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20 Wonderful Things to Do in Klaten Indonesia

by fitriibukhairah

Are you interested in having fun and releasing all of your tired but you still have no idea about the destination?  Well, the tour place in Klaten may be the best choice as best as the other destinations that you can find in the big cities and it is also one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. As one of the districts in Central Java, Klaten provides the various locations that will show its traditional part to every tourists.


Here are the lists of place which included in the tour places of Klaten:

1. Lepen Kencono

Things to Do in Klaten – Here is one of the water attractions which is precisely visited by the family because it is really friendly with the children.

If you want to enjoy playing water with a number of fun games or exiting place in Klaten, the solution is Lepen Kencono, it is one of the water attractions which has a clean and pure water so that will make the visitor feeling excited and addicted to visit this place. In this place, the visitor is also able to refresh his/herself and keep away from all the tired and the polution.

Beside the cost is free, the tourists are also free enjoying the pure water of Lepen Kencono. Tubing children, the shaking bridge and slider are the part of the game that can be chosen when visiting Lepen Kencono.

2. Prambanan Temple

This worldwide tour attractions is one of the places that you must visit when going holiday in Klaten, even many of overseas tourists are interested in this historical building. It is located in the border between Yogyakarta province with Klaten province and it is approximately 120 km from Semarang to the south.

But, if you come from Surakarta, you just need to drive over 50 km to the Southwest whereas if you are from Yogyakarta, it is only about 17 km left from the Northeast.

So, it doesn’t matter if you choose Prambanan Temple as your main destination because this temple is the most glorious in the Southeast Asia, even UNESCO has already put in the site of Warisan Dunia. In order to make your holiday in Klaten is more complete,  you must visit the high-level architectural buildings of Prambanan Temple.

  • Prambanan temple operates everyday and it will be started from morning at 6 o’clock till 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • The domestic visitors or the tourists in 6 years old and so on only need to pay 30 thousand rupiah per individu.
  • The domestic visitors or the tourists in 5 years old and below just need to pay Rp. 12.500 per person individu.
  • The overseas tourists should pay USD 18 or about IDR 243 thousand.

3. Umbu Kapilaler

One of the water attractions that will make your holiday in Klaten more complete is Umbul Kapilaler which is actually included as girl shower place. The citizen around tend to use it as the shower place. Every people who come to visit shouldn’t expect to see a pool which is designed with ceramics and modern structure because in fact this pool is a traditional pool. It is known that the bottom of pool is still formed with soil and rock.

The location of Umbul is not far from the Gedang water springs in which it is also used by a water company in making bottle water product. This place is not really wide and it is surrounded by the dense of banyan trees. In the side of the pool, there are so many big-sized rocks so this place is considered as a lush place that will make the visitors convenient and relax.

This place is opened for public and tourists wherever they come and the cost is free. The use of facility in this pool is free. Then, in the morning and afternoon, Umbul which is located in Dukuh Umbulsari, Ponggok, Polanharjo will be visited by the citizen who want to take shower. There are still many things to Do in Klaten, Central Java.

4. Cokro Tulung

Another water attractions that will make the tourists enjoy  is Cokro Tulung or it is more known as OMAC (Obyek Wisata Mata Air Cakra).  The large of the area is about 10 hectare, Cokro tulung can be found by when the visitor trying to visit Tulung district in Klaten, particularly in the village named Cokro. What makes this place so special is the water is not only fresh but it is also pure because it directly comes from  Cakra water springs.

Besides the water becomes  the reason of the superiority of Cokro Tulung from the famous water attraction in Klaten, there are also a lof of games provided and it can be enjoyed with the family, especially children. The attractions that are offered includes flying fox, shaking bridge, slider pool, flow pool, and waterboom. So, for all the visitor who look for an exciting, cool and relaxed place for holiday, Cokro tulung is a right destination because the water is not only pure, but the presence of the big trees will make create more freshness and comfort.

  • Cokro Tulung operates everyday, it starts in the morning at 7 o’clock till 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • The visitors should pay IDR 10.500 and the fee can be changed everytime. 

5. Central Java Sugar Museum

Perhaps a lot of tourists will be unfamiliar with Sugar Museum, but at this time, this place is included as recommended tour place in Klaten. Although, it seems less exposed, the museum which is located in Winangoen Gondang Sugar Factory is worth to be visited. Under the management of PTPN IX, this museum is really wonderful with its every collection of historical objects. Definitely, every thing that is shown in this museum is the stuff which relates to the development of sugar industry, such as the tools that are used in sugar industry.

The ancient stuffs which become collection part of the sugar museum are sugar factory maket, grind machine which is not used anymore, the various kinds of sugarcane, locomotive of sugarcane carrier which is used in the past, and many more. Agro-tourism can also be found in the area of this sugar factory where the cafe and rest area are provided for everyone who want to take a relax for a while and have more time to take a walk.

