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What Are The Best Things to Do Near Breeze BSD City? Find Them Here!

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everyone, we back to AllIndonesiaTourism.com to talk some more about the attractions in Indonesia. In the previous articles, we talked about so many things, starting from the place to buy Kebaya in where to buy Kebaya in Jakarta and the other things about shopping. During a special time like this, there are so many discounts that you can get in specific places, like malls for example.

The Mall is a place for buying so many things that you wanted, including as a place in where to buy Batik Dress in Jakarta. During the Christmas day or the end of the year, the malls are filled with so many people who want to buy some new stuff for the new year. There are some recommended malls around Jakarta, like this Breeze BSD City. The mall is located in Banten, which is not that far from the city. However, what else you can find in the mall? Is there something worth to visit? Make sure to check the information below :

1 – Breeze BSD City

The first one in the list is of course the mall itself. The Breeze BSD City is a 25 ha area of the Green Office Park inside Bumi Serpong Damai area in the South Tangerang. People are going in here to enjoy the spectacular things such as the beautiful nightlife, nice dining, and also the shopping stores that available in the mall with the best products from Ranch Market, Guardian, and many others.

For the dining, Breeze BSD City has so many stores that exist inside it. For example, the visitors can visit Sate Khas Senayan, Osaka MOO, Bebek Bengil, Sushi Tei, Dermaga Makassar, Jun Jian, and the others. They can also visit the coffee stores such as Docco Coffee and Tea, Starbucks, Sekopi, The Coffee Bean, and also the J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Location: Grand Boulevard, BSD Green Office Park, Tangerang

Tips: The mall opens from 10 am to 10pm

2 – Gubug Makan Mang Engking

Now, aside from the list of restaurants in Grand Indonesia, we want to tell you about the restaurants that located in The Breeze BSC City of Tangerang. From the second to the fourth point, we’re gonna tell you about the best restaurants you can visit. First is this Gubug Makan Mang Engking. The restaurant is really different from the others because the atmosphere is really traditional and calming.

In here, the customers can get any sea foods that they want, like Udang Bakar Madu, Ayam Bakar Madu, or even the Cumi Bakar. Eating in this Gubug Makan Mang Engking would be a nice experience because in here, you can eat your meals in a Gubug, a traditional Sundanese house which is not a common thing anymore in these days.

Location: The Breeze, Grand Boulevard BSD City number 67C, Serpong Tangerang

Tips: Make sure that you bring sufficient money because the price in here is very affordable

3 – OsakaMOO

If you want to eat steak so badly, the Osaka Moo can be a great place for you. Even though the name is really Japanese, it doesn’t mean that this restaurant can give you the Japanese meals. Instead, you’ll have the nice steaks that made out of the high-quality meat from Osaka. The meat is very tender and the sauce is variative.

In Osaka Moo, you can choose from eight different flavors of sauce for your steak. You can even combine them if you want. Aside from the steak, you can also have a special burger called Bimbimbap Burger, which is the combination of American and Korean food into one fast food. Aside from those, you can also pick the light food like Salad.

Location: The Breeze, Grand Boulevard BSD City, Serpong Tangerang

Tips: Better come here with friends because the atmosphere is really cozy.


And after telling you about the cheap Indian restaurants in Jakarta, now we want to introduce you to Chakra, the best restaurant around The Breeze BSD City mall. The Chakra is a favorable place for many kinds of event, like the wedding party, birthday party, and many others.

The main factor because the environment is really nice and comfortable. During the night, it can be the most romantic place around The Breeze. However, the main dish in here is the BBQ Chicken Pizza, a pizza that served with a lot of toppings.

Location: The Breeze, Grand Boulevard BSD City number 1, Serpong Tangerang

Tips: Make sure you book the place a month before the actual event because the place is almost fully booked every month.

5 – Docco Serpong

Now, it’s time for the places to hang out in the things to do near Breeze BSD City. As for the first one, here’s th Docco Serpong. The Docco Coffee and Tea is a cafe that can serve you with their best menu of Asian, Italian and both Coffee and Tea.

So let’s talk about the foods first. In Docco, you can get some stuff like Chicken Wings, Tuna Cheese Sandwich, and Banana Nugget inside the Starters Category. In the main category, you can get the Sop Buntut, Nasi Goreng, up to Carbonara. For the drink, the Espresso single can be the best one.

Location: The Breeze, Grand Boulevard BSD City, Serpong Tangerang

Tips: About the price, it ranges from the cheapest Rp20.000,- to Rp         135.000,-

6 – Georg Peck

After the Instagram worthy restaurants in Jakarta, it’s time for the Georg Peck that should be included inside the things to do near Breeze BSD City. This place can serve you with a lot of drink variants. For example, you can get the Chocolate Chip Ice Blended up toThe Matcha Smoothie.

Other than that, there are other categories, like Juice and Jelly with Honey Lemon Ice Tea, Lemon Plum Candy, and Lemon Aloe Vera. Then there’s the Georg Special Mix with Yogurt Tea QQ, Mango Tea QQ, and Signature Hot Chocolate. You can also add some toppings like Pearl, Pudding, or even Grass Jelly.

Location: The Breeze, Jl. Grand Bulevard BSD, Green Office Park BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang

Tips:  Even though it looks like a bubble tea shop, their main product is actually the fruit smoothie.

Other Things to Do Near Breeze BSD City Banten

Of course, the mall itself is very big to contain the other things aside from the six nice locations that we already mentioned above. In the section below, we include the nine different locations as the other things to do near Breeze BSD City of Banten :

1. Jittlada Restaurant

2. Dermaga Makassar Foods

3. The Fool

4. Bebek Bengil

5. Shabu Auce

6. Rumah Makan PHI

7. Henry’s Skewer Gill

8. Baracik

9. Juan’s Coffee Bar

So that’s the topic about the things to do near Breeze BSD City in Banten. The mall is indeed always recommended, especially for the teenagers who want to spend their night visiting some interesting places such as the restaurants, cafes, or even the cinema. Breeze BSD City can always be a great place to enjoy your precious time with your loved one.

Gubug Makan Mang Engking – The Breeze BSD City

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