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Historical Destination in Aceh for Travelers (Classic and Beautiful)

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If we talk about tourist attractions in Indonesia, there must be lots of tourist destinations that we can visit. Indonesia has more than 30 provinces and hundreds of cities that have its own uniqueness and history. Each of the tourist attraction is beautiful and some of the scenery and the beauty will amaze you, makes you forget all the stressful things you get from daily life and refresh your mind and soul.

This time we will discuss one of the types of tourism activities that we can do in Aceh. There are many exciting tourist destinations in Aceh, one of which is a historical tourist destination in Aceh that we can visit. Moreover, various types of tourist destinations can be found in this City of Veranda of Mecca. Maybe not many people know about the tourism potential of the city of Aceh. However, basically the Province in the North End of Sumatra Island does save a lot of amazing tourism potential and worth to visit.

Historical Destination in Aceh for Travelers

Aceh does save a lot of interesting historical tourist sites. Some of these locations are as follows:

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1. Kerkhof Peucut (Kerkhof’s Tomb)

Historical destination in Aceh for travelers – Kerkhof Peucut This historical tour in Aceh is indeed very thick with the nuances of Dutch colonialism. For your information, Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia which has always been aggressively carrying out attacks on the Dutch colonizers. This can be proven by the existence of this tomb complex.

The location of the tomb itself is located in Sukaramai Village, Baiturrahman District, Banda Aceh, Aceh Province. This one tomb complex is one of the tourist attractions visited by many foreign tourists in the Aceh region. Most of those who come to visit this region are tourists from the Netherlands.

Moreover, the Dutch kingdom was very respectful of the people of Aceh because they still took good care of the tomb complex. If we visit, we will be able to see 2,200 tombs lined up in the tomb complex. The pseudo were victims of the war between the Netherlands and the people of Aceh.

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2. Benteng Anoi Itam  (Anoi Itam Fortress)

Anoi Itam Fortress is a historical site in Aceh. This place is quite unique and interesting. It is a Japanese heritage destination in the Aceh region, more precisely located in the island area of ​​Sabang.

As one of the list of attractions in Aceh, Anoi Itam Fortress itself does save a lot of historical value. This fort is actually a fortification complex and ammunition storage warehouse.

If we visit this area, we will be able to see several fortresses connected by tunnels. However, the tunnels have been closed now by the local government for safety reason. With the large number of forts in this area, many people say that the city of Sabang is the city of the Thousand Fortresses.

3. Benteng Indra Patra (Indra Patra Fortress)

Indra Patra Fortress in Aceh is indeed famous and known as one of the centers location in spreading Islam in Indonesia. This province is a region that is famous for really tense Islamic law. However, who would have thought that long before the influence of Islam came to Aceh many Hindus are in this area.

One proof of the existence of Hindus is Indra Patra Fortress. This one fort is one of the spans which were founded by the kingdom of Lemur. Actually, the Indra Patra fortress itself is part of a fortress complex. We can find the fort complex in the arrangement of the Aceh Lhee Sagoe Trail. In this arrangement there are three fortresses arranged in a triangle form.

4. Tsunami Museum

The Tsunami Museum tourism in Aceh may be somewhat different compared to other tourist destinations. The historical value contained in this one tourist destination is not about Dutch or Japanese colonization. As the name suggests, the Aceh Tsunami Museum has kept a history of the events that occurred in 2004. The tragedy where the tsunami waves destroyed Aceh.

The making of this museum itself has various purposes, besides being used for education and about the victims who have died. The museum building can also be used as a place of refuge if the same incident will repeat itself. The museum located on Jalan Iskandar Muda, Kota Banda Aceh, was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2008. The grandeur and beauty of this one museum building cannot be ignored.

The items on display at the Museum itself consist of items that are closely related to the tsunami incident at that time. Those who came to visit this region not only came from Aceh. But not a few came from outside Aceh, to see the grandeur and story of the 2004 tsunami.

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Apart from the locations mentioned above, there are still several other locations that are worth to visit because they also have its own history and uniqenuess, you can learn about how Aceh people lived in the past, the culture and the traditions that still exist until now. Some of the places are as follows:

  1. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
  2. King Seruway Palace
  3. King Continent’s Palace
  4. Istana Karang
  5. Benteng Kuta Lubok Aceh
  6. Taman Sari Gunongan
  7. Church of the Holy Spirit of Aceh
  8. Dutch Military Telephone Central
  9. Archaeological Site of Mendale’s Baking Pan
  10. Linge Kingdom History Relics
  11. Williems Toren Lighthouse
  12. Aceh State Museum
  13. Tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda

That was some historical tourism location in Aceh that you can visit. Besides being a unique and fun tourist destination, the area can also increase our knowledge of history in the city of Aceh. Hopefully this information is useful for you dear travelers and adventurers!

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