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List of Best Padang Foods in Bandung : Things You Should Try

by Yoga Adi

Well, Indonesia is not only diverse in religion only, but also many other factors. Culture, art, and even in the form of meals. For example, the people who live in Java have their own Javanese traditional meals. So do people in Bali, who also have their special made foods as mentioned in things to do near Bingin beach-bali.

Still related to the previous article, best halal places to eat in Bandung, we also want to tell you about the meals in Bandung, but not their traditional foods, but the Padang foods. The Padang foods are always known for their spectacular taste. And thankfully, they exist almost everywhere in Indonesia, including Bali. For you who still don’t have a clue about what are those meals, these are the best Padang Foods in Bandung that you should try.

1 – Asam Pedeh Gadang

Well, the first that you should try in the best Padang Foods in Bandung is Asam Pedeh Gadang. This food can clearly show you that Padang meals, in general, have a rich taste. Asam Pedeh can use two main ingredients, which either Cows meat or fish meat. But no matter what ingredient for it, Asam Pedeh Gadang is still wonderful.

Characteristic: Tasteful but a bit spicy

Main Ingredient: 500gr of Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Onions, chilis, garlic, lemongrass, and a little salt

Suitable for: Lunch and Dinner

2 – Chicken Kalio

Besides the best cheap local food in Jakarta, you should also try an iconic food from Padang called Chicken Kalio. This food has similar form like Gulai in general, with its thick and flavor-rich soup. The cooking process is also similar to Rendang, but many said that you can get a better taste of Chicken Kalio if you cook it longer.

Characteristic: Tender chicken meat completed with a thick soup. A bit spicy.

Main Ingredient: Chicken meat

Other Ingredients: Lime, turmeric leaves, orange leaves, lemongrass, chili, coconut milk

Suitable for: Lunch and Dinner

3 – Ikan Cuka Gurami

If you like seafood, it’s highly possible that you’re gonna like this Ikan Cuka Gurami as well, which also included inside the best Padang Foods in Bandung. Just like its name, this food uses meat from Gurami fish. You can also use the other alternatives for fish meat like Tuna or anything you like.

Characteristic: A bit sour, spicy, and a bit tasteful

Main Ingredient: Fish meat

Other Ingredients: Lime water, Salt, sugar, water, vinegar

Suitable for: Lunch

4 – Balado Telur (Egg) Padang

Aside from the what to eat in Madura, you should enjoy this meal called Balado Telur Padang. Balado is the usual Indonesian dish, but it can be different when you combined it with Padang special delicious sauce. The sauce is made from black pepper with some addition of the other ingredients.

Characteristic: Very spicy (for foreigners tounge)

Main Ingredient: Eggs

Other Ingredients: Chili, garlics, onions, tomato, blackpepper, butter, salt

Suitable for: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

5 – Lauk Gadang

The famous Lauk Gadang. Lauk basically means side dish. So, you can say that this is actually a side dish that you can pick from many Padang restaurant around Bandung and other areas in general. Lauk Gadang can give you a good portion of carbo to start your day. It’s also easy to make actually

Characteristic: It has a thick soup and the spice usually can be felt even in the meat

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Turmeric leaves, lemongrass, Asam Gandis (traditional ingredient), and stuff like garlics, onions, turmerics, coriandes, and others.

Suitable for: Breakfast

6 – Rendang Sapi (Cow)

Who doesn’t know Rendang? This food that said to be the most delicous food in the world, is the one you should get when eating in a Padang restaurant. The first one is Rendang Sapi, which needs cows meat for its main ingredients. It’s always so special for everyone, even for the people who want to try it for the first time.

Characteristic: Really tasteful with a bit of spicy flavor to it

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Coconut milk, turmeric leaves, lemongrass, galangal, Asam Kandis

Suitable for: Breakfast and Lunch

7 – Ikan Panggang (Grilled Fish) Bumbu Kecap

Who says that Padang meals are hard to cook? You can actually try to cook the Grilled First with Sweet Soy Sauce. It’s clearly one of the best Padang Foods in Bandung. Also, it’s the common thing to find in all Padang restaurants. Even though the ingredients are so simple, but the taste is simply amazing.

Characteristic:Tender meat with sweet flavor

Main Ingredient: Fish meats (6 of them)

Other Ingredients: lemon water, garlics, onions, chilis, galangal, tomato, sweet soy sauce, and salt

Suitable for: Lunch and Dinner

8 – Rendang Ayam (Chicken)

And the second Rendang on the list is Rendang Ayam or Chicken Rendang. Just like the Rendang mentioned earlier, this one is basically the same. The ingredients for making the sauce are also the same. But the only difference is the meat. They will use the chicken meats instead.

Characteristic: Tastful and a bit spicy

Main Ingredient: Chicken meats

Other Ingredients: Coconut milk, asam gandis, lemongrass, turmeric leaves, garlics, onions, chilis, candlenut

Suitable for: Breakfast and Lunch

9 – Dendeng Bakar

Of course, aside from the things to eat in Bandung, you should try this thing called Dendeng Bakar. This is the “improved” version of Dendeng Balado. It doesn’t stop there. After making a portion of Dendeng Balado, you can do a grilling process in order to make it into a Dendeng Bakar. Sometimes, they add a special sauce in order to make the taste better.

Characteristic: A bit crisp, and spicy

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Garlics, onions, turmerics, ginger, coriander, candlenut, galangal

Suitable for: Breakfast

10 – Dendeng Balado

And this is the Dendeng Balado. Dendeng Balado is a nice combination from a nice cooking process to combine meats with a special Balado sambal, which can burn your tongue. For Indonesian people, the spiciness is perfect, you can eat it all day long because of how good it actually is.

Characteristic: Really spicy

Main Ingredient: Cows meat

Other Ingredients: Salt, chilis, onions, tomato

Suitable for: Lunch and Dinner

11 – Soto Minang

And the last one in the best Padang Foods in Bandung is Soto Minang. You see, in Indonesia there are a lot of kinds of Soto. Padang has its own Soto, which is this Soto Minang. The taste is not that different from the other Soto you can find in your area. But the taste can be really special, especially if you have the right combination of sambal.

Characteristic: Soto with a thick sauce that is very refreshing

Main Ingredient: Chicken meat

Other Ingredients: Lemon water, orange leaves, lemongrass, onion leaves, garlics, ginger, galangal, candlenut

Suitable for: Lunch

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