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10 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh

by Yoga Adi

Talking about Aceh is like telling you about an unending story of beauty. This small yet really historical area in the tip of Sumatra island always has something to offer. Special museum built for remembering Tsunami disasters happened 16 years ago, cultural places, as well as the natural spots like best waterfall in Aceh.

It’s not a single explorable area. In fact, Aceh has about 18 different regencies, each with their own specialties. Today, we’re gonna look into the capital of West Aceh, Meulaboh. Can you actually find interesting attractions like mountains to hike in Aceh there? Let’s find out

1. Lhok Geudong Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Meulaboh
  • Entrance Fee : Rp10.000,-

Start off with the one beach that looks as pretty as the best beaches to enjoy in Aceh, named Lhok Geudong Beach. It is so interesting and impressive. The view stretches directly into the Indian Ocean. It’s a very unique scene indeed and difficult to obtain in any other places.

Rows of trees add to the beauty of the beach area. The expanse of white sand covers the shoreline and will tempt you to set foot around the vast sand. In the afternoon, you will find the beach filled with boats of fishermen who just returned from sailing.

2. Genang Gedong

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Gampong Putim, Kaway
  • Entrance Fee :Rp10.000,-

Genang Gedong is the name of a lake in Meulaboh. There are so many trees around this lake, it feels cool and highly refreshing. In addition, you’ll also find the exotic hills accompanying the lake..

Anyway, you can also do other activities there, both relaxing, and the more extreme sports. Visitors can do fishing, ride the motor around the tracks, and many others.

3. Gampong Tutut

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Tanoh Mirah village, Sungai Mas
  • Entrance Fee : Rp5.000,-

Many say that Gampong Tutut is the most beautiful tourist destination in Meulaboh. However, it’s still not touched by many, in other words, it’s a virgin location. The atmosphere in this place is still very natural, clean, and incredibly refreshing.

Lush green trees, plus the chirping of birdsong, able to eliminate all the fatigues. The soul will be calmed and washed away in a romantic and memorable atmosphere. For those of you who have an adventurous spirit, you can visit the forest with white stone cliffs as well. In the forest there is a clear river with cool, cold water. 

Because this place has not been much touched, there are no facilities set up in this place.

4. Baitul Makmur Meulaboh Great Mosque

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Drien Rampak, Johan Pahlawan
  • Entrance Fee : Free

This mosque is the largest and most magnificent one in Meulaboh. Its location is in the west coast area of ​​the city of Meulaboh. The mosque’s architectural style is a blend of Middle Eastern, Asian and Acehnese styles. Brown combined with red on the dome of the mosque adds to the grandeur of the mosque.

Inside the mosque, you will experience 2 different spatial concepts. The first concept that you can find is the concept of a room with many poles as a mezzanine. The second concept can be found in the middle of the mosque, a spacious room with ornamental lights in the middle.

However, the mosque has regulations. Every visitor is forbidden to take pictures or even videos in the mosque. So that the atmosphere of the mosque can only be felt directly by visiting it.

5. Pusong Sangkalan Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : West Aceh regency
  • Entrance Fee : Free

Pusong Sangkalan Beach has big waves, so visitors can surf all the time. What else can be done here? Well, seeing the neverending horizon right in front of you. The color of the water is blue, with a view that directly faces the Indian Ocean, always able to hypnotize anyone lingering around the beach area.

The beach is also known for its busy fishermen activities. Each day, you may find them reeling in the fish net, gaining all the fishes from the ocean. Usually, this will be done in the morning, around 6 to 10 a.m.

6. Gosong Island

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Susoh, West Aceh
  • Entrance Fee : Free

Even though you can’t find the pretty top waterfalls in Aceh, you are still able to enjoy other types of attractions. Not only the beaches, you may as well explore the islands spread along Meulaboh. One of them worth visiting is Gosong island.

Gosong Island is not too broad, only as big as a soccer field. However, anyone is welcomed to stop and linger. The unique thing that can be done here is seeing the natural marine biota such as clams and Napoleon fish whose existence is difficult to find anywhere else.

Underwater beauty can be enjoyed by snorkeling. Exoticly, this Gosong island is flanked by panoramic views of the Bukit Barisan, Sumatra. Adding the greatness to the maximum.

7. Ujong Kareung Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Ujong Kaerung, Sukajaya
  • Entrance Fee : Free

Ujong Kareung is a name taken from the Acehnese language meaning Tip of The Reefs. As the name implies, the location of this beach is located at the end of the city of Meulaboh that is filled with natural ocean reefs.

There is also a Japanese fort that stands firmly on the beach. It is said that this place became a place of defense in the past. The view of coconut trees combined with the gradation of the sea blue, makes you feel at home.

8. Batu Putih Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Lhok Aman, Meukek
  • Entrance Fee : Rp10.000,-

This beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Meulaboh. Batu Putih beach basically means The White Stone beach. A special factor of this place is the fact that you can’t enjoy the sunset, because geographically the beach is located in the east. Well, it could be a bummer. But still, there are some others to enjoy.

At the edge of the beach there are cliffs that add to the beauty of the beach. Doing snorkeling or diving is also a pretty good idea.

9. Suak Ribee Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Iskandar Muda st., Suak Ribee
  • Entrance Fee : Rp10.000,-

Next is Suak Ribee. Visitors can enjoy black sand with a smooth texture in this place. Like other places, there is a beautiful sunset that can make you fascinated looking at it during the dusk.

There is a kiosk for a place to rest there. Visitors will be treated to the best brewed coffee with special dishes from Suak Ribee Beach which you must try. It’s a good introductory package to enter Acehnese culture.

10. Lhok Bubon Beach

Tourist Attractions in Meulaboh Aceh
  • Location : Samatiga, West Aceh
  • Entrance Fee : Rp5.000,-

After having so much fun and knowledge in National Parks in Sumatra, it’s time to rest your body at one of the relaxing spots in Aceh, Lhok Bubon. This beach has soft white sand. The water is clear with an amazing blue color, making visitors want to dive in and enjoy the freshness.

Waves are quite friendly as well, not so dangerously big. Perfectly set by nature to be a family friendly vacation spot.

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