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16 Unforeseen Things to Do in Tanah Abang Jakarta

by Yoga Adi

In Jakarta, for the articles we have provided to you, you can see the fat that tells us,Jakarta has so many kind of options for having cheap and fun things to do in Jakarta. There are malls, cafes, and of course, the traditional places like market.

Beside that, Jakarta city also has the things to do in Jakarta with kids attractions in every corner. But now, we want to tell you about what is the attraction that can be found in the area of Tanah Abang, one of the economic center in Jakarta. So, without talking, let’s start with the first location in the Tanah Abang, Jakarta below :

1. Baitul Ihsan Mosque

The first thing first that can be found in the area of Tanah Abang, Jakarta, is this Baitul Ihasn Mosque. It’s one of the important place in the area, because it’s useful for so many people who want to rest or take a prayer during day.

You can also find someplace in things to do in Jakarta Central Park. It has a unique architecture, but not so luxurious. It’s really suit the people of Jakarta in common. Having a lot of service and a good maintenance, the Baitul Ihsan Mosque is of course a must visit place beside the other locations in the area of Tanah Abang, especially if you’re a moslem.

  • Location : Budikemuliaan street
  • Tips : Don’t forget to visit here during the prayer time

2. Grand Indonesia Mall

Beside the market of Tanah Abang itself, you can visit one of the biggest and the comp;ete mal near the area of Tanah Abang of course, called Grand Indonesia Museum. Inside, you can find so many things, which also has this kind of nice retaurants and cafe.

Because of its strategic and iconic location, the Grand Indonesia Mall always have so many visitors, especiallu during the days in the weekend. Mostly, the people who visit this location is the youngsters, but, the place is also suit the family.

  • Location : M.H. Thamrin street 1
  • Tips : Prepare some money to pay parking ticket.

3. National Museum

In Jakarta, there are some very useful educational places, like things to do in Taman Mini Jakarta, and don’t forget the museums in Indonesia, also the iconic monuments. One of the museums is this place, calld the National Museum in Indonesia.

If you interested to visit this Museum, you only need to prepare for about Rp5.000,- only, and with that price you can get a lot of useful informations about our own beloved country, Indonesia. The place is good for educate the students, and also a very fun option for family vacation.

  • Location : Medan Merdeka Barat 12 street
  • Tips : Come here during the morning for the best condition

4. Andi’s Gallery

Not far from that very location, there’s one Andi’s Gallery which consist of the amazing arts created by some great artists. Not so many people know the place, and because of that, the place is slightly crowded, even during the weekend.

But, when there’s an exhibition, the place is always so crowded with art lovers. The thing is, the entrance ticket is also very affordable. Inside, you can see the paintings made by verious artists from Indonesia or foreign country. It’s the perfect place to fully enjoy the arts. For the parking ticket, you only need to pay for Rp2.000,-.

  • Location : Tanah Abang 4 street
  • Tips : Ask your lover to come here if you have any, or maybe some friends

5. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

For the women, there’s one specific place located not far from the Tanah Abang area or Tanah Abang Market, a place that very luxurious called Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. Well, short to say, this place is so heavenly.

With the design of the interior which really fulfill its name as a Royal plaace, this location is always very lovable. In here, you can choose so many spa packages available. If you still considering to visit the place, maybe you should look at the fact that this place was a nominee at World Luxury Spa Awards. And that’s the proof that Tanah Abang has another amazing place, even like the spa place in things to do in Kuningan Jakarta

  • Location : K.H Wahid Hasyim 133 street
  • Tips : The price in here comes with great quality. So, be sure to prepare your budget first

6. Tanah Abang Market

Of course, after talking about the surroundings of the Tanah Abang, we should do another check to the market itself. The location has some kind of “improvement”. Well, the vehicles can’t cross the Tanah Abang road anymore, because it was closed to be a place for street vendors.

There, you can see some street vendors lining up on the road. Walking a little bit from that, you can find the Tanah Abang Market complex, which consist of some stores that still exist in the building. And people love them because they will place a cheap price. 

  • Location : M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta
  • Tips : It’s a bit hard to park your vehicle here, be sure to park in the reachable spot

7. Gabbi Park

Not but not least, is the park that located not far from there, is the Gabbi Park, which is a good spot for enjoying the evening breeze and city condition. While having some snacks in there, you can feel the city crowdness all around the place.

Many people use the place for exercising, and doing some sports in the park. They can finally use the calm situation around to produce a relaxing time for resting before work tomorrow. Also, if you have a love one with you, this place can be your affordable option.

  • Location : Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
  • Tips : Bring some foods or snacks here

Aside from the seven place provided above, there are some other places that exist near Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Some of them are of course the malls, and other sevice business like spa, reflexology, and also restaurant. See the complete of them below :

  1. Sarinah Thamrin Plaza
  2. Cathedral Jakarta
  3. Kokue Reflexology
  4. National Monument
  5. Central Park
  6. Suropati Park
  7. Textile Museum
  8. Taman Prasati Museum
  9. Taman Anggrek Mall

So that’s our good list of what are the things to do in Tanah Abang Jakarta. Yes, the place itself is really good. But to be honest, there’s controversion about the improvement of the place here and there, that is none of our business. With the new form of Tanah Abang, hopefully, the tourists in Jakarta can enjoy it better.

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