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16 Pleasant Things to Do in BSD City Tangerang

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

BSD City is a smart city that supports Jakarta. It has almost everything, from residential complexes, schools, markets, malls to hospitals. BSD City is definitely the ideal residence. So, if one day you stop at BSD City, what can you do for fun? Let’s find out the pleasant things to do in BSD City Tangerang ..!

1. Visiting Scientia Square Park

Scientia Square Park is one of the best open spaces in Tangerang. Neat arrangement and various facilities make visitors happy to linger here.

In Scientia Square Park, visitors can picnic, run, play skate board, ride dirt bike, climb a wall, have dinner in the food court, and so on. Scientia Square Park inarguably is also a place where people socialize.

How to Get There
Scientia Square Park is located at Scientia Boulevard Street, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang. The admission is Rp 30.000 on weekdays and Rp 50.000 on weekends. Opening hours is 5 am – 9 pm. You can spend all your day here. There are plenty of things to do in Scientia Square Park.

2. Hanging Out at The Breeze

If you want to hang out in a cool and instagramable place, then The Breeze is your best bet. Besides its unique design, its location overlooks the Cisadane River so The Breeze has a breathtaking view.

There are various restaurants and cafes here. Obviously you will never get bored because you have many choices.

How to Get There
The Breeze is located in BSD Green Office Park, Serpong, Tangerang. Opening hours is 7 am – 11 pm.

3. Visiting AEON Mall

AEON Mall is BSD City’s only mall with a foreign brand. This Japanese mall seems to provoke people’s curiosity.

AEON Mal has an exquisite interior and exterior design. The twinkling of lights in its cherry garden has always been an interesting photo object. That is one reason for you to take the time to enjoy the atmosphere of AEON Mall.

How to Get There
AEON Mall is located at BSD Raya Utama Street, Serpong, Tangerang. Opening hours is 10 am – 10 pm.

4. Visiting BSD Junction

The mall is the ultimate entertainment for people in the city. So it is understandable if BSD City has more than one mall.

BSD Junction should be on your list of favorite malls. Everything you expect to find in a mall, you can find them in BSD Junction.

How to Get There
BSD Junction is located at Pahlawan Seribu Street, Serpong, Tangerang. Opening hours is 10 am – 10 pm.

5. Visiting ITC BSD

Among the malls in BSD City, ITC BSD is considered the most affordable mall. It is a favorite mall of BSD City residents to find cheap and stylish outfits.

Like other malls, ITC BSD also provides entertainment for visitors. Its food court serves a variety of food and snacks with fair price.

How to Get There
ITC BSD is located at Pahlawan Seribu Street, Serpong, Tangerang. Opening hours is 10 am – 10 pm.

6. Visiting Teras Kota

Teras Kota has a unique concept that is different from other malls. It only specializes in entertainment. No retail.

So what you will find in Teras Kota is a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as cinemas. Inevitably, Teras Kota is a great place to hang out, chat with friends, meetings or have dinner with family.

How to Get There
Teras Kota is located at Pahlawan Seribu Street, Serpong, Tangerang. Opening hours is 10 am – 10 pm. In addition to mall hopping, there are other things to do in Serpong Tangerang.

7. Having Fun at Ocean Park Water Adventure

Since BSD City is a self-sustained city, it is no wonder BSD City has its own amusement park. BSD City’s Ocean Park Water Adventure is one of the best water parks in Indonesia.

It has a variety of exciting rides for both children and adults. Some of the favorite rides are slides, splash bucket and wave pool.

How to Get There
Ocean Park Water Adventure is located at Pahlawan Seribu Street, Serpong, Tangerang. The admission is Rp 55.000 on weekdays and Rp 95.000 on weekends. Opening hours on weekdays is 11 am – 6 pm while on weekend is 8 am – 6 pm. Needless to say, Ocean Park Water Adventure is just one of points of interest in South Tangerang.

8. Visiting Situ Cipondoh (Lake Cipondoh)

BSD City does have many man-made attractions. But if you are bored with all of them and want to feel the natural atmosphere, come to Situ Cipondoh.

Besides enjoying the scenic beauty, you can fish, paddleboat and surround the lake by boat. You can also taste a variety of foods sold by street vendors such as dumplings, meatballs, ketoprak, soto and grilled fish.

How to Get There
Situ Cipondoh is located at KH. Hasim Ashari, Cipondoh, Tangerang. The admission is Rp 5,000. Since Situ Cipondoh is also near Karawaci, why don’t you stop by Karawaci. There are several exciting things to do in Karawaci Tangerang.

9. Visiting BSD City Park

BSD City Park gives a green color in the midst of a dense settlement comprising of private houses and commercial buildings. The park has towering trees that provide a shady atmosphere.

You can hide from the hustle and bustle of life in BSD City Park. Unwinding and enjoying the fresh air under the trees will give you a new perspective to solve the problem.

How to Get There
BSD City Park is situated in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) area. There are two areas for BSD City Park. The first is at Letnan Sutopo Street and the second is at Tekno Widya Street. It’s free entry.

10. Having Fun at Portals Escape Room

Escape game is becoming hip among young people. This game is played in groups so it requires solid teamwork.

Portals Escape Room is the only escape game venue in BSD City. So no wonder Portals Escape Room is always packed with players. It is strongly recommended that you make a reservation before coming here.

How to Get There
Portals Escape Room is located at Boulevard Gading Serpong Street, Tangerang. Opening hours is 12 pm – 10 pm.

More pleasant things to do in BSD City Tangerang

11. Visiting Summarecon Mall on Boulevard Gading Serpong Street, Tangerang
12. Visiting Q Big on BSD Raya Utama Street, Tangerang
13. Playing at Spincity Bowling Alley in The Breeze, BSD Green Office Park, Tangerang
14. Playing at BSD Extreme Park on Damai Foresta Street, BSD City, Tangerang
15. Dining at Flavor Bliss on Alam Sutera Boulevard Street, Tangerang
16. Horse Riding at Branchsto BSD on BSD Raya Barat Street, Tangerang

Allright, the next time you stop at BSD City, you will not be clueless anymore. There are lots of pleasant things to do in BSD City Tangerang. Expect yourself to have a new experience. Enjoy BSD City ..!

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