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When is the Good Time to visit Bandung? See Here!

by Yoga Adi

Hey, back again in AllIndonesiaTourism.com to talk some more about all the interesting locations and attractions in this beloved country, Indonesia. So, after telling you about the good places for shopping like best night markets in Jakarta to visit and also the malls that located around Jakarta, now we want to take you to a city named Bandung that included inside the West Java province, a bit far from the capital city.

Bandung is indeed a unique city. Thanks to its mayor, the city became more and more friendlier with a lot of things to find. Because of it, many people would like to spend their times in this very city, especially because of the city itself is “equipped” with interesting locations, like things to do in North Bandung for example. But, to gain a nice experience of vacationing in Bandung city, at least you should know when is the right time or the right moment to visit the city sometime during this year. That’s why we here to help you with “when is the good time to visit Bandung” that you can see right in the information below :

1 – The Dry Season

Like you may know already, this country has two main seasons, Dry and Wet or Rainy. Yes, the wet season is great and all with rains that can make your day calmer. But, when you want to vacation in somewhere place outside from your house, the rain can make your “progress” slower. Imagine that you can’t visit the interesting places because of the rain.

With so many interesting places in Bandung like things to do in South Bandung, it’ll be like throwing your time away just for waiting for the rain to stop, which could take a really long time. Besides, Bandung city already has cool weather, even in Dry Season. So, the Wet or Rainy season will make the weather even more cooler which can attract several diseases like influenza for example.

2 – Early in The Morning

Basically, there’s a place in Bandung called Kawah Putih or the White Crater. This location is a famous attraction that often used for promotion purposes wet of its astonishing looks. Sometimes, the place is also featured in Indonesian movies. But, there’s a special time, the right one when you should visit it.

According to Marketting Staff of Kawah Putih Attraction, when is the good time to visit Bandung or Kawah Putih basically is early in the morning. Why? Because it’s the most stable time of the day. In the afternoon, there’s like always rain there, so the visitors can pay a visit to this attraction. Coming in the morning is also useful to avoid the rising sulphur fog which is really dangerous for humans.

3 – Night Time

There’s a reason why you should come to this city or explore the city during the night. It’s because of its amazing happening places in Bandung that can be looked more amazing at the end of the day. There are places in the city that can surely look amazing when you explore them on the night, like Braga Street for example.

Other than that, you can also visit the Sukajadi street, which is the popular shopping center in the city. The street looks more beautiful with all the colorful lamps during the night. And for any visitors from outside Bandung, this one clearly shouldn’t be missed. Around the street, there are also famous locations such as Paris Van Java mall,  Karang Setra about the and also Bandung Carnival Land that looks stunning.

4 – Chinese New Year

The next one is during Chinese New Year. To celebrate the New Year or as Indonesians call it as Imlek, there’s a place that always filled with joy and excitement, the Bandung Chinatown. Usually, about the holds the Food Festival for about four days long. In 2018, the event was started from February 15th to 18th.

Chinatown is considered to be a new place in Bandung. It was first opened back in 2017 ago after the Mayor, Ridwan Kamil gave a visit. Inside the Food Festival, there are a dozen kinds of food. The Manager Operation, Ekan, wouldn’t even spoil it. So, for you who want to have such nice culinary vacation, come here for February next year.

5 – On August

When is the good time to visit Bandung? It’s the month of August. Usually, during this month there’s always a carnival. The first festival is the Kemerdekaan Festival that held on the late April. In the Karnaval, you can find all the Indonesian aspects that shown from cultural and art performances.

The Festival is basically about the Indonesian Independence Day, which is celebrated every August 31st each year. The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, said that this festival is the peak of Independence Day’s Celebration where people from all areas in West Java can join in. The last festival in 2017 about the with 2.500 contestants from 20 different cities in the province.

6 – New Year

Of course, the best time to visit somewhere new days before New Year. People are usually coming out of their house to celebrate special night. In order to celebrate it in this special city of Bandung, you should come to the city days before the end of the year. It’s because all the tickets and hotel rooms are usually sold.

During this year, there are five main points in the city that are the central locations for New Year Celebration. The crowd centers are Asia Afrika street, Gasibu,  Ujung Berung Square, Flyover Pasupati, and also Sukajadi. There will be police personals who guard those places in order to make the situation more conducive.

So that’s the article about when is the good time to visit Bandung. To get the perfect experience of vacationing in this very city in West Java province, at least you should know when is the right time for you to visit it. It’s not like you can’t visit it whenever, but it’ll be more interesting and fascinating when you come to a place at the right time and moment. There will be events that held exclusively in some particular month and also it’s always been a good experience when visiting somewhere with the nice weather. That’s all from us for now, see you later !

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