Ialand

Pulau Bidadari resort offers you exciting experience like no other places.  Swimming with the Dolphins. It costs 150.000 IDR for 15 minutes.

In this stunning island you can visit historical sites from Dutch colonial era, and so much more

1. Swimming with the dolphins

It costs 150.000 IDR/person for 15 minutes. Some visitors use it as a treatment for children with autism.

2. Martello fort

This main feature of Bidadari Island is an important building in the 17th century in the Dutch colonial era. It built to protect the island for enemies shipyard. About 23 metres of diameters, the fort is surrounded by windows and. As historic relics, this fort has been attractive to many tourists.

In 1883, Krakatoa eruption had destructed almost top of the buildings and now you will see a panorama of destruction that still reflects the gloriousness.

2. Tanduk Tujuh Belas Statue

It is a unique statue with half deer body and fish in the lower part. As its name, it has 17 horns.

3. Various unique rare plants

Approximately there are 60% rare plants in this island, some of them are protected.  Mention  tree of peace (Baringtonia exelsa), Pempis acidula, ebony, and willows. Also several orchard fruit whuch are colorful in its season. Here’s more to go to see The Best Rooftop Bars and Sky Lounges in Jakarta

4. Romantic tropical sunsets

Pulau Bidadari has numerous ideal spots to enjoy sunset. With a breathtaking view it is well known for several pre-wedding photoshoots.

5. Perfect time to tan your skin

It is perfect place to refresh while get you skin tanned at the same time. Bring your favorite book and relax in the lazy chairs enjoying sun.

6. Culinary

We suggest a culinary tour while you visit here. It has exquisite seafood restaurant where all the seafood is directly served by local fishermen. Some delicious menu you can try are blue swimmer crab, soup, baby stingray. Here’s more The Rooftop Bars in Jakarta with Stunning View and Cheap Drink : Fancy Yet Affordable

After all, Bidadari Island is a stunning island with various relaxing activities. From the beach views, clear beach, fresh breezing wind,  marvelous sunset, historical fort, and enjoyable cottage will make your holiday a memorable moment! That’s all about the things to do in Bidadari Island Indonesia.

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