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20 Blessed Things to Do in Jakarta During Ramadan

by Keziamarcellova

Fasting month will soon come, will be many changes and activities that exist only in the month of fasting alone. One of the most famous activities in the fasting month is ngabuburit. This one activity can be said is one of the only endemic activities in Indonesia. Basically ngabuburit is an activity where we wait time to break the fast. While waiting for time to break, we can do any activity, or visit some special places.

Ngabuburit activity is a lot of activities conducted in all cities in Indonesia. No, except the city of Jakarta, in this city ngabuburit activity is one of the many activities done by the people during the fasting month arrives. There are many ngabuburit places in Jakarta that we can visit to spend time ngabuburit. Here’s also: Things to Do in Jakarta during Lebaran

Not surprisingly, Jakarta is one of the cities that participated to spread the habit of ngabuburit. This is because the location is close to the origins of the city said ngabuburit itself, namely the Sundanese people. Ngabuburit in Jakarta we can do by visiting some tourist attractions in Jakarta. The activity is certainly quite interesting and quite fun to do. There are several tourist attractions that we can visit to be a fun place ngabuburit, such as:

  1. Tourism Old City Jakarta
    The ngabuburit place in Jakarta that we will discuss for the first time is the Old Town of Jakarta. Who does not know this one tourist attraction, a very famous location and must be visited. If we are in Jakarta then this location is one of the locations that must be for us to come.

Similarly, during the fasting month, this one location should not be lost from the list of ngabuburit location in Jakarta. There are many things that cause this location we must visit. One reason is that this location has a complete facility to be used as a location ngabuburit. The location is interesting with a variety of supporting facilities are complete, as well as the many merchants who present make this location must be visited. Yups, when the month of fasting arrived then around this location will be filled by the sellers takjil menus.  Here’s also: Things to Do in Old Town Jakarta Indonesia

Various menus can be found starting from the snack menu to heavy food menus. As one of the photographs in Jakarta, it is not surprising that photo-taking activities are one of the most favorite activities in this location. Many visitors come to capture their special moments. Many also make this location as Prewedding Place in Jakarta is quite famous.

  1. National Monument
    There are many best things to do in Jakarta during Ramadan. Another place for ngabuburit in Jakarta that should not be missed. Monas or National Monument, this one location is one of the locations that must be very busy visited by tourists. As one of the cheap tourist attractions in Jakarta, it is not surprising that when waiting time to break many people who visit and spend time in this place.  Here’s also: Things to Do Near Monas (National Monument of Indonesia)

Those who come usually while doing a variety of activities, such as sports or can also just sit back and relax. Monas scene at dusk is one of the best scenery in Jakarta. The beautiful side of the evening sky is combined with the towering courage of Monas. Many tourists who often come and spend the time to enjoy the beauty of Monas. In addition to the building itself, there is a monument museum that we can enjoy.

Visitors can also learn about the history of Indonesia from the objects inside the museum. If the breaking time arrives then we do not have to worry, a lot of places that break around the Monument. There are several cafe da places to eat that we can visit. Or we can also visit some hawker center takjil not far from Monas.

  1. Istiqlal Mosque
    What’s more things to do in Jakarta during Ramadan? Place ngabuburit in Jakarta this one can be said is one of the special ngabuburit places. We can spend time waiting to break our deep religious knowledge. Istiqlal Mosque is a place of worship that is very famous, in addition to being a religious symbol of this location also became one of the central tourist attractions in Jakarta.

Every day there will always be visitors or tourists who spend time just to sit around relaxing in the mosque. But not infrequently there are also who want to admire the mosque with a tour. Istiqlal Mosque is one of the most suitable places to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Indonesia located in the City of Jakarta.  Here’s also: Places to Visit in Jakarta

Visiting this location we can get three advantages at once, first we can deepen our religious knowledge, second, we can find a very comfortable and quiet ngabuburit place, and the third we can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful sunset. If the breaking time arrives then, we can just buy some takjil food sold by traders around the location of the mosque. Or sometimes the mosque provides a free takjil menu for those who are in the location of the mosque when breaking time arrived. 

  1. Menteng Park
    Waiting for time to break while enjoying the coolness and shady trees. This is one of the advantages possessed by Menteng Park, the park which also became one of the nuances of nature in Jakarta is indeed never quiet with visitors.

Those who come to visit this location usually always come with family. This location is quite fun to be one of the children’s playgrounds in Jakarta. Ngabuburit does not have to always be and visit the buildings or malls. However, we can also visit and spend time enjoying the coolness of the Park City.  Here’s also: Things to Do in Menteng Jakarta

Jakarta is a city that is always busy with various activities, but by resting and visiting Menteng Park can certainly make us feel calm and relaxed for a moment. Those who come to visit Menteng Park itself has many goals. There are those who just come to sit back, but there are also who come while light exercise like running around the surrounding parks. Any activity you choose and you do in this Taman Menteng, will certainly be one of the activities that are quite interesting and fun. 

More things to do in Jakarta during Ramadan

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are still some more places that we can visit

  1. East Gate GBK
  2. Bulungan Area
  3. Suropti Park
  4. Cijantung Park
  5. Taman Ayodya
  6. Long Road, Citrus Garden
  7. Jalan Soka, North Jakarta
  8. Jakarta Fair
  9. Situ Situ Park
  10. Santa Market
  11. Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta
  12. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
  13. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  14. Ragunan Zoo
  15. Taman Ismail Marzuki
  16. Rawamangun Market

That was someplace ngabuburit in Jakarta that you can visit. Each place has its own uniqueness. However, if you visit one of the places above, guaranteed your ngabuburit activities will be fun. Hopefully, the information was useful.

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