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The Best 10 Waterfall in Aceh Where You Can Immerse Yourself

by Yoga Adi

A special area located in the northern Sumatra, with all the unique things it has. A city that’s highly valuable in terms of history and culture, that’s still bringing its own religious identity. Aceh, a little piece of Makkah. Many are familiar with this area, especially since it’s blessed with some memorable things, including the local cuisines of Aceh.

The tourists mostly come with the main purposes, in order visit the historical attractions, and learning about the Tsunami disaster along with its story left behind in the museum.

What’s not known by many is the fact that Aceh is also considered to be the best area for natural refreshing attractions. Mountains, lakes, you name it. Previously we talked about the best beaches in Aceh, but this time it’s different.

We’re gonna explore the hidden smaller areas around Aceh to find the uncovered green gems. What are they? Let’s see about them right on below

1. Tansaran Bidin

Waterfall in Aceh

Let’s start off with one of the highest waterfalls in Sumatra. The name is Tansaran Bidin. With 50 meters height, Tansaran becomes a suitable place for relaxing. It’s located nearly within a hidden village inside Bener Meriah regency. And surely, it’s one of many reasons why you should visit Sumatra.

It’s located around a village with the same name in Bandar subdistrict of Aceh. As said before, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Aceh. The non easy access of the road requires the visitors to walk for about 1.5 hours. It’s a good location for both explorers and trekkers alike.

2. Teuraceu Laot

Waterfall in Aceh

Teuraceu Laot is located in Geumpang, Pidie, it takes about 35 minutes from Keadue Geumpang. This waterfall is in the middle of a protected forest area. It is unique and different from waterfalls in general, because the water here is bluish like the color of sea water.

That’s why this waterfall is called Tareuceu Laot. “Tareuceu” itself basically means waterfall, while “Laot” has the meaning of the sea. Combined together, it’s the “Sea Waterfall”. A bit of a weird name for sure, but it’s true.

3. Terujak

Waterfall in Aceh

Do you love hot baths? Do you love waterfalls? If you do, then Terujak is for you. The waterfall’s mostly known for its unique characteristics. Really unique that it can’t be found on the other waterfalls. 

Terujak Waterfall is located in Terujak village, Serbajadi, East Aceh. To get to the location, one can use two or four-wheeled vehicles. As mentioned before, in addition to the beautiful waterfall, there is also a hot spring.

So, for those of you who want to soak in a pool of hot water while enjoying beautiful panorama of a hidden waterfall, this place is highly recommended.

4. Tujuh Bidadari

Waterfall in Aceh

A waterfall that basically means The Seven Angles. Many would wonder, what’s behind the naming. Is there something related with the actual angel entities? Or any mythical things maybe? Turns out, it’s neither of both.

The name was made up based on the waterfall’s physical appearances. The seven-leveled waterfall, with smooth surfaces that can even be used as slides.

The waterfall, which takes about 50 km from Lhokseumawe City, is located in Geureudong Pase, North Aceh. Like other waterfalls, the atmosphere here is very calming. The water is clear and clear as well.

5. Mengaya

Waterfall in Aceh

Next waterfall on the list is Mengaya. Mengaya Waterfall is located in Mengaya village, Bintang, Aceh. Access to the location is very easy.

The tourists can easily use any kind of vehicle. What’s interesting is the location of this waterfall is located near another attraction.  

Mengaya Waterfall is really close to Lake Lut Tawar. During weekends or holidays, this place is often filled with visitors from many different locations around Sumatra. 

6. Blang Kolam

Waterfall in Aceh

The waterfalls in Bali are indeed beautiful, but you can find the same ones in Aceh. For example is a waterfall named Blang Kolam. Waterfall which has a height of 75 meters is located in Sidomulyo, Kuta Makmur of North Aceh. It takes about 21 km from Lhokseumawe city center. 

The road is highly accessible. It’s all neat and can be taken by both four or two-wheeled vehicles. This beautiful and cool place will make anyone feel at home. Facilities are adequate, starting from the mosque, toilets, and food stalls, and even there is also a place preserved for charging batteries.

7. Pria Laot

Waterfall in Aceh

Another waterfall with a complete set of facilities is Pria Laot. The waterfall is in the south of Weh island, precisely in Pria Laot, Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The distance is about 12 km from downtown Sabang. 

This multileveled waterfall has a beautiful clear natural jacuzzi that can be used for swimming. There are also new spots hot enough to be natural spas. Facilities are indeed complete on this one, starting from resting places, mosque, and food stalls.

8. Peucari

Waterfall in Aceh

This waterfall is another high one. Has a distance of about 12 KM from the city. To get to the location, you will be taken up and down the hill. It could be a tiring journey.

Although tiring, it’s okay though, because after arriving at the location, you can put in your tired soul in the cool natural pool.

 In addition, your eyes will also be spoiled by the beauty of the green colored waterfall. It’s truly beautiful and charming. Don’t forget to bring food supplies, because the facilities here are still very lacking.

9. Putera Jaya

Waterfall in Aceh

The Putera Jaya waterfall is located in Putera Jaya village of Simeulue. Although the location is quite hidden, the tourists still fall in love with this one special location. The clear water and the cool atmosphere are always the main attractions. 

Here, you can play the refreshing water as you wish, or bathing, meditation, and other things that are pleasing to your heart. The facilities at Putera Jaya Waterfall are inadequate, so you should bring enough supplies.

10. Ceuraceu

Waterfall in Aceh

The last waterfall on the list, which is also one of the best things to do in Banda Aceh is Ceuraceu. Ceuraceu Waterfall is located in Samagadeng, Pandrah, Aceh. Approximately 8 km from the main road between Medan and Banda Aceh. 

Journey to the location is quite difficult, since you will be taken through tough tracks, smuddy and sandy roads. It is recommended to bring a mouth cover / mask. But the result is the elegant view of Ceuraceu Falls.

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