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Are Indonesian Street Not Safe? What Are Some Tips to Prevent Theft, or Any Other Kind of Negative Things on The Street?

by Tanti Karina
Are Indonesian street not safe? What are some tips to prevent theft, or any other kind of negative things on the street?

Safety is an important thing to consider whenever we live, or stay in. When we feel safe, chance to stay longer is bigger than when we live in a safe-less place.

Generally, Indonesia is a warm and safe place to go to. In big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali the road usually still crowded since they have night life. But in terms of crime like pickpocket, you better be more aware.

Which one is safer, carrying some cash or credit card? What should I do to avoid being stolen? You may ponder these kind of questions when you are about to go on travelling. Before you go, prepare yourself with some of these steps to avoid loss cause by theft.

Try to avoid empty streets as much as possible.

Before you take a path to go some places, it is better to choose crowded street. Even though not all cities in Indonesia is as danger as we may think, precaution is far better. You can use Google maps to find out where the bigger streets are.

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Do not wear to much accessories.

Too much jewelries especially if it obvious expensive, may attract a bad intention. So, keep it simple, and only wear accessories you need, like watch, and hat.

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Take travel insurance for valuable stuff

Perhaps you have never used this kind of insurance before, but if you brings some valuable stuff, it is advisable to protect them by taking travel insurance. It gives a protection from certain financial risk and losses that may happen while travelling. From medical emergency to replacement of your lost passport.

If you have exquisite yet expensive stuff (smartphone, camera, etc) you better consider included it in your travel insurance. Keep an image of your the picture of them in case you need for a claim. While you travel, have a backup of your digital photos regularly.

In most cases, travel insurance will reimburse for your covered fund losses after you apply a claim and it is approved. Many insurance provider even offer claim online system that can be accessed to smartphone, make it easier for their clients.

Make a copy of important documents.

Missing Passports, ID, train pass, medical prescriptions, visa, credit card, all your important paperwork may cause a big trouble in your trip. For backup, you can leave the copy with your travel partner. So, just make sure you have duplicated them, just in case.

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Use a safety sport bag.

A bag with full of zippers and hidden compartment is a good idea to keep your things safe. Keep in physical contact with your bags when you ride mass transportation. Many tourists are more inadvertently lose their bag instead to have stolen. Always take a look behind leaving any place. Leave your wallet in front of your trousers, and hang your bag in front of your chest.

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Survey the safety of hotel before you make a booking

Beside accessible, another paramount thing to consider is the safety of the hotel. Do some search on the internet and reviews of the hotel, make sure the hotel is reliable. Before make a booking, you can contact the hotel and ask the host  about the hotel conditions, street condition, and how to reach there. Especially if you stay at open-concept villas.

Bring a flashlight whenever you go.

You can not always rely on your torch light in your phone. So, in case something bad happen or you lost in the middle of dark street, it’s better take the real one.

For the women travelers, do not walk alone at night.

Unless there is something urgent that make you have to go out, it is way safer to stay at the hotel at night. Although crowded and hectic, big city has their negative side too. If you have to take a ride after having a party, make sure the motor-driver is not dodgy. As alternative, you can order via online driving app like Go-Jek or Grab, which are safer because you can see drivers’ identity. There you go: Instagram Worthy Café in Bandung 

If any sexual harassment occurred, you can call police station Polda Bali at+62 361 227711. Special police force are available to tourism as PAM OBVIT Bali, they take prominence attention to the foreign tourists as well.

Buy a travel safe as additional layer of secure and bring it in your trip.

If your cash or belonging are stolen, make an official report to POLDA BALI.

So, if you worried about safety street in Indonesia? You shouldn’t. Take of these precautions, stay alert, and enjoy your trip.

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