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6 Romantic Places to Visit for a Honeymoon in Lombok for Newlywed Couple

by Widiya
Honeymoon in Lombok

Lombok, the sister-island of Bali might be lesser-known. However, it is no less lovely. With white sand seashores, sky blue waters, and plenteous marine life, for the individuals who love the sand and ocean, this is equivalent to heaven on earth.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to get away from insane Bali crowds to appreciate a more peaceful get-away. Home to the second highest volcano in Indonesia, you can climb up the great Mount Rinjani as a highlight of your honeymoon.

The field brags bounty timberland, untamed life, cascades, and towns for an authentic flavor of Indonesia. Check out the places to visit for a honeymoon in Lombok down below for your future reference.

  1. Gili Islands 
Gili Islands

On the north-western shore of Lombok, this gathering of three islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno featured the magnificence of this tropical heaven.

Without any vehicles or even motorbikes on these islands, it denotes one of a kind experience for island-lovers.

The islands are famous for scuba diving and swimming as there is a list of best diving sites in Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia to back up this statement.

The biggest and most generally developed of the three islands is Gili Trawangan.

An absolute necessity is to have your Instagram shots taken at the sea swings. With numerous chic cafés and bars, make certain to appreciate party time at 4:00 P.M.

For a progressively laid-back climate, Gili Meno is known to be a honeymooner’s heaven. With scarcely any individuals and extended lengths of the excellent seashore, Gili Meno has a progressively remote and peaceful feel. 

  1. Mount Rinjani 
Mount Rinjani

Remaining at 3,625 meters tall, Mount Rinjani is Indonesia’s second-tallest volcano (out of 130 volcanoes) and is the reason why numerous explorers come to Lombok.

This active volcano is home to a three-day epic ascension that will make you remain on its summit facing a stunning view on the dawn and volcanic caldera.

It presents you with a view on nature so unimaginable and amazing that you will remember it for the rest of your life. However, there is a fair warning, the ascension poses a test (when contrasted with Mount Bromo, where small climbing is included).

That being stated, it is feasible for most experienced explorers and the strong-minded. You can ascend from the town of Sembalun or from Senaru. 

There are other things to do in Mount Rinjani, Lombok you might want to try.

  1. Pusuk Sembalun Tourist Park 
Pusuk Sembalun Tourist Park

In the event that you are not enthused about a climb, there are still different ways for you to appreciate the lofty views that Mount Rinjani brings to the table. You can ride a helicopter to appreciate the elevated view on the volcano, the lake, and its environment.

On the other hand, you can drive up to Pusuk Sembalun Tourist Park and appreciate unrivaled views on the mountains there without striving. 

  1. Bukit Pergasingan 
Bukit Pergasingan

Bukit Pergasingan is a slope that sits at around 1,700 meters above the ocean level. This post point brings you exceptionally close to observing Mount Rinjani, yet the climb just takes around two to three hours when contrasted with the three-day for Mount Rinjani.

One reason why Bukit Pergasingan is so well known is on account of the dazzling view on the interwoven of fields underneath. They have various tones and are probably the prettiest sight you will see in Lombok.

Other than climbing and view, you can likewise do paragliding, mountain biking, and in any event, camping for the dawn at Bukit Pergasingan. 

  1. Pink Beach 
Tangsi Beach

No compelling reason to go to the Bahamas to see an entrancing pink seashore, for it is there in Lombok. Tangsi Beach, situated on the island’s south-eastern shore, is one of the ten pink beaches on the planet.

The pink tint of Tangsi Beach is not as immersed as what you see in photographs online. Truth be told, the seashore itself is white.

It is the pink corals that give it a peachy shade. You can visit this seashore on a crisp morning to see the hues at its most brilliant under the shimmering daylight.

You might also want to consider some amazing things to do in Tangsi Beach, Lombok.

  1. The Kuta of Lombok 
Kuta Lombok

In contrast to its renowned sister, Kuta in Lombok is smaller and calmer than Bali’s. The most ideal approach to explore the waterfront town of Kuta is by a motorbike or a bike, so you can basically stop at any place you like.

Kuta has an assortment of eateries and facilities, from hiker to four-star offerings. Most come to Kuta to simply loosen up and have a tranquil outing.

A large portion of Kuta holds a sleepy, natural character of an angling town. From there, you can get to the best seashores of Lombok, for example, Mawun, Tanjung Aan, and Selong Belanak.

There is also a list of best sunset viewing points in Kuta, Lombok.

So, that is a list of places to visit for a honeymoon in Lombok. While you are it, check out some top Lombok attractions for your next visit reference.

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