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16 Best Things to Do in Bangkalan Madura (Endless Natural Charm)

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Bangkalan, one of the regencies in Madura, is still rarely visited by tourists. It is quite surprising because Bangkalan actually has an amazing landscape with unique contours. There are many beautiful places to explore. Let’s make the list of things to do in Bangkalan Madura ..!

1. Visiting Jaddih Limestone Hill

Jaddih Limestone Hill is actually a limestone mining location. But recently the hill has become increasingly popular among the local tourists, especially among the young.

The scenery of exotic limestone cliffs is the main attraction. This instagramable spot is the number one place you must visit in Bangkalan.

How to Get There
Jaddih Limestone Hill is located in Jaddih Village, Socah, Bangkalan Regency. There are no signposts to get here yet. You can see directions from Google Map. Or you can ask the locals. They will kindly show you the direction. The admission for car is Rp 10,000 while for motorbike is Rp 5,000.

2. Visiting Aermata Limestone Hill

The first thing that appeals to the eye is the brownish color of Aermata Limestone Hill. It really stands in contrast to the white Jaddih Limestone Hill.

Plants that grow on the sidelines of the cliffs give the green shades that offset the barren impression of limestone cliffs. Until now Aermata Limestone Hill is still mined traditionally by the locals.

How to Get There
Aermata Limestone Hill is located in Arosbaya, Bangkalan Regency. The admission is Rp 20,000 for car and Rp 3,000 for motorbike. Opening hours is 9 am – 5 pm.

3. Visiting Geger Hill

Geger Hill is one of the two highlands in Madura. It lies at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level. Local people believe Geger Hill is the beginning of the Madura Island.

Being on high ground, Geger Hill has spectacular views and comfortable weather. Therefore Bukit Geger is also often used as a camping ground.

How to Get There
Geger Hill is located in Geger Village, Bangkalan. It’s free entry.

4. Visiting Goa Pote Swimming Pool

Goa Pote Swimming Pool is located not far from Jaddih Limestone Hill. Both are in the same area. The swimming pool offers a different atmosphere as it is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs.

The water is bluish green and comes from natural springs on Jaddih Hill. The facilities here are quite complete. There are bathrooms, tube rental, stalls and parking lots.

How to Get There
Goa Pote Swimming Pool is located in Jaddih Village, Socah, Bangkalan Regency. The admission is Rp 7,500 on weekdays and Rp 10,000 on weekend. Opening hours is 7 am – 5 pm. In addition to Goa Pote Swimming Pool, Tirta Husada Bath in Ponorogo also offers an amazing ambience as it faces directly into Mount Wilis. Come to Ponorogo. There are many things to do in Ponorogo.

5. Visiting Kokop Waterfall

Kokop Waterfall is a virgin waterfall that has a soothing beauty. Because it has not been developed for tourism, there is no viable road to the location of the waterfall.

No need to worry, you can ask the local people to avoid getting lost. If you like to explore, visiting Kokop waterfall will be a memorable adventure.

How to Get There
Kokop Waterfall is located in Durjan Village, Kokop, Bangkalan Regency. It’s free entry. Be prepared to walk through rice fields and forests. If you like the beauty of the waterfall, you must come to Mojokerto. Exploring waterfalls is one of things to do in Mojokerto.

6. Visiting Sembilangan Light House

Sembilangan Light House has a height of 65 meters and was built by the Dutch in 1879. Its lights are able to highlight as far as 20 miles to guide the ships through the Madura strait.

Sembilangan Light House is one of the historical attractions in Bangkalan. Unfortunately, since 2017 visitors are not allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

How to Get There
Sembilangan Light House is located in Pernajuh Village, Bangkalan Regency. It’s free entry.

7. Visiting Siring Kemuning Beach

Siring Kemuning Beach has soft sand and calm waves. In addition to enjoying the scenic beauty, here visitors can see the ships that cross the Madura strait.

Dusk is a great time to spend time at Siring Kemuning Beach. The beauty of the sunset and the glow of the ship’s lights in the distance will surely become a fascinating photo object.

How to Get There
Siring Kemuning Beach is located in Macajah Village, Tanjung Bumi, Bangkalan Regency. The admission is Rp 3,000. Parking fee for car is Rp 5,000 while for motorbike is Rp 3,000. Madura is endowed with beautiful beaches. Beach hopping is just one of things to do in Madura.

8. Visiting Bukit Lampion Beramah

Bukit Lampion Beramah is one of the rising instagramable spots in Bangkalan. This place is always crowded by young people who want to take pictures with the background of Bangkalan’s natural beauty.

Bukit Lampion Beramah has breathtaking scenery. The green of the trees stretched as far as the eye could see.

How to Get There
Bukit Lampion Beramah is located in Galis Village, Bangkalan Regency. The admission is Rp 3,000. Opening hours is 5 am – 5 pm.

9. Visiting Paseban Garden

Located in the city center, Paseban Garden is a favorite hangout for Bangkalan residents. The green of the trees, the colorful fountain and the neat arrangement make visitors happy to linger here.

Paseban Garden is equipped with various facilities. There are gazebo, benches, rest rooms, food stalls and parking lots.

How to Get There
Paseban Garden is located at Jenderal Ahmad Yani Street, Demangan, Bangkalan. It’s free entry. Madura also has a beautiful Adipura Park in Sumenep. Take the time to stop by Sumenep, you will have lots of things to do in Sumenep.

10. Culinary Tour at Bebek Sinjay

Bebek Sinjay is the most popular culinary in Bangkalan. Every tourist who comes to Madura will always take the time to enjoy the delights of Bebek Sinjay.

Fried duck is the only menu at Bebek Sinjay. The duck meat is so tender and the marinade seeps into the bone. Although Bebek Sinjay is always crowded, people are still willing to queue to eat here.

How to Get There
Bebek Sinjay is located at Raya Ketengan Street, Bangkalan Regency. Opening hours is 7 am – 6 pm.

More things to do in Bangkalan Madura

11. Visiting Basmalah Beach in Klelah Village, Bangkalan Regency
12. Visiting Rongkang Beach in Kwanyar Barat Village, Bangkalan Regency
13. Visiting Mangrove Education Park in Labuhan Village, Bangkalan Regency
14. Visiting Bangkalan Square on K.H. Abdul Karim Street, Bangkalan
15. Visiting Museum on Soekarno – Hatta Street, Bangkalan
16. Visiting Recreational Park in Mlajah Village, Bangkalan

Apparently there are many fun things to do in Bangkalan Madura. Prepare yourself to receive the surprise offered by Bangkalan. Let’s visit Bangkalan ..!

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