  • Sugar Museum in Central Java receives the visitor at 7 o’clock morning and closed at 3 o’clock afternoon. Because it is opened everyday so the visitors can be more flexible in making a plan for visiting.
  • Domestic visitors should pay only 5 thousand rupiah and they are able to to enjoy all the collection inside the museum.
  • The international visitors or tourists should pay 10 thousand rupiah per individual.

Let’s check more things to Do in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia.

6. Umbul Ponggok

The water attraction of Umbul Ponggok is the right place for the visitors who excited to learn diving before they lead to plunge to the sea. With the depth about 1 till 3 metres, the pool which is provided by Umbul Ponggol is the natural pool and it can be used to take a photograph under the water plus snorkeling.

This water attraction has a beautiuful view of under the sea which is also accompanied by the various kinds of colorful fishes, then there are also the natural rocks that can be documented using special waterproof camera.The tourists don’t need to be worry about the tool of snorkeling because this place provide a rented snorkeling tool section so the visitors don’t have to be bothered bringing their own tool.

Umbul Ponggok is located in Polanharjo district, particularly in the village called Ponggok. In there, the visitor will have a enjoyable experience in diving, even the visitors who come from Salatiga or Solo will be easier to reach this place. Meanwhile, for people who come from Yogyakarta, the trip can be done by driving private transportation and it will take a time for 1 hour.

  • Umbul Ponggok is open everyday so the time of visiting can be more flexible. But, it only operates from 7 morning till 5 afternoon.
  • The visitors only should pay for 5 thousand rupiah. 

7. The Hill Top of Clongop

For the ones who more interested in the nature attractions that can give a freshness and peaceful heart, The top hill of Clongop in Klaten is one the best places in order to get the green and beautiful view from the height.

But, for the tourists that who want to visit this place must be ready either in physically or mentally because the place is not really easy to be through; there is a climb and steep way so we need to be careful when we through this way. This place actually can be reached by using motorcycle, but the motorcycle must be in a good condition so the safety is more guaranteed.

When we arrived at the hill top, the thing that will be a favorite for every tourists is the beauty of Klaten city and also the fantastic view of the mountain. In this hill, it is also equipped with talud that can be used for relaxing.

Talud is one of the ways of government in overcoming erosion. When we direct our sight to the north, notice the basin which resembles with the yawning people or angop. Besides that, there is also an overlay of wide farm and citizen’s house which can be seen from a far.


8. Umbul Jolotunda

The location of water attraction which is full with the small fishes had already built since 1924 years ago and it was built by Dutch so there is no real change or transformation for the design of this pool.

For every people who want to have a fun and swimm in the pool along with the small fishes as the new friend, you don’t need to take to much time to think. From the Klaten city, Umbul Jolotunda is only about 10 km and it can be directly visited in Jatinom district.

There are number of pools which are provided in this locarion and the depth of among the pools is not the same; there is also a rock wall that separates among the pools. The visitors can get a different experience in this water attraction by only paying 3 thousand rupiah.

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9. Prata Monument

This monument which is also known as the people’s wars monument can be found in Manisrenggo district, more exactly in Kepurun village.

The monument building is built in 1985 and it purposes to remind the struggle of Indonesian people in the war against Dutch that colonizes the homeland by collecting the power for maintaining the student city, Yogyakarta.

It is also should be known that the building of monument is done on the plot of land which was used as home of Kapurun Village head.The activity that can be used in the area of this monumen is walking and taking pictures.

10. River Boarding in Kali Pusur

The fun activity by playing water that make all the visitor will be more excited is located in Kali Pusur with River Boarding. This tour place is really fun and worth to be tried. There are three villages that will be through by the visitors at once by river boarding that flows down the river for 10 km in Polanharjo and Tulung district. The various of the stream flows will be forded by the visitors and they will find a different sensation compared to the other rivers.

The slow current sensation,  swift and rapid can be felt so it will make tourist’s holiday being unforgettable. For the ones who are curious but worry and afraid of trying because they are not sure whether river boarding will be safe or not should know that there are two operators that will accompany us in every activity of river boarding so it is guaranteed to be safe and it will not harm the visitors.

Because of the location is not far from Cokro Tulung, then these two locations can be visited at once if you want to feel different sensation of water attraction.

  • The visitor will be satisfied for having fun in river boarding by only paying 150 thousand rupiah per individu.

Best River Boarding in Indonesia:

11. Agro-tourism of Bonsai

Every tourists who really love a plant, Agro-tourism of Bonsai in Klaten can be an option that must be done. Because in here, you can find and buy an interesting and unique bonsai plant which is rarely found in other places.

It is located in Prambanan district, agro-tourism can be visited in Kebondalem Kidul Village. There are various plants of Bonsai which are offered so you have a chance to collect with variety of kinds bonsai plants which is preserved in this place for all the small bonsai plant lover and much favored by plant enthusiasts.

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12. Swimming Pool Galuh Tirto Nirmolo

One of the signs that Klaten is rich of water attractions, it is a location of swimming pool named Galuh Tirto Nirmolo which can be enjoyed right at Galuh Prambanan Hotel.

