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Indonesian Laws Tourists Should Know

by Yoga Adi

As a tourist, we want to have a good times when exploring and adventuring to the new area, facing new kinds of culture and behavior of the people. In the same time, we can get those experiences, while having the oblogations. Even though we make the goal to visit beatiful places like best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta, we should do a thing that can give benefits to use, which is following the rules or the law in Indonesia.

On every place like best islands in thousand islands Jakarta, everyone must follow the law in order to make things right. For the tourists, they also should remember some of the important rules and law that we already summarized on the list of Indonesian law tourist should know below :

1. Tourist should have complete document

Even though the tourists come to Indonesia in order to do something important, either for family stuff or the other reasons, thet should have the complete documentwhen coming here. In every place, including things to do in Tanjung Lombok, there will be the authorities that wil check the document from time to time during the visit.

2. Always dress modestly

Dressing ethics in Indonesia is also very important, first to respect the people of Indonesia, and the second is for preventing any sexual harrasment. You can also wear shorts, but it’s  better when you wear the long ones in order to do some respects for the people.

3. Narcotics are highly restricted

Having fun in Indonesia is of course can be a great memories of all time. But, the tourists should put the narcotics aside when travelling to Indonesia because the usage of those drugs can give the result of jail time or penalties. If the tourists bring narcotics with such a large portion, then the business will be done at court.

4. Gambling activities are also illegal

Like the narcotics which highly restricted in the land of Indonesia, the activities of gambling is also illegal to do. So, if you happen to see that illegal act, better just ignore it because it’s against the law. And in a short time, the people who involved in it will receive jail time.

5. Don’t stay beyond Visa limit time

Visiting the beautiful places like things to do in Batur is a great fun, making us forget about how long we’re staying in that pretty island. But the thing is, you shouldn’t stay beyond your limit time in here, it can give you much penalties and even ended with jail punishment if it’s too long.

6. Always respect the child protection law

Kids can be annoying sometimes. But that’s how they learn about respecting people for the future. When you meet a naughty one on the street, the best way is to ignore it because there’s child protection law in here that should be remembered.

7. Identification is a must

This one has the relation with the first rule on above. Identification is verany important to show that you’re not an illegal foreigner. It’s also need for stuff like renting vehicles, entering attractions, hotel confirmation, and many other things, nightlife included.

8. Indonesian driver license is needed when driving

Beside the identification, the thing that you need for driving in Indonesia is driver license. Of course, when you driving in Indonesia, you need the Indonesian driver license, not the license from your own country. There are some rules that are dfferent on the road in here.

9. Tourists can not buy legal land in Indonesia, beware of scam

Talking about investment in here, Indonesia can actually give much benefits because of its huge potentials. The thing that should be remembered is, a person from aboard can not buy a land in Indonesia with their own name. So, be careful when locals promise you something from this land business.

10. Special authorization is needed when visiting Aceh, Maluku and Irian Jaya

There are three specific locations that you can not visit without having the proper authorization first, You can get one by checking up with the authorities to make sure that you’re clean to enter those locations.

11. Fire cracker is actually restricted for public use

The use of fire cracker, especially for the big one, is actually restricted by the government since the tragedy done by the kids to thers. A kid suffered arm loss after that very accident. Then after that, the usage of firecracker is restricted, unless the users want to take the huge risk.

12. Don’t do vandalism

Basically don’t do the act of vandalism everywhere in here, because it can give you bad impression about how your people behave. On some places like temples in central java, doing vandalism by breaking important stuff like temple building can give you jail punishment.

13. Weapons are restricted

The usage of weapon in Indonesia is also restricted, especially if you bring it everywhere with you. The law in Indonesia is a bit blurry for this. But the thing to remember, carrying any weapon, for any reason, is restricted by the police.

14. Tourists shouldn’t do PDA

This one is also should be remembers, especially for the couple out there who doing it for their viewers online. PDA is always annoying and can make the people around feel uncomfortable because of that act.

15. Only change money on the Bank

In Indonesia, there are many money changers on the street, They usually a person that standing beside the road and offer money changing service. Don’t trust this one if you want to make sure that your money save. Better changer it on the bank, it’s more save and credible.

Other Indonesian Law Tourist Should Know

  1. Don’t take anything from an attraction, especially the sacred ones
  2. Women in period shouldn’t enter temples
  3. Always respect different culture
  4. Any sexual harrasment is punishable
  5. Keep the voice down in religious places

The numbers of law above closes our meeting for tonight to talk about the Indonesian law tourist should know. All of them are of course important, and should be done by any tourist who comes to visit Indonesia for their holiday.

If they are trully a respectful tourist, they will done all the rules withing a sec and without a doubt. Everything should be fine when you being prepared for anything starting from knowing all the laws in Indonesia. Hope you can get a wonderful journey here.

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