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How Long Does It Take to Hike Mount Bromo: All You Need to Know

by Yoga Adi

How do you think about Surabaya city that we mentioned earlier in the where to go to Surabaya during Summer vacation? Is it considered to be a great location for you? If you prefer to go on an adventure, you can go down and entering the below areas to find the iconic mountains there. You can find some in the East Java province, including the Mount Arjuna and Mount Bromo.

One of the famous mountains in Indonesia that known not only by people in Indonesia but also the world is Mount Bromo. It’s a known mountain with a lot of interesting things like Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Guide. Many people would like to challenge it and conquer the way to the peak. But how long does it take to hike Mount Bromo? Is it gonna be a long journey? Let’s see a full explanation below.

Location of Mount Bromo

How Long Does It Take to Hike Mount Bromo: All You Need to Know

Before actually talking about hiking Mount Bromo that considered to be one of the best East Java Indonesia Attractions, it’s gonna be better if we give you the information about how to reach it in the first place. If you look at the maps, the location of Mount Bromo is exactly in the center of four different regions, Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. That’s why the mountain itself is actually easy to access because you can basically going there from everywhere.

Each region has its own way to go to the mountain. For example, departing from Probolinggo is easier by using Bayu Angga Terminal. And it’s actually way easier for the people from outside those four regions if they use the way from Probolinggo. Probolinggo also has more transportations to go to the mountain, with the existence of Bayu Angga Bus Terminal and also the Train Station. People can get easier access to stay as well.

In the area of East Java, there are two cities that usually used as transits before reaching the Mount Bromo, Surabaya and Malang. They also have different routes, but only a slight. From Surabaya, you can use the public or private vehicles through various cities in the line route. So, the route will start with Surabaya to the city of Sidoarjo, then Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and finally Bromo.

The route from Malang is also a bit similar. From Malang city, you should make your way to Pasuruan, then continue to Probolinggo and finally reaching Bromo. Both routes will end up in Pasuruan city and Probolinggo. So it must be quicker to the people who live in those regions to get to the mountain itself.

How Long Does it Take to Hike Mount Bromo

How Long Does It Take to Hike Mount Bromo: All You Need to Know

Seeing the beautiful things to do in Mount Bromo, many people would interest to reach the peak. But some of them may wonder the amount of time they need to do that. To answer that, we need to know about Bromo’s characteristics first.

Mount Bromo considered to be the most hikers friendly mountain. Even people who don’t have any experience can basically hike it without any problem. All the village helpers are available to help you to the peak. They can even take you there if you want it.

The mountain itself not that challenging like the known dangerous and risky mountains like Mount Lawu. It’s also not too high to hike. It also doesn’t have tricky tracks. So we can assume that Mount Bromo is pretty safe, especially for the people who are still new in hiking. Many visitors are also not hikers basically. Usually, the photographers are the ones visiting it.

For you who want to reach the peak, it doesn’t take days like any other mountain in Indonesia. From bottom to up, it’ll only take hours only. Hours of walking is enough to reach the peak within a day. And once you up there, you can enjoy the iconic sunrise that everyone’s been waiting for. B

ut, it’s highly advisable to take a rest a bit if your legs can’t take it anymore. There are some posts there, perfect locations to rest your body for a while before continuing your journey.

Before You Go

How Long Does It Take to Hike Mount Bromo: All You Need to Know

With all the information of the ultimate guide to hike Mount Bromo Indonesia and the answer of how long does it take to hike mount bromo above, you now should be ready to hike this legendary mountain. But, before actually going for it, at least you must know some of the basic information. Your body should be really fit and perfectly healthy for hiking. It’ll be a tiring trip even in a friendly mountain like Bromo. Don’t push yourself to go there if you’re not fit enough. It would be terrible and unfitting journey when you’re hiking unprepared. Focus on your health and fitness first.

Know the stuff to bring when hiking. You don’t want to bring the whole container on your back, right? The basic stuff you should bring is medicine, a piece of clothing, sleeping bag, towel, flashlight, power bank, and entertainment stuff like a phone or mini radio.

And within a group, things that should exist are portable stove complete with the gas to turn it on, instant foods (usually noodles), cooking utensils, and also the double-layer camp. Don’t take any risk to bring a single-layered camp. The weather can be random at any time. It could be rain, and it can be way colder than expected. To prevent bad things to happen, the double-layer camp is a must.

Also regarding of building a team, make sure that you have at least one person that experienced enough. Make sure that he/she already hiked the Mount Bromo before, because it’s important. Don’t take any chances to bring a person who doesn’t know anything about hiking. Because being confused and lost in the mountain is totally not a fun experience.

Then, after preparing all the things above, now you are ready to go. Make sure to be always safe, respecting the nature, other hikers, and be fun!

Visiting Mount Bromo

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