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12 Tourist Attractions in Polewali Mandar You Need to Visit

by Annisa Putri Adriza
Air Mancur Polewali Mandar

Tourism in Indonesia is famous throughout the world, it is ranked at 20th in the world tourist Industry in 2017, also ranked as the ninth-fastest growing tourist sector in the world. In addition there are Indonesian laws tourists should know.

Since there are many islands and region in Indonesia, each region serves different tourist attraction, such as nature, cultural, leisure and urban tourism. Sulawesi is one of the Island in Indonesia which has many tourist attraction, we are going to focus in one of the regency which is Polewali Mandar Regency.

This regency is located in West Sulawesi, let us see 12 tourist attractions in Polewali Mandar.

1. Lapeo Beach

Lapeo beach is located in Baqbatoa Village, this beach is noticeable due to its strategic location. It was one called Pasir Asin Beach, the beach is known for the nearby embankments, where the tourists are able to explore those spots freely.

Flock of birds are often seen near the shoreline, the locals call them Tammeroqdoq, these birds is has a shape similar to a stork. There are several mangroves in the beach where the birds gather, moreover the locals’ presence makes the beach merrier.

Lapeo Beach

2.Palippis Beach

This beach is one of the must visit beach when visiting West Sulawesi. The beach has natural beauty, which offers beach panorama with the off shore as the view. The off shore view are the bat cave and rug of coral cliff, the bat cave is situated on a hill nears the shoreline, whereas the coral cliff is nearby the bat cave. Tourists can see Mandar people make sandeq boat in centres, which is a traditional boat of Mandar tribe.

Palippis Beach

3. Taman Wisata Bahari Polewali Mandar

This tourist attraction is located in city center of Polewali, it is a beach that is famously called Bahari Beach since it is on Bahari Road. This used to be a busy port with unloading and loading activity also inter-island cruise for transporting produce from Polewali Mandar, like rice.

Taman Wisata Bahari usually is packed during saturday night, there are also banana boat and jetski that is managed by the locals.

Taman Wisata Bahari Polewali Mandar

4.Gonda Mangrove Park

Gonda Mangrove Park is located 15 KM from Kecamata Wonomulyo, which is the main trading centre of Polewali Regency. To be exact it is located in Dusun Gonda, it offers educational tour of mangrove forest and its under the sea beauty.

There is around 17 species of mangrove that is grown there also 124 species of fish that can be found easily only a few meters depth. Corals can also be seen in this mangrove park, to enjoy all of it you only need Rp 20.000 to rent one set of snorkeling gears, complete with a little traditional boat.

Gonda Mangrove Park

5. Air Mancur Polewali Mandar

Air Mancur means water fountain, this water fountain is made just like the one in Singapore. The design utilize variety of beautiful colored lights. While witnessing the water fountain, you can enjoy traditional food and children amusement rides.

The water fountain is located in the city square, exactly in front of Regent’s Office of Polewali Mandar. There are not many water fountain in Indonesia, but there is one in West Java, you can check it on free things to do in Bandung.

Air Mancur Polewali Mandar

6. Gusung Toraja Island

Halfway on our list of 12 Tourist Attractions of Polewari Mandra, there is Gusung Toraja Island is also known as Pulau Pasir Putih. It is located in the eastern part of town Polewali which has a charm of white sand and a cool atmosphere.

This island is not inhabited because the white sand is almost perfect, it also has an exotic underwater charm. There are sea anemones and small corals that you can meet, snorkling is the perfect option to enjoy the surface of the seabed.

To reach this island you need to use a motor boat owned by local resident with rates from Rp 250.000 – Rp. 300.000.

Gusung Toraja Island

7.Rawa Bangun

Rawa Bangun is one of the the choice for family travel destination, which is located in Dusun Biru. Family takes their children to swim in the refreshing pool, or with friend to enjoy the nature surroundings.

Not just swimming pool where the water comes from fresh river flow, there is also fish ponds and a number of swamps for fishing.

Rawa is identical to Ambarwa in Indonesia, there are also tourist attractions you can check it out on things to do in ambarawa.

Rawa Bangun

8.Mampie Beach

Another beautiful beach on the list of 12 tourist attractions in Polewali Mandar is Mampie Beach in Dusun Mampie. It has a coastline around 3 KM, a row of tall coconut trees with many mini gazebo under it. With only Rp.5000 you can enjoy putting your feet on the white sand and feel the sea wave.

Mampie Beach is always filled with tourists and even the locals, fresh shrimps and milk fish can be bought with low price and also sweet coconut to eliminate thirst.

Mampie Beach

9.Air Terjun Limbong Kamandang

Beside in West Sulawesi there are waterfalls in South Sulawesi. This waterfall is located 35 KM from the city, at Desa Kurra. The nature panorama is gorgeous, the shade of lush and green trees creates the fresh air.

This is all complete by the 100 meter waterfall, the bottom of the waterfall is a place for people to swim. Not to worry there is also a few gazebo in the area since the place is far and have a challenging track.

Air Terjun Limbong Kamandang

10. Indo Rannuang Waterfall

Another waterfall which is located in Desa Kunyi, just around 8 KM from the city. Air Terjun Indo Rannuang has a variety of tiers, from small to large, where each tiers also gives different depth of water. There is a length between 100 M to 40 M for each tier, one of the tier is a place where people use to swim.

The best time to visit this waterfall is during rainy season, since the surroundings looks greener and has a faster water discharge. If you visit Indo Rannuang you will also pas Limbong Sitodo, since this waterfall is the main source for Limbong Sitodo.

Air Terjun Indo Rannuang

11. Gonda Beach

Beaches seems to be popular one of the main tourist attractions in Polewali Mandar, the Gonda Beach is located Dusun Gonda. This beach feels silent and peaceful because it is hidden from the hustle which makes it exclusive.

There are rows of mangrove, the diversity of underwater biota and of course a unique sunset which attracts the tourist. You can find unique marine fish species to coral reefs that adorn the underwater of Gonda Beach.

You can rent little boat that the locals have to go along the mangrove forest as well as a tree house where you can relax.

Gonda Beach

12. Labuang Beach

This beach is connected to the Palippis beach that has been mentioned second on our 12 Tourist Attraction of Polewali Mandar. It is located in Kampung Labuang Baruak, with its white sand stretch, rows of big coral reef and again mangrove.

The marine ecosystem is still awake, in addition there are boats that is used for fisherman. There are many beaches that has been mentioned in this regency, in addition while you are in Sulawesi there are beaches in North Sulawesi.

Labuang Beach

To sum up the tourist attraction of Polewali Mandar mostly consists of marine attraction. The Island that has a population of around 517.677 people is dominated by mangroves.

Moreover the tourist attraction in this regency can be more developed to attract more local tourist and international tourist. In West Sulawesi near Polewali Mandar there are tourist attractions in Mamuju.

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