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Search for The Affordable Products in Best Night Markets in Jakarta to Visit

by Yoga Adi

In a big city like Jakarta, it’s very easy to find any kind of entertainment. The teenagers can always go to the malls like things to do near AEON Mall BSD City to buy some things that they want or visit the best restaurants or cafes as a place for hangout with their friends. But of course, spending the night in the mall sometimes can be really expensive.

Especially if you visit the mall like things to do near Breeze BSD City and start buying some new things like brand new clothing, eating fancy foods, and doing any other activities that can burn your money. That’s why a place called Pasar Malam or Night Market exists to be the alternative, an affordable entertainment place for all families in the area. The Night Market often filled with many other interesting things, from the cheap clothing vendor, up to the mini Ferris wheel. But, not all night markets are great. That’s why we put some of the best ones on the list of best night markets in Jakarta to visit below :

1 – Imitation Leather Night Market

Besides the wonderful where to buy Kebaya in Jakarta that mentioned earlier, the first night market that can give you the whole new experience of shopping is the Imitation Leather Night Market in Tiangseng, Kota Tua Jakarta. Just like its name, here you can find some vendors who can sell you the quality imitation products.

Yes, even though the word “imitation” seems a false made products, but some vendors here are actually can give the customers a good quality product with a very affordable price. Here you can get the important stuff like shoes, wallets, jackets, and the other leather products. With the price, you can expect the high-quality one. But at least, they are still in good condition and surely wearable.

Location: Tiangseng, Kota Tua, Central Jakarta

Tips: You should pick the right vendor, the tips is by seeing the crowded one. You can also “test” their product if you really curious.

2 – Jalur 20 Meruya Night Market

The next one in the list of the best night markets in Jakarta to visit is the Jalur 20 Meruya Night Market. The market is of course, located on the street of Jalur 20. For you who want to visit it, you should come to an area named Kembangan West Jakarta. The market usually held almost every Saturday within a week.

If you want to see it, you should come to Jalur 20 Meruya street between 4 pm to 10 pm. In these six hours, there will be the vendors who sell the customers with clothing, toys, shoes, and many more. Sometimes, there’s also the children plays which always very crowded everytime it exists.

Location: Jalur 20 street number 1C, Kembangan, West Jakarta

Tips: You can also buy the snacks here if you want

3 – BKT Night Market

Aside from the where to buy Batik Dress in Jakarta , you can also visit the affordable market in BKT or Banjir Kanal Timur Night Market in Cipinang Muara, East Jakarta. The location of this market is really strategic. It doesn’t even bother the main road, which the only way for vehicles to pass. With the nice position by the river, BKT Night Market can be the best place for the middle to low-class families.

Usually, the people who are coming in here are mostly the teenagers who spend their time to enjoy all the entertainment. The couples can also buy new things such as couple shirts, jackets, etc. Aside from those, there are also the street snack vendors who can sell you Martabak, Siomay, and also Mie Ayam.

Location: Baitul Latif Mosque street, Cipinang Muara, East Jakarta

Tips: During a rainy season like this, it’s better to prepare an umbrella.

4 – Tuesday Night Market

For you who don’t know, there are some new markets that only open during certain days, like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And this one market only opens on Tuesday, that’s why its name is Tuesday Night Market. The official of this one that should be included inside the best night markets in Jakarta to visit is Pandan Night Market.

In the Pandan Night Market, mostly the visitors are the families who bring their children in order to give their kids all the fun activities. There’s a vendor who can sell the kids with beautiful colored snails.

Location: Kemandoran street number 16, South Jakarta

Tips: Of all the night markets mentioned in this article, this market can be the best one

5 – Thursday Night Market

As one of the best night markets in Jakarta to visit, Friday Night Market that located inside the Lebak Bulus Raya street is surely worth it. The market opens from the 6 pm to 11 pm. It opens shortly after Maghrib.

In this market, there are two main things that you should try, aside from spending your money anywhere else. The first one is buying Mie Sakura, which is the childhood noodle for everybody who experienced the nineties moments, and also Avocado Juice.

Location: Kemandoran Pluis, North Grogol, South Jakarta

Tips: Both the meals and beverage can be bought upon entering the market

6 – Jiung Night Market

After telling you about the Instagram worthy restaurants in Jakarta, we’re gonna introduce you to one of the crowdest night markets in Jakarta, named Jiung Night Market. Joung Market starts to open from the evening, from 4 to 5 pm to be exact. Some vendors usually start preparing since 4.

, we’re gonna introduce you to one of the crowdest night markets in Jakarta, named Jiung Night Market. Joung Market starts to open from the evening, from 4 to 5 pm to be exact. Some vendors usually start preparing since 4.

After 6 pm, the market activities finally started. As the legendary market, this Jiung night market can still be a very entertaining place during the night. Many products here are sold with the cheapest price possible. That’s why the market that standing since 1990 still alive and well.

Location: Kemayoran Gempol street, Kebon Kosong, Kemayoran, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta

Tips: You should prepare more money when coming to this very market.

There are actually more than six night markets in Jakarta that worth to visit. That’s why, we also prepared another list below that consists of the other best night markets in Jakarta to visit to spend your beautiful night. You can see each one of them below :

1. CNI Night Market

2. Wednesday Night Market

3. Kramatjati Night Market

4. PRJ Night Market

5. Juraganan Night Market

6. Santa Market

7. Taman Menteng Night Market

8. Kota Tua Night Market

9. Jalan Jaksa Night Market

So that’s all the best night markets in Jakarta to visit, especially during the Saturday night. The tradition of bringing the night market is still alive until now, even though there are many other malls were built. That fact actually showing that there are people with middle-class economy who also want to have a decent entertainment place for their family. The Night Market can surely fulfill their demand to become a very affordable place with variative entertainment for all age.

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