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Economical Ways to Roam in Jakarta by Trans Jakarta (Cheap and Fun)

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TransJakarta Corridors

TransJakarta Corridors

Choosing transportation is one of the important things you probably plan when you travel to a place regarding to its economical ways. If you plan to visit Jakarta, you have many choices of transportation you can choose when you travel from place to place.

There is a transportation called TransJakarta Bus which you probably choose as a choice if you want to have economical ways to roam Jakarta by TransJakarta. Here are the economical ways you can apply when you travel in Jakarta.

TransJakarta bus was established and operated as the legal transportation in Jakarta since 2004. The system of TransJakarta Bus was called Bus Rapid Transit. TransJakarta Bus has 13 corridors now and the government of Jakarta plan to make 2 additional corridors with its 243 stations available. This one is one of the economical ways to roam Jakarta because it only spends Rp 3.500.- in one.

Economical Ways to Roam in Jakarta by Trans Jakarta

The routes must pass through some important places and recreation places in Jakarta, such as President Palace, National Monument, and Old City. Thus, if you decide to use Trans Jakarta, here are the economical ways to roam Jakarta. Here’s more enchanting spots Where to Buy Kebaya in Jakarta

  • Buying the E-Money Card
E-Money Card

E-Money Card

If you want to travel in economical ways to roam Jakarta by TransJakarta, you have to make the card. TransJakarta has used the electronic money card for its transaction. You can visit the big or main corridors, or you can visit the nearest mini-market to buy the card. Some banks in Jakarta has provided the e-money card.

There are some types of the price for the e-money card. It costs from Rp 20.000.- to Rp 60.000.- with or without the charge inside the e-money card. If you want to top-up the card, you can go to the nearest ATM or mini-market as the bank of the e-money printed or you can visit the 13 main corridors of TransJakarta bus. You can top-up from the minimum balance Rp 20.000.- to above it. Here’s more enchanting spots Where to Buy Batik Dress in Jakarta City

  • Getting the Trans Jakarta Maps
TransJakarta maps

TransJakarta maps

This is the most important thing. If you want to travel Jakarta by TransJakarta, after having the card, you have to have the map. The map will help you to show the routes, the corridors, and the stations you want to choose for your departure before you visit some of recreation places and important places in Jakarta.

This map will also show you how you transit the bus and where the station you have to choose. Other than having the TransJakarta map, you also have to have the map of Jakarta itself. You can choose the place you want to visit on the Jakarta’s map and see the TransJakarta stations near the place you want to visit. You can download the TransJakarta map here.

  • Starting from TransJakarta Main Corridors
TransJakarta Corridors

TransJakarta Corridors

There are 13 corridors of TransJakarta in Jakarta. You had better choose your journey from its main corridors so that you can choose other corridors and stations for the departure places.

For example, if you stay near one of the main corridors named Harmoni Station, and you want to go to National Museum, you can choose the Trans Jakarta bus to go to Monas corridors. You can also go to other station from Monas’s station. All the corridors and stations have been integrated. Here’s more enchanting spots Where to Buy Fresh Pork in Jakarta

  • Staying at the Hotel/Hostel to the Nearest Corridors and Stations

As it is told before that TransJakarta bus facilities has 13 corridors and 243 stations. It is better if you travel to Jakarta and stay at the hotel or hostel which has the nearest route to Trans Jakarta bus corridors or stations. Here’s more enchanting spots Exploring The Best Holidays Near Jakarta

It will be easier to apply the economical ways to roam Jakarta by TransJakarta. You just have to walk to the corridors or stations then you can start your journey to roam Jakarta by only Rp 3.500.-

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