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Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone? – Things You Should Know

by Yoga Adi
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Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone? - Things You Should Know

Again, the question still remains, besides the question, are Indonesian street not safe?. We all know that Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It’s central for business, entertainment, and all the things you could’ve imagine.  All kinds of people you can meet there. Bad or good, you all can decide. Anything could happen as well, especially if you’re still new to the city.

Just like any other capital city around the globe, many people want to go there in order to bring fortune to their life, either they’ll succeed or not, no one can decide. The worst possible scenario when they don’t succeed is they’ll turn into ill-willing citizens. That’s why the crime rate in Jakarta city can be higher than any other city, even though it has some things beautiful like rooftop bars in Jakarta with stunning view and cheap drinks. It can be really dangerous during the night. And in this article to answer “Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone?”, we’ll tell you why.

Criminals in Jakarta, Begals (Robbers)

Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone? - Things You Should Know

Let’s talk about the city first, before actually answering “Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone ?” Jakarta can look so lively and fancy at the same time during the normal hours, like starting from the morning to the evening when you can see all the glimmering lights from the malls, restaurants, and the other places. Not many people can afford to go to such places. Thus, making the economic gap between the poor or unfortunate and the rich.

If they want to change their fate into a better one by learning and working, they can truly be good citizens. But if not, they would possibly go for criminal things like robbery, stealing, or worst case, murder. During the night, Jakarta city can be really dangerous because of the existence of those criminals.

Usually, the most common ones are the Begals, or robbers riding motorcycles. They are some kind of gang, usually, hunt down people in order to rob their belonging. Most of them are using weapons as well, making them really deadly. Even though the Police Department has a special unit to deal with them, the existence of small groups of Begal still haunting the people.

It’s highly advised that if it’s not that important, make sure to walk or travel around Jakarta city at any time besides the night crime time. You should avoid traveling anywhere starting from 9 pm to 5 am in the morning. Those are the times where the crime rate is increasing, with the Begals, alongside with the illegal street racings happen at the same time.

The question of “Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone?” has a clear answer. Traveling around the city at night can be dangerous, not only in Jakarta. Just like in the article discussing, is it safe for Filipino to travel to Indonesia alone So the answer is no, it’s highly not safe when you travel at night, especially when alone. But you can always minimize the risks by doing the tips below.


Aside from the question is it safe to travel to Indonesia if I can only speak English, these are some few best tips for you.

1. Never trust anyone completely

Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone? Probably yes, if you apply these tips. The first one is to no trust anyone completely. Only tell that you’re going out during the night to the ones closed to you, like husband, wife, parents, and best friends. The information of you’re going out may be used to something bad. Especially to someone new to you, which can be trusted completely.

2. Avoid dark spots

During the nights, most shops are having their lamps on, except in the alleys or small roads. If the lights are not bright enough, make sure to choose the other way. The dark corners usually used as gathering spots for Begals or the other criminals. They usually use those spots in order to avoid the Night Patrols.

3. Don’t use shortcuts

Usually, shortcuts are efficient, but not during the night. Shortcuts are usually less quiet than usual roads. Few people are using it, means that when you’re in danger, you are all alone. During the day, using the shortcuts are okay. But when the night comes, put the shortcuts way from your mind.

4. Know where you go

Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone? Probably yes if you know where to go. The confusion usually used by bad and unresponsible persons to trick somebody. If you’re still new to Jakarta, make sure to explore the city during the day, so you’ll where you should go or the way you should take when going home at night. Wandering around aimlessly during the night leads to no good.

5. Make sure you’re not followed

In the worst case, you can be followed by anyone. Robbers, stealers, or any other crime that targets you. That’s the importance to check your back, make sure you’re not followed, especially if they’re following you quietly. If they’re your friends, they would shout your name, right?

6. Know what you should do when anything bad happens

If anything goes worst, at least you should know what to do in such a position. We know that it seems to be impossible to think in a desperate condition. But without panicking, one could think straight and get out of that situation as safe and fast as possible.

7. Go through crowded areas

If you can, go through the areas where usually there are people. With some people around you, the criminals would think twice to harm you. Make sure you also get along with those people as well or at least know who they are.

8. Make sure you’re prepared

When going it, it’s important to be prepared, both for the safety and your health. Always wear a thick jacket, and shoes (not high heels). Masker would also be a good idea. You should avoid using a headset as well because it can be harder to detect any suspicious sound around you. The as additional, you can also bring some weapons as well, the legal ones as your protector.

Legal “Weapons” You Can Carry

Again, “Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone?”, if you prefer to bring these, it may be yes, as long as you know how to use them.

1. Pepper Spray

Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone? - Things You Should Know

The classic pepper spray is always effective to bring down anyone who wants to harm you. Facing the pepper spray in the correct position, and let it works for you. When inflicted to somebody, it will cause burns to some vital organs, like nose, mouth, and lungs. The burning effect can last for 15 minutes to half an hour if you sprayed too much. The price of a bottle of pepper spray is also affordable.

2. Taser

Is It Safe to Walk Around Jakarta at Night Alone? - Things You Should Know

Not a common one to use, but highly effective to bring down somebody. Taser usually comes with two forms, one in pistol-like form. Usually, people usually bring the first one because it’s simpler and easy to carry. The electricity from the taser can paralyze everyone contacted with it. It may cause seizures as well so you have more time to escape.

So that’s the article to answer “Is it safe to walk around Jakarta at night alone?” and another question like is Indonesia safe for American tourists. The answer is still the same, Yes and No. Without any preparation or knowledge, yes it can be a dangerous thing. But with some information, preparations, and expectations, it’s yes.

Additional Tips by Kim Komando

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