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7 Year End Destinations in Lombok for your Special Moments

by Ivonne Puspakencana
year end destinations in lombok

2021 is around the corner and finding the best spots for cherishing the moment may be a bit hard. If you are having your holiday in Lombok and wish to spend the new year end moments there, then you should choose the best place.

Here they are, 7 year end destinations in Lombok for your special moments. These places offer great services and great view for sure. Choose the best and your most favorite one!

  • Pink Beach
Year End Destinations in Lombok
The lovely pink sand in Pink Beach

Who doesn’t know Pink Beach in Lombok? It is known as one of the places to visit for a honeymoon in Lombok. If you’re a newly wed and wish to find a romantic spot for year end moment, then you must go to Pink Beach!

Pink Beach, just as the name suggests, has pink sand. This beach has been a magnet for tourists to Lombok due to the color of the sand. The pink color of the sand comes from the mixture of the red dead corals which mix up with the white sand.

Because of the beauty, many people decide to spend new year’s eve here. Live music, fireworks party and culinary bazaar are usually held during the new year celebration.

  • Aruna Senggigi Resort and Convention
Year End Destinations in Lombok
Aruna Senggigi Resort

If you’re looking for a resort which holds new year party, then one of them is Aruna Senggigi Resort and Convention. This resort usually holds a party which has the concept of “Wonderland” where there are some DJs, live music, fire dance, fireworks and many more.

Before deciding to spend your year end moment here, make sure you ask for the information first as during pandemic we are not sure whether there’s party held or not.

  • Setangi Beach
Year End Destinations in Lombok
Sunset in Setangi Beach with coconut trees

The next beach to stroll around during new year’s eve is Setangi Beach. This beach could be the perfect spot for you to spend year end moment with the beautiful beach line, coconut trees, soft sand and the sea.

The good news is there are not many people visiting this beach yet, so if you don’t want an extravagant nuance, this could be suitable for you.

This beach features “Ghost Resort”. This resort has an abandoned structure of hotel building. Many people visit this spot only to view the beach from the higher place. If you wish to have a mystical nuance on your year end moment, then you may visit this place!

  • Gili Air
Year End Destinations in Lombok
Mesmerizing view of Gili Air

Gili Air has been a popular tourist attraction and also a favorite spot for spending new year’s eve. The party held in this beach is not organized by the management. Instead, it is held by the tourists.

However, the party is fun too! You can enjoy the campfire, fireworks, grilling corns, having some games and many more. You can also stay here to enjoy the view of the sunrise in the beginning of the new year! Isn’t that fun and interesting?

If you want to go diving, make sure you get the list of diving sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia.

  • Malimbu Hill

Another interesting spot for spending your year end moment is in Malimbu Hill. There are 2 spots to enjoy the view: the west and east. From this hill, you can see the view of Gili Trawangan Island, Gili Air, and Gili Meno.

You may also enjoy your food while watching the fireworks drawn beautifully on the sky. And early in the morning, get ready to enjoy the sunrise view. It is really amazing!

  • Mount Rinjani
Year End Destinations in Lombok
The incredible Mount Rinjani

Hills, beaches, resorts are already mentioned as the best spots for spending your year end moment in Lombok. Mount Rinjani can also be another perfect spot for spending new year’s eve.

No wonder, Mount Rinjani is also listed as one of the top 20 mountains in Indonesia for hiking. You can simply go to Mount Rinjani from Sembalun basecamp. Enjoy the night view and the starts from the top of the mountain.

You can also watch the fireworks lighted at the city center of Lombok. You even can light your own fireworks here! But, make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the mountain by not throwing the rubbish around the area of the mountain.

  • Holiday Resort Lombok
Year End Destinations in Lombok
Holiday Resort Lombok

Holiday Resort Lombok can be another option for you to spend your year end moment. Two years ago, this resort held a party which had “Tropical Beach Party” theme.

It was really crowded with tourists, both the local and foreigners. People could enjoy the food, cultural performances, fire dance, live DJs and fireworks.

During the pandemic, the party may not be as crowded as it was in the past. Make sure to find the information first before coming. If there is no party, then you can just spend the year end moment in this resort with your loved ones.

After spending the year end moment in Lombok, you can continue your holiday by visiting these surfing spots in Lombok and tourist attractions in West Lombok. Lombok is heaven for incredible attractions!

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