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Is It Safe for Filipino to Travel to Indonesia Alone? Guide and Information

by Tanti Karina
Is It Safe for Filipino to Travel to Indonesia Alone

Spending holiday in relaxing trip must be everyone’s dream. But due to high travel cost, people may reconsider this plan. Fortunately, Asia especially Indonesia is a way cheaper compared than another countries in Asia or Europe.

How to Get There

Most of tourists destination is Bali, which has distance about 2.491 km from Phillipines.

Approximately, it will take 5 hours to get from Bali to Phillipines, transit included.

For another way, you can use boat or ferry from General Santos in Mindanao to Sangihe.

If you are Filipino and wondering is it safe to travel to Indonesia, this article may be helpful for you.

  • Indonesia is a multicultural country. Been living in diversity, the people are  respect and tolerate each other. As foreigners, you will feel welcomed and appreciated.
  • Indonesia is not a xenophobia country, otherwise the people are so friendly they will welcome and treat you well.
  • Criminal rate is relatively low.

As developing country, poverty is still being a problem for this country, but it doesn’t mean the criminal rate is high. Some thieves or pickpocket you may be exist, for prevention just watch your belonging and avoid to walk alone in midnight. Here’s more about Is It Safe to Travel to Indonesia If I Can Only Speak English?

  • The government fight terrorism seriously

Been attacked in bombs few years ago, recently the government has been reinforcing their national  forces against terrorism, so security in public places is getting better

  • Indonesia is one of country that no allowing their citizens for having weapon legally

Unlike another country that allowing their citizen for ownership of gun and weapons, the Indonesia Government really strict about it. Only police and national forces have right of weapon ownership. Here’s more about Travel Tips to Thousand Islands Jakarta 

Are you Filipino and plan to off to Indonesia? Please check out these tips below for enjoyable trip!

  • Make sure your flight, whether it has connecting flights or not. Some flights offer to pass through Malaysia and some are not.
  • Make sure your itinerary plan is no more than 30 days, if so, you should extent your visa.

Indonesia tourist visa is required for citizens of Philippines will be valid up to 30 days. If you are about to stay longer, it is better to apply extended duration for tourist visa. Here’s more about Religious Destinations in Aceh for Muslim Travelers (Halal Traveling)

In some cases, you may cost extra-charge for airport tax. Avoid to get involved in illegal activities at all costs. If you shoul carry any medicine, make sure it is authentically given by your doctor

  • You will need to confirm your fund recources about your accommodation.

You will not allowed to travel abroad unless you meet the law and regulations of Philippine Immigration. It includes the endorsement cost about 1620p travel tax for foreign tourists.

Officially Philippine Government feel need to protect their citizens by this regulations, that assure they have sufficient money and  safe during their business or vacation abroad.

  • Pick a good choice of accommodation.

If you choose big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Bali there are numerous choices of hotels with various budgets. However, for small destinations like Sulawesi or Papua, there will be limited. If you go to Bali, the crowdest place is Kuta, therefore if you would like more quiet place, we recommend Seminyak or Nusa Dua. Here’s more about How Do You Get From Bali to Komodo Island? Find The Answer Here!

Here are more to explore:

  • Rent a motorcycle

Motorcycle rule Indonesian road, so one of the best way to avoid traffic jam is to ride a motorcycle to get around the town. Officially, you will need international driving license, but here you usually just have to show your ID card.

If you would like to follow the rule, you can get it from local police station. Do not forget to wear your helmet as well.

  • Carry cash more, especially small denominations

When you make a deal, some small shops or cab rider will prefer cash. For hotel and restaurants they will receive your card as well.

  • Drive on the left side.

This is may be a little bit confusing if you used to drive in right side, keep practicing and you will be safe.

  • Try to respect the local and their traditions

Indonesia people are so diverse religiously. In Bali, most of them are Hindu while In Java, you will meet majority of Muslima. In Bali, you may need to wear sarong or hio scarf when entering temples. Here’s more about Where to Go For Single Woman in Bali : Exotic Places for a Lady

Here more to explore:

  • Learn some basic bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is used widely in Indonesia, so it is better t know some basic phrases. It can be helpful.

  1. My name is = Nama saya
  2. How are you = Apa kabar
  3. Good morning = Selamat pagi
  4. Please = Tolong
  5. What time is it = Jam berapa sekarang
  6. I come from = Saya berasal dari
  7. I am fine = Saya baik-baik saja
  8. Excuse me = Permisi
  9. Sorry = Maaf
  10. Thank you = Terima kasih

Special Information

For your information, there are some restricted regions in  Indonesia that only some accessible tourists could reach, they are: Maluku, Poso, and West Papua. Special authorization from Indonesian government must be obtained if you want to visit these areas.

There you are. Some helpful tips for you Filipino who wants to travel to Indonesia. So, are you still wondering, “Is it safe for Filipino to travel to Indonesia? The answer is yes! Here’s more about Fun Things to Do in Indonesia in October

And by reading this article, hopefully you can have smooth and memorable trip in Indonesia!

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