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20 Greatest Things to Do in Kudus Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Good morning everybody, here with us again in the our next title of top 20. This time, the title is things to do in Kudus Central Java. Not only famous by Yogyakarta or Solo, Central Java also has other area that has the same amount of fun experiences, named Kudus. This regency is also known for its religious point of Central Java.

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Why? Because two of 9 Wali or Wali Songo, were teaching Islam to the people in that time. That’s why you can find the two cemeteries of them in this part of regency. So, beside the religious value, the regency has some interesting attractions that you may visit. First off, the Tower Mosque

1. The Tower Mosque of Kudus

This mosque is very interesting one. In the location of Kauman Village, Kota subdistrict, this mosque stands beautifully. You know, the thing that make this place looks very interesting is the existence of the big tower clock beside it. The clock tower is indeed very big, almost has the same height as the mosque itself.

But beside the tower, the mosque is really nice for visit, especially if you want to pray there for a bit. You can hear the bell ringing when taking a pray, or just sitting in the mosque, waiting for praying time. And then, the clock tower will tell you that time graciously. This is the Big Ben of Kudus.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Totally free

2. Montel Waterfall

Wow, very crowded. As you can see in the picture, the place that located in Japan, Kudus filled with dozens of tourists coming from all the areas in Java island. They may be from the Kudus area too. But anyway, beside the crowd level really high in here, it’s advised that you must go here in the morning, not afternoon or evening.

Because in the morning, the crowd is much smaller than in the picture. So by that condition, you cna enjoy the attraction with full happiness and relaxation. Then, you can do anything you want in there including swimming or bathing. Enjoy your Montel waterfall!

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 10.000,-

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3. Kretek Museum

If you cigarette lovers, then this is the good place you want to go to. Because, the museum’s filled with all elements of cigarette business in Indonesia. You can see the kinds of cigarettes, the tools and equipment to make them, and even the best cigarette products in Indonesia.

So, beside filling your excitement and your head with all the cigarettes knowledge, you can satisfy yourself by learning something that you love. Then, this spot will be very interesting to visit for you all cigarette lovers.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every day from 8 am – 5pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 15.000,-

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4. Kudus Simpang 7 Square

Let’s take a break at the good old city squares. And The Simpang 7 Square is one of them. The place have been refurbished, so the square looks a bit different from before. The square applied a modern face to it, making it more comfortable with simple designs here and there.

Now, the place is also one of the favorite family spot in Kudus, also for couples. Yes, at night you can witness them in the field there. So many of them. Beside the couples, there are also some groups that hanging out in the spot. So, this place in General Sudirman street must be good for everyone.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : no entry ticket

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5. The Lamps Park

Here we are, in the side of the Lamps Park. It may not has a very good looking while in the day, but when the night comes, the situation will surely change. Even though lanterns look much better than lamps, but in this park the lamps can make the same perception.

The lamps there combined with the trees, so their look will be very lively and beautiful. So romantic in here. You can almost feel it in any spot. So, if you happen to have a boy or girlfriend with you, you may as well go to the romantic place of Lamps Park. Sure, it’ll be great all night long.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens (recommended to come here by night)
  • Entry Ticket : Rp3.000,-

6. The Peak View

The Peak view is consists of waterboom and restaurant. You can take a rest at restaurant and enjoying some meals after go swimming and having fun at its waterboom. The location is in Gondangmanis, Kudus which is a little bit far from the center of Kudus.

So, like we said above, the place is another great places combine into one attractive family attraction. The kids and parents must be happy enjoying all the great things available in here. Either the foods, or the rides, all is good.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 6 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-

7. Krida Wisata

The seventh place in the list of 20 things to do in Kudus Central Java is the Krida Wisata. While the Lamps Park provide you with its delusional lamps, this park will educate the young children with some rich information and also fun activities.

They can learn about the animals, there are many animals statues that resemble their forms. They can examine it, and taking a bit look at it. Then doing the group activities, and finally having fun swimming in the little pool with tiny slides and a dinosaurs beside them. One package of education that really fit for children.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every morning till evening ( no certain times)
  • Entry Ticket : Rp1.500,-

8. Mulia Wisata Waterpark

If the park above is really suit for children, this park in Dawe, Kudus is the place for family. Father, mom, and children can having fun all together in Mulia Wisata Waterpark. The place also very affordable, that’s why many people like the area.

Not just for the cheap entry, the place also offers some little restaurants that will give you many variants of food. Say, pecel or nasi kucing is of course available on the spot. So, after swimming all day long, you can take a bit rest by eating some delicious meals.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 8 am – 10 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,-

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9. Three Flavored Water Rejenu

The place located at Japan, Dawe, Kudus. Well, this is pretty amazing to look at. Let us tell you about this very special place. Well, like its name, there are three springs in the location that have different taste of water in each spring. This is a must try, it’s really recommended.

You can try the water in the first spring which is water with little sour taste. Then you can try the second, which has the sprite-like taste of water. Then finally you can try the third spring, which contains the water with beer-like taste in it. So, you can try whatever you like, or all of them. Amazing.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,-

10. Kedung Gender Waterfall

The rocky waterfall. Just like the Montel waterfall above, this waterfall is already famous. The place’s crowded with many tourists that come almost every day. So, looking for a peace and sweet quiet aura in this place is rather impossible to get.

You can actually, by coming in the morning, or more efficiently in dawn, where it’s too cold for people to hanging out in the waterfall. May be very cold for you too. So, it’s wise that you come here when the sun comes up, at least at 7 or 8 am. That’ll be great,

  • Opening Hours : Opens always
  • Entry Ticket : Free of charge

11. Ganesha Park

Well, even though the place is not very famous for people, it also has the same benefits for you to get. First, you can get all the calm feelings if you want to seek it in the first place. Second, the place is great for jogging and exercising in the morning.

Just come by morning. Wear your running shoes, and start running for a while. While running you can enjoy the fresh oxygen created by those plantations there, thanks to them. So, that’s the Ganesha Park. The 11th in Purwosari included in 20 things to do in Kudus Central Java that very simple yet healthy.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

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12. Bride Waterfall

The bride waterfall becomes famous because of the horror movie that include it as its setting. But, the actual spot is far from it, far from horror. Yes it’s quiet and silent, but not scary and sacred. The name Brider wasn’t created due to the myth or something. They call it bride, because the waterfall has two ways, resembling the bride and the groom.

So for you couples, don’t worry about any myth that has the point about your relationship. Juts enjoy the water here, and chill up a bit. But don’t do any “funny stuff” in there. Best to enjoy the attraction while having peace in mind, not the other stuff.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket :  Free of charge

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Other Attractions in Kudus Central Java

The list ain’t complete yet, there are more places to go!

  1. Sunan Kudus Cemetery, the cemetery of great Sunan
  2. Kuwukan Waterfall, beautiful waterfall in Kuwukan area
  3. Pandang Bukit Nggeneng Tower, see all the things from the top!
  4. Langgar Brubah, historic heritage of the old time
  5. Smart Park, be smarter than before!
  6. Jenang Mubarok Museum, museum about the traditional food, Jenang
  7. Sunan Muria Cemetery, another cemetery of Great Sunan of Walisongo
  8. Prince Puger Tomb, legendary tomb of the Prince of Jember Kingdom

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That’s the complete list of 20 things to do in Kudus Central Java. So, Kudus has many potential places for holiday, Beside the 20 we’ve described, there more spots to explore. So, the journey doesn’t stop here! Enjoy!

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