This tour place has improved better and the managers has already developed it so the public society can enjoy the facility of swimming pool as the best family tour. There are so many water vehicles for adult as well as the children, and they are able to choose which one they prefer.

So, do not be surprised if there are so many visitors in this swimming pool because this place is well-known as the famous mini waterboom.

The interesting facilities which can be found in the swimming pool Galuh Tirto Nirmolo among others are seahorses pool, Sonsong gora pool, adult pool, water garden pool, water fountain pool, flowing pool, spider pool, ball shower pool, children skating pool, adult skating pool, children pool, and skating pool which is designed with various sizes. Meanwhile, boat, jumping arena, flying for, Movie 3D, mini rickshaw, gokart, spinning cage, jungle train, spinning plane, boom boom boat, boom boom car, ATV motorcycle, small and big trex motorcycle, electric car, electric train, electric animal, tour train, carousel, and also bianglala.

It’s all the attraction which is worth to be tried when visiting this place.

  • Swimming pool Galuh Tirto Nirmolo is opened everyday at 8 am o’clock in the morning till 5.30 am in the afternoon.
  • The visitor must pay 10 thousand rupiah, but it is a fixed price because it can change all the time.
  • For the ticket price is about Rp. 3.500 till Rp. 25.000 in usual day, but in the weekend or the vacation day, the price will increase till Rp. 30.000.
  • The swimming equipment is provided in the rental section with the price is about Rp. 3000 till Rp. 6000.

13. Slamet Riyadi Monument

In Klaten, the monument that cannot be forgotten and ignored is Slamet Riyadi Monument. Its height about 4 meters and also in the base, while the state itself is about 7 meters.

The general congress of military, Joko Santoso is the one who inaugurates the monument made from bronze and Slamet Riyadi eventually has visualized as standing where the gun is raised naturally.

As one of the supporter of resistance movement which is taken place in Solo, Slamet Riyadi passed away when he is involved in the operation of against RMS in 1950, particularly in Ambon at the age of 23 years old, it is such a young old. The visitor of this monument is free to take a picture in front of the state of Slamet Riyadi.

14. Rambutan Agro-tourism

Here it is the heaven of plant lovers and rambutan fruit. The all tourists are able to come soon to the Tulung district in finding this agro-tourism rambutan. It is located in Tulung village, there is a rambutan garden which is really enjoyable.

It is not only good to be seen but also it is good to be tasted, and when rambutan season comes you may buy if you want .

The harvest fruit is not only sold, but the visitors is also allowed us to pick by ourselves so it will increase the interest of the visitors to this rambutan garden.

The visitors only need to pay 5 thousand for entering the area of Rambutan agro-tourism and then you are able to do such things, picking the fruit by yourself, enjoying and buying the rambutan fruit gladly. 

15. Sewu Temple

Beside the Prambanan Temple which has been worldwide and been an icon of tourism in Klaten, there is another temple which is also interesting as Prambanan temple to be visited, it is Sewu temple in Prambanan district, more exactly in Bugisan village and Dukuh Bener.

The location is near with Prambanan Temple because in south direction, the distance is about 800 meters, you can find saca arca Roro Jonggrang. As its name, Sewu temple, sewu which means thousand, there are many people who think that in this complex contains one thousand temples.

In fact, there are no thousand temples in the complex because Sewu temple only  has 240 ancillary temples, 8 middle temples or wedged temples, 1 the main temple, so, the total is only 249 temples. When entering the area of temple, the visitors are able to see the place of the main temple which is put in the center, meanwhile the ancillary and middle temple surround the main temple in four sides with the symmetrical formation.

One of the biggest of Buddhist temple in Indonesia after the temple of Borobudur yogyakarta  is worth to be the main destination.

  • Sewu temple is open every day at 6 am till 5 am.
  • The visitors only need to pay 30 thousand rupiah per individual for the ticket.

16. Sunan Pandanaran Grave

Ziarah or visiting the sacred place such as grave is one of agenda list in Klaten during holiday, especially ziarah in Sunan Pandanaran Grave who is known as one of the prominent figure in spreading Islam in Java land, even he is not included as Wali Songo.

Sunan Pandanaran grave is located in Bayat district, particularly in Paseban Bayat village.

The visitor only needs to prepare an energy to climb a hill because the grave is placed in Jabalkat mountain. However, there are still many visitors who come so this grave never really be quiet.


17. Lumbung Temple

After Prambanan and Sewu, there is another famous temple in Klaten, it is Lumbung temple which resembles rice barn. This temple is a Buddhist temple that is located in the area of Prambanan temple because it has only about 500 meters distance.

The building of this temple is done around Mataram Kingdom era or at 9th century.

  • Lumbung temple is open everyday at 6 am till 5 am.
  • The facility that can be used by the tourist includes, places to eat, toilet and mosque.
  • The visitors should pay 30 thousand rupiah per individual for children and adult, meanwhile for the toddlers and the group of students must pay Rp. 12.500.

That’s all the recommended things to Do in Klaten which is filled by the exciting places. It starts with water attraction, temple building until nature attraction which all of them are able to get when taking vacation in Klaten.